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  1. @Emrie Gender is just a concept made up by humans and doesn't really exist in reality. Changing your body to match a certain gender is just trying to fit into what society thinks is normal. transgender people are just identifying with something that was made up by humans, but they're not really seeing their true selves beyond that. By accepting this idea of gender, society is just making things worse and separating people even more. Instead of trying to change their body, transgender people should focus on understanding who they really are beyond all the labels and expectations. That's the only way they'll truly be happy and accepted for who they are, without getting caught up in the illusions that society has created. Have you realized your true nature? If not, how can you be sure about "your" feelings, and decisions?
  2. @Inliytened1 Is it possible to realize oneness without realizing god? Oneness is the same as infinity right?
  3. I've been pondering this. Of course there are some stereotypes that masculine woman tend to be with feminine or submissive guys, but on the other hand I decided to entertain the idea that females ultimately might have like an innate desire to be with masculine force. If there was no social conditioning at all on the behalf of masculine woman, would she still want a masculine man?
  4. @Thought Art Nowadays because people are not creating balance within themselves they seek their other part the counter energy in other people. The spiritual principles underlying the concept of masculine and feminine energy is that our divine nature as humans is to seek balance between both energies so we can create a state of harmonious balance within ourselves. When people do not create a balance within themselves, they may turn to their partner to try and find an external source to balance out their energy. This can lead to an unhealthy dynamic in the relationship, where one partner is seen as the holder of the "masculine" energy, or the other as the holder of the "feminine" energy. This can lead to a situation where partners take on certain roles and responsibilities depending on the energy they provide, and are not always seen or treated as equals, and from here the gender stereotypes stem from. An overly masculine man may feel the need to always prove himself, be in control, and act in a dominating or aggressive way. An overly feminine woman may feel the need to place her needs or desires for the sake of others, be taken advantage of, or suppress her true feelings. So what I'm trying to say is that the balance of these energies within any individual is essential, and understanding which aspects of ourselves need nourishing is the key to personal growth and happiness. There are images of saints who have transcended the binary genders. Also there is animation on youtube called ENA which is a masterpiece, the character ENA is neither a boy or a girl, she includes both of them.
  5. @Thought Art Also about this void thing, I saw someone describe the exact situation that happened to me. Its like I could see the void around my vision, and when I would try to focus on "somethingness" I could see that its made out of nothigness. But the question is that the person on this forum also described that the void around his vision was black, but isnt black is something? Its so weird. I'll be glad if you could share something on this.
  6. @Thought Art When people come to comprehend their true self, irrespective of labels such as 'human', 'male' or 'man', no potential info hazard can influence you. Like a construct aware state of our mind
  7. I am unclear as to how and when the term "woke" began to be employed in these contexts. I can see how mass media can shape cultural beliefs about woke people, but I am not fully familiar with the roots and utilization of this particular word. Its cringe when such matters are introduced through the most brain damaging means possible
  8. @AdrianBartan I just provided one way of changing things, and to change such a complex system even as i suggested takes lots of time and effort to do so. Changing any system is difficult and you can never know the results it might lead to, but the place I was speaking from, is from inner understanding that anyone can achieve if they will ponder these matters deeply enough. Cultural development plays a big role as well, but we are evolving even though maybe at a slow rate, but there are different fields in which we gain more understanding, right now its science, because of how practical it is, but ultimately we have inner desire to be happy, and its hard to be at peace when there is judgement from others, or inside you, thats why society evolves and strives to a more all encompasing perspectives
  9. I understand that its threatening to their identity to suddenly shift their perspective so much, so I guess the best way not to get caught up in the negatives of it, is to become aware of the things our mind is playing with us, the moment its seen, no concept no idea and no change in perspective can reach to your inner understanding of yourself
  10. @Thought Art Oh yeah go on! It was tricky for me to understand the deeper stuff, but eventually it clicks when people continue on challenging my words, some insights become obvious, helps me to fill in the gaps
  11. @AdrianBartan Absolutely. I agree that it is impossible to make definitive arguments without testing and examining a situation. What I am proposing is that, by fostering an environment of acceptance and understanding of gender fluidity, we could potentially create a more respectful and appreciative society. We can provide a platform of support, respect and openness, where people can be accepted as their full and unique selves without labels, and without the pressure to conform to a certain gender. This environment of understanding and respect can be the foundation of a more connected, accepting and compassionate society, where everyone is valued for who they are without superficial gender distinctions. We can choose to use our free speech to express love and understanding, rather than hatred and discrimination. The key is to create a social environment of inclusion and understanding, where people are encouraged and accepted to be their true selves. No one is inherently evil or malicious, though it may seem like it. Everyone has the capacity for good, and sometimes people make choices that may lead to negative consequences for themselves and others. Everyone is responsible for their own actions and must be held accountable for their choices. Ultimately, we must strive to be tolerant and act with understanding in order to create a more peaceful world. We must remember that everyone is a human being, and they deserve to be treated with respect, regardless of any negative actions they have engaged in
  12. @Thought Art Our minds are deeply influenced by the collective elements of society which, if left unchecked, can lead to a collective self-deception and an inability to distinguish between reality and fiction. The components of society are interconnected and mutually reinforce each other in a circular fashion, making it difficult to assess their objectivity. This is why people often confuse gender and sex, and this confusion is the root of the problem. However, its possible to go even deeper and consider that even physical attributes such as genitalia do not ultimately exist.
  13. @AdrianBartan I think it's important to be able to express our gender however we want to, without being limited by social norms. Gender is fluid, it's up to us to make sure we are open and clear about who we are, and if we don't fit into anyone else's pre-conceived notions of gender then that's not our responsibility. Everyone's individual experience is different, and that should be celebrated, not suppressed. As the time passes the ideal would be to create a world where gender roles and categories are not put upon individuals at all, thereby allowing people to be respectful to one another and interact without relying on a gender binary. This could potentially lead to a more accepting and respectful society. To achieve this, those who identify with a certain gender must accept their true selves, without being confined by the use of outward labels. They must delve deeper into their identity and come to terms with the fact that no label can define who they are. After more acceptance and understanding of gender fluidity occurs, the idea of gender should be completely eradicated. Using gender labels feeds the ego the false notion that we are separate selves instead of part of a larger whole. It's only through raising consciousness and understanding of our interconnectedness that we can begin to let go of our attachment to labels and preconceived ideas about gender. By getting rid of the notion of gender entirely, we can come to appreciate everyone for the unique and special individuals that they are, without having any labels attached.
  14. Person A: I thought a woman is a female human just like a Lioness is a female lion, a mare is a female horse... etc...When did that change? Person B : As people have come to recognize that gender is a more expansive and complex concept than previously understood, they have also come to realize that many of the preconceived notions about gender are not rooted in reality. This has led to a greater understanding that these concepts are highly fragile and can be easily deconstructed. This newfound understanding has led to a greater appreciation for the complexity and diversity of gender, and a recognition that it is possible to move beyond the limited and narrow definitions that have traditionally governed our understanding of gender. Person A : you can keep your word salad to yourself. thanks Person B : If you do not understand the topic, it is best to refrain from asking questions whose answers you may not be able to comprehend, so as to avoid confusion. Person A : A wise man once told me that if you can't teach as subject then you don't truly understand it. Person B : No matter how wise the teacher may be, if the student is not open and willing to be taught, there is no master who can teach him. So as you can see the willingness and openness of the student plays a crucial role in the success of the teaching process. Person A : Oh I'm open to being taught. You just don't make any sense. You write essays to basically say you don't know anything. Which is fine. Just keep scrolling. Person B : If you have any questions or would like more information about the topics, please let me know. I am happy to provide a more indepth explanation or delve further into any aspect of my previous response. Just let me know which specific parts of my answer you would like more information on, and I will do my best to provide clarity. Person A : At what point did the woman lose it's definition based reproductive biology to become a costume that can be donned by anyone? If it is a costume then what stops anyone from taking it on or off whenever it benefits them? Person B : People are starting to realize that gender is a social construct which is not tied to any inherent basis and that biological sex is separate from gender. This understanding has led to the current prevalence of gender issues. Some individuals may feel that they do not conform to the expectations of their assigned gender and may need to explore their true selves deeply in order to understand their own feelings and experiences. It can be difficult for others to understand and accept that someone who is biologically male, for example, may feel significantly different from the expected "standard" masculine identity. This is because our beliefs about gender and sex can create dogma and almost insurmountable barriers that prevent people from seeing that someone can feel like a woman while being in a male body. Again, remember that gender and sex are two different things, female and woman are two different things. In many societies, gender and sex are conflated and assumed to be the same thing. However, as mentioned earlier, gender and sex are actually distinct constructs. Gender is a social construct that refers to the roles, behaviors, and attributes that a society considers appropriate for men and women, while sex refers to the biological characteristics that define males, females. I've heard someone ekhem say "a woman is a female human being" but it doesn't make any sense. Its a circular logic because it relies on the assumption that the two terms are synonymous and that one cannot exist without the other. Person A : You're forced to dance around a question because you have no answer. You could just accept that but your pride won't allow that i suppose. Person B : It is not a matter of pride. It is true that there is no single, universal definition of womanhood or manhood, and I am not attempting to dance around this fact. Instead, my comment was intended to explain the complexity of the concept and provide a detailed answer that complies with its varied interpretations. You may not fully understand me or agree with me, but that doesn't mean that I don't have an answer or that I'm trying to avoid the question. It takes immense responsibility to dig deep into the complexities of life and to attempt to answer deep questions. Understanding requires time and effort, and it is wise to accept that we do not have simple answers for everything. I understand that this is not a simple or straightforward topic, but I appreciate your willingness to engage in this conversation. Person A : oh there's a definition and there's multiple ways to clearly differentiate between men and women. You just don't accept it. You think sexes are costumes. Person B : I understand why you think that gender and sex are synonymous and I respect your opinion. However, I would like to challenge this assumption by providing evidence and facts that suggest otherwise. Gender as a Social Construct: Examining Gender Identity in Different Societies by Ruth N. López Turley Gender Identity: The Role of Socialization by Jennifer L. Martin and Emily K. Miller I put a fair bit of effort to ensure that our talk went with mutual respect, and I provided you with research based on reliable sources. I urge you to take the time to review the info, and I am happy to provide more if you want.