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  1. I feel like AI will replace us all. Why study anything if AI will do it way better by a factor of trillions in a fraction of a moment? Why develop yourself if you're going to be surpassed in any imaginable or unimaginable way by robots and AIs? Do you think that AI will replace musicians, painters, programmers, creators, film makers, workers in all kinds of industries? What incentive I have to do anything about my passions if I already know that I'm about to be dumped by an AI. In about less than 5 years maybe? I'm a musician by the way. There's already a thing called Jukebox that is doing what I'm describing, but it's at the beginning stages.
  2. You actualized a meme!
  3. I have a theory on the pillars of self-help/life, they are: Life purpose. Health. Education. Finances. Relationships. Spirituality. And if you mastered each, you would have the best, happiest, and most holistic life possible. Of course they represent an activity, for example: Life purpose = Sing everyday. Health = Prepare healthy smoothies in the morning and do Weightlifting everyday. Education = Listen to Audiobooks in your free time. Finances = Budget each income. Relationships = Practice PUA each night. Spirituality = Meditate everyday and do Psychedelics every once in a while. What you think about it? I'm writing this because I would like to hear feedback... Sometimes I feel like work ethic could be one of them... What are your thoughts?
  4. That multiplies your capacity of info comsumption by like x10.
  5. A couple of days later, reflecting. I was just deluding myself, better I shut up and do the work. I'm looking forward to psychedelics now, rather than mental masturbation.
  6. Let me elaborate a little bit. More than that. How do you specifically regain motivation coming from a nihilistic void? I know that authentic nihilism actually is not even negative, is just neither positive or negative, but I'm talking about that one that happens to us sometimes. You think about death, meaning, you come to a bad conclusion relative to your ego. And then you can't get yourself to do anything (even less working), because now you think all it's bullshit. How you recover from that?
  7. If reality is infinite, and infinity includes infinite experiences, that would include repetitions of what already happened for infinite times? And that would mean that eternity is equivalent to the non-existence of time? Does something that already happened, can happen again forever? My confusion comes because if infinity has no end, then why not keep supplying new over old? But then that would compromise the understanding of infinity too, because infinity would include all, including the new and the repetitions of the old, and also neither would be new or old because they exist forever, and because of that forever, then metrics of time just become useless. I imagine an analogy of a videogames console (infinity), that contains infinite videogames to play (experiences), and the hours you choose to play them (eternity), but the console is the only thing that there is and there's an infinite catalogue so the only thing you can do is play and play, then replay some game you liked, then play another experience and so on forever because there's nothing else to do, there's only that console and that's it, never breaks lol. It is an accurate analogy? You have one better to explain it to me? Just a note. Understanding the limit of the analogy. For infinity, everything would be already a replay of the game, it already happened and can happen again forever right? There's nothing new or old about it because in eternity, events are no a matter of time, but of looking. Idk, it seems inconprehensible but also kinda makes sense in concept. This is indeed a mind-fuck lol. This is maybe a vague understanding exclusively from a logical stand-point I guess.
  8. I've never felt like I've had friends that truly understand me. To me it's not hard socializing, in fact I'm pretty much able to communicate to people almost whenever I want (even cold approach). But I always end up feeling like they just aren't like me, and I'm not like them, so both get disinterested of each other (specially me towards them, honestly), and I probably cut off the relationship. They always talk about gossip, sports, tiktok, things that other people do, and I just don't care. I care more about life purpose, traveling, appreciating the beauty of life, music, feeling your emotions intensely, talking about deep topics, things of that style. I know that you could say, "surround yourself with people into those things," but I've already done, still I don't think they appreciate those activities and have the same vision for life in the same depth as I do, they just recurr to entertain themselves with the same I listed above, so I don't end up feeling like I belong there either. Where can I find people like-minded? (preferably in real life).
  9. But, after you die, you dream again? Like you do when you sleep? Like rebirth? Sorry if I don't seem to understand, maybe I lack also experience in this work...
  10. I think I have thanatophobia, just the thought of dying completely destroys my day, I can't cope with it. If there's absolute infinity? Then wouldn't we have access to all kinds of senses and forms of perceptions of reality after death? Losing consciousness forever in a void where nothing exists doesn't seem any good to me. Why would reality do that to itself if it's infinite and that infiniteness contains all finitudes within? I see people saying that when you die, is like going to deep sleep. But how that would be "love," or infinity? I don't get it. And also why that is cheered if it seems like you would never experience beauty again. Also, if you come back to what you were before birth, after death, and it's infinite. Well that doesn't make sense in the first place, because is the case that there was a time when you were human, so it's not infinite the time you were that "nothingness," so it could happen again? Like you are form, then you're formless, then again you're form, then again you're formless for infinity? And also you perceive through every form? Really I don't care so much about the "physical" reality, what I'm concerned with, is what happens to your perception and sense of reality? I'm 18 and never done psychedelics and terrified of death.