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  1. I think a big part of it comes down to the thesis of this article: Which is that we don't care about people as a society, we care about what they can do. It's easy to say you're funny, smart, and kind. But what really matters is how those qualities manifest themself in the real world. Do you create YouTube skits, program software, and volunteer at shelters? What makes you those things?
  2. I fall in this camp too The post poses a good prompt to evaluate yourself But ultimately I think living with a reliance on hope is a recipe for disappointment. I think our dreams and fantasies drive us in life, but I don't think they should be the deciding factor on whether or not we're happy.
  3. I can definitely see this being the case All three are attributes that drive an individual forward I look at the first 2 as getting you started and taking you from 0 to 1, and then impulse control as something that keeps you on the right track
  4. Definitely can relate to that! Music gives just enough stimulation that it's often more fun than the hard tasks I need to get done
  5. This comment right here is a great insight. Definitely agree that it's completely natural. I felt this all throughout university and it didn't go away until I found my own passions and interests. As long as I pursued those intentionally with full effort, then I had the confidence to not care about anyone else because I was on track with my own standards.
  6. I think the meaning of our lives is a story/myth we create to keep us pushing along But at the same time there are many things in life that make it feel meaningful. There's things we can experience (music, art, etc.), things we feel (love, laughter, etc.), things we want to pursue (e.g. our passions), that make us feel like we're here for a reason—to experience them.
  7. This urge is one of the most annoying that i've dealt with I combat bad habits like this by making it hard to do them. I add friction to it. For example deleting instagram and making it so you can only access it by opening safari and logging in everytime is enough work where you can't just pop it open when you have a couple seconds to kill. It's annoying enough where you'll say forget it. And also the user experience on web is much more annoying than on the app Its similar to the advice that if you want to stop eating junk food just dont bring it in the house!
  8. Definitely agree with this answer! Striving for an identity rather than a goal has been really effective for me It becomes a lifestyle rather than a temporary change
  9. From my experience (a recent graduate from University) it's worth it avoiding the prestigious schools and going to a much more affordable one where you can get the same degree, with just a different "brand". After that, the actual program matters. Mine was business, with an emphasis in accounting. There is no lack of accounting jobs out there. I would not choose a program without good knowledge on the job market when I graduate. If your goal is a solid career and security, not all programs are worth going to university for. Most can be outperformed by going to a trades school. Then, the final thing, is going to University/College and coming out with just a degree would be a waste to me. Degrees alone don't get you jobs from my experience. You need to use your 4 year status as a "hungry and eager to learn student" to get internships, network, and meet mentors. I got real good advice in university. Someone said, right now people see you as a student, but when you graduate they'll just see you as unemployed. So during university I did 2 finance summer internships which led to me making great connections and getting a full time job offer. The end result for me was getting an affordable and great degree, getting real job experience, building a network, and then finally getting a full time job with great growth potential in a secure industry.
  10. Man that quote is amazing! It's amazing what we can achieve by leveraging time and compounding properties.
  11. I think a clear vision is severely underrated! It's easy to overlook it and just go to hard work, intelligence, perseverance, etc. (which are definitely important) but without a clear vision or direction you can waste resources going in circles or banging your head against the wall.
  12. Definitely a yellow pill person at this stage in my life. Reaching for lifestyle and small scale influence. I don't have the drive in me to change or make an impact on the entire world. Im wondering if that desire comes with more success and acts as a next step to reach for, or if people are just born with that change the world spirit.
  13. This is such an underrated point! One of the best ways to get myself into a new habit is as simple as scheduling time to do it. If you don't have that set time then you default to doing it when you "feel like it" and we rarely randomly feel like doing new, challenging, and uncomfortable things.