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  1. Yes. The fact that we are communicating here is the very proof of the advances in manifestation. Imagine if I had to travel from Brazil, where I am now, to grab a cup of Coffee and ask you those questions? How long would it take?...Besides, other things would have to be manifested for that, like the airplane, etc. Immediacy, time, frequency are pointers to be contemplated. You helped me a lot rearranging the big questions to go forward. Thank you very much. I also expect one day Leo will go deeper into this subject.
  2. @Michael Jackson thanks. Yes, I realize that, I guess I am trying to become more lucid (aware) about how that (manifestation) occurs. I do have glimpses of that in daily life. @A Fellow Lighter yes, it does make sense and you are helping me to clarify something really important here. Ok. Objects are intelligence made visible. They are a vibration, like a tone in music. Right? What I am most intrigued about is how this process occurs in consciousness (if the "creation" of an object is a process at all!!). Supposing I can manifest Gold, for example, or a rose.... is there any possibility I can get in tune with such a frequency? Many will say...just go get the rose in the garden. I can do that, but my question goes deeper. I am not saying this kind of manifestation is relevant, I am just naively curious about the possibility in terms of conscious manifestation. Maybe we had never definied what frequency is though, because science uses time to define it. I can see it as an immediate imprint. How do you see frequency in practical terms. Can it be defined using time?
  3. @A Fellow Lighter thank you. It makes a lot of sense. I read Tesla's biography recently and I am really seeing those "patterns". I have a friend who is really depressed and I can really count how many times he has told me the same story about his past. It vibrates. Other things are harder to grasp, like...how does a plant or an object vibrate? This "event" is ocurring in consciousness as a perceived pattern, right? Can we see objects as "symbols" of a repeting pattern in consciousness?
  4. Would you kindly go on explaining a little more? I've been contemplating about "frequency" a lot lately. Is frequency imagined by us? In what way it creates?
  5. @Reciprocality I appreciate this kind of high level topic being discussed here. Thank you. It brought me some basic questions. First, what is an object? Is it its function? I was thinking about an a priori existence of paper currency. It can be considered an object, right? According to what you are explaining it is a thing in itself. Now, consciousness imagines there is no need for this object "paper currency" to exist anymore. The function "exchanging of value" it provided goes to bitcoins, credit cards or just some numbers on a screen. If the object "paper currency" was not consciousness itself, where did it go? Isn't it a fact that it stopped being imagined by consciousness? My point is....consciousness creates/ imagines representations to experiment itself. These "things" are consciousness experimenting itself and it can take any form imagined, it mutates, it gets destroyed on the way. Could you clarify that for me. Thank you.
  6. I am very aware I AM imagining. There is no way he can mislead me. Like that Blade Runner's quote: "I've seen things you people wouldn't believe". It's actual...see before you see=imagination. No trolls here.
  7. @Razard86 thank you. Your explanation is really clarifying to me. I'm sorry if this is a silly question... but do you think desire (ego) can affect the experiment or only pure awareness does?
  8. If you get to experience something horrible being done by someone you really love and you face the fact that dispite the stupidity of what's being done you CAN'T STOP LOVING that person, then you'll know a little more how everything is love. And sometimes that person doing something horrible is yourself.
  9. @Preety_India yes....something like: there is nothing to worry about, it's all love, a sense of security in that realization. I was looking at my dog once and I could see my own eyes. It can look silly putting the experience in words. I could also see myself in a baby that I was looking at, I felt a deep LOVE and I realized that was all. Time seems different for me now. Just curious...what made you spend 10 hours contemplating the subject? Was there a specific event or something?
  10. There is no intelligence that designed it, because it is being designed right now. It takes will even to get out of bed, it is no accident, that's my direct experience. Complete chaos/accident would be a limitation. Total control would also be a limitation. We can imagine limitations at will, though.
  11. Yes. Just give it a try to remove them/the problem from your consciousness.
  12. I think what is misleading is the Word "control". Only the ego wants "control", but all the Self can do is to just observe itself. The observer is the observed and you can become conscious of that, how the dreamer is dreaming. As you become conscious, you can experience something like manifestation, since time is ilusory. What once you experienced as "wanting", now is visible/experiencible/sensible, but it is the same thing/event, if we take the "time factor" out of the equation. It is not that you controlled anything, but you came to the understanding of something in a deeper level.
  13. I understand. I've had similar problems with a neighbor and I thought about moving, but I didn't want to leave my place. I contemplated a lot and realize moving wasn’t what I wanted. So what? I just stopped thinking about that neighbor, as if she wasn't a part of my daily life. Slowly, I even stopped seeing her around. She stopped brothering and the problem ceased to exist, although it seems she still lives here because I do see her car in the garage. Now, you can make fun of me as well ?
  14. Yes, it's joyful. I'm also greateful for this conversation?
  15. That's beautiful. The way I see is that the spider became a symbol for something deeper within yourself, learning to die and love, love and die... awakening. I sometimes have dialogues with people in my mind and days after I catch myself having the opportunity in contextual life to actually say those things to a person. Manifestation is real, it happens all the time, we just have to notice and appreciate it.
  16. I know you are. Sometimes it seems I get lost in this awareness and then I suffer and create/imagine events to make me aware again and again.
  17. I know. That's the hard part..it is for me too. Knowing that by loving and multiplying we make identifications and attachments. By the end of the day you can only imagine you've lost something you care about, but have you really lost it? Just think about it. Can you stop imagining you lost it if you want to? Amusement does not equal to pleasure. For example we read novels and watch movies with sad stories and overcomingness all the time, right? Some of them are amazing even if it breaks our hearts at some point. It is such an endevor to love, to see what is. I feel you.
  18. @A Fellow Lighter God=You does multiply and divide and make distinctions for its own amusement. It's part of the dream/game/life. It's also love. You=God Love all its creations, because it is its own self. It loves its creations so much that it can imagine co-creation. Love is what is in your direct experience. It's all there is.
  19. @Benton I got you. You eventually come to realize that you imagined the numbers and the symbols (spiders, etc). And even precognition is a faculty of you becoming conscious of you imagining things that end up manifesting. Once I wrote a poem about something I imagined was happening and I was very emotional about it. The next morning something I wrote manifested just like my description in words. It was such a profound experience. But as @michaelcycle00 said, it all comes down to you realizing you are imagining everything. As you stop giving power to the external you can start keeping track of how each frame of your present moment is being painted by you. Then you don't need any explanation. It's just you everywhere. And you can't even communicate it rightly because your desires and your imagination is something so powerful and fluid that it's just so very hard to grasp.
  20. I'm also interested about manifestation, because I experienced something like precognition and reality bending. I think a way to explore it more deeply is to consciously accept the fact that you are imagining everything, and from that point on you can develop the ability to imagine something else from moment to moment. It's not about sitting down and simply trying to reimagine the whole universe (although you could do that, technically), it's more like an exploration that can go from small and more plausible things to the ones that will make you astonished. It is about the observation of your own process of imagination in the now, which includes other unusual senses.
  21. Maybe he is just planning to get married, have kids, "normal" stuff.. Miss the uploads Leo! And... I just want to say that your solipcism video was the most practical of all for me. Really changed my daily life (for the better). The media backlash is imaginary, just fear out of a huge leap.
  22. You can be directly conscious of others having experiences that once you could not be conscious of, for many reasons. Thus, you are acessing your own imagination and breaking the separation. The free will of others is imagine by you and is such a beautiful distinction. It's like humans creating an artificially inteligent machine or a movie antagonist that takes over the protagonist. It's infinite and astonishing. Since consciousness is ONE, I see no way Leo could be wrong. He was brave enough to make himself assertive, speaking from an absolute sense and I hope he continues this way. Personally, it changed my life and I am feeling more compassionate, not less. Maybe many people aren't ready for a straight forward teaching, because they are still looking for something outside themselves, maybe for some sort of "salvation".
  23. Nisargadatta Maharaj: Why do you worry about the world before taking care of yourself? You want to save the world, don't you? Can you save the world before saving yourself? And what means being saved? Saved from what? From illusion. Salvation is to see things as they are. I really do not see myself related to anybody and anything. Not even to a self, whatever that self may be. I remain forever -- undefined. I am -- within and beyond -- intimate and unapproachable. Questioner: How did you come to it? Nisargadatta Maharaj: By my trust in my Guru. He told me 'You alone are' and I did not doubt him. I was merely puzzling over it, until I realised that it is absolutely true. From the book "I AM THAT", Nisargadatta Maharaj