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  1. I agree with epikur: To be or not to be? The suffering of the dying is always forgotten.
  2. Investigate your reality and use forums when you're having difficulty crossing barriers. I think the mods here need to step up their standards and delete the pointless, vague, rambly and short posts.
  3. My advice is to look for communities where everyone has the same mindset. Don't limit yourself to 'spirituality' communities; architecture, music and film hold many insights (as long as you stay away from the pretentious people). Remember that communities consist entirely of individuals. Most of them won't have their thoughts straight and consequently will have nothing meaningful to discuss.
  4. It's a good question. I like the comparison of investment between bodybuilding and spirituality. Amateur music and art also appear to be more mainstream despite how difficult they are to master.
  5. For sure. But if you and your family were thrown into the wilderness with nothing, making fire and tools would take priority over spirituality. Look at the forces in society. The industrial capitalism force has been trying to create subservient robots for centuries and the social media force has been trying to shape wealthy people's egos in it's favour for decades. These are strong forces. AI and automation is helping to satiate industrial capitalism and giving people new-found freedom, but only the few who escape the lure of popular culture due to strong discipline or social rejection are using it to pursue wisdom.
  6. This is the answer. From the perspective of society, highly conscious individuals are counter-productive.
  7. Most people already do this. They differentiate between your levels by asking "did you like it", "was it enjoyable" vs. "is it good", "did it get a good score", "how does it compare to Other Thing?". Yes, artistic standards are the key. Standards are to criticism what time is to racing. The standards the would put a symphony above a pop song are derived from the Western Canon.
  8. The desire to be left alone and not heard could also be considered the illusion of self. Your statement isn't reductionistic because it's wrong, it's reductionistic because I'm clearly considering things at a lower level. Reducing human psyche to "the illusion of self" is as severe as reducing our choices in life to deterministic physics and chemical reactions.
  9. I think I finally understand "everything is love". Our values are rooted in love. We can't escape love. We see the world through a lens distorted by love. Love is bias. Hatred is a response to things that threaten what we love.
  10. Why are you deleting people?
  11. Where did our desire to be heard and understood come from? Family? Social media? Why can't we scream into the void?
  12. These days I assume nobody will hear me, unless my art has the potency of a lightning bolt.
  13. Thank you for sharing this perspective. There are some people who are a little mentally ill or unusual, but there are also the people that Tyler mentioned. She called them narcissistic, but I'm going to call them egocentric and ignorant until I know narcissistic is an apt description. They drag everyone into their gross little place that they have architected with little basis in reality. It makes it impossible for a coherent conversation to be had, unless everyone comes to a mutual agreement to ignore them.