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  1. Man how are you a mod on this forum? I literally say exactly what I say: self assessment is flawed. So all self assessment tests are flawed to different degrees. Please can we stop speaking to each other, and I'd appreciate in the future you don't respond to any of my posts, your discourse style is way far removed from how I like to engage with people
  2. He isn't speaking from experience, nor is it the same as what he is saying, depending on how you define an ego death, Having no-thought or access concentration level of absorption is not the same as ego-death in my book. Ego-death is when you literallly die, you the thing cognizing this you will die as real as any death you imagine, and you will go to/absorb to/merge with some fucked up dimension that if you haveny experienced is incommunicable. Thats full ego death to me. In my experience, I became some bright white/yellow tint plane of existence that simultaneously felt like my whole being was stretched across the universe but also the same size of an atom, YMMV
  3. I have done ketamine 500-1000 times, I did it maybe 80% of the days in the last 12 weeks, upto 2g per day, including also doing mushrooms, at the same time several times I think I can speak quite in depth about ketamine, I've had pretty much every conceivable experience on it, at least 10x for each variation of experience You definately don't get the love or connectedness on ketamine, nor do you get any omniscience or omnipotence, which seems to be the major focus of the 5 MEO DMT work, and that can happen also on mushrooms TBH I wouldn't recommend ketamine to anybody. For me a healthy lifestyle, and shamatha meditaiton are worth 100x ketamine experiences, they don't add any discernible value to anything. And I've literally died several times on ketamine and merged into some abstract fucked up infinite plane thing that feels like your being is stretched across an entire universe and only an atom at the same time, but this experience as I type this is as significant as going on a rollercoast ride at a theme park. Ive also nearly lost my mind on ketamine at least 100x times now, in real scary places, that would only be classed as confronting the darkest schizophrenia that exists
  4. Do you think there is such a thing as ethics? If there are doctors who like to piss on patients and beat them while they recklessly and negligently perform sloppy intensive surgery, this is perfectly acceptable within your ethical landscape as long as the patient paid and signed a waiver? And Im guessing this applies to any patient, whether they are old, dementia, learning disabilities etc too? Literally more amazing for me that this Octavia even exists and people see him, is that you and others are on this forum somehow justifying this, what planet or dimension are you guys living in
  5. There's nothing needed to clarify, my post articulates my stance. Your just miscomprehending it due to the fact you don't like my tone as explained quite succinctly above. I think my communication is clear, precise and articulate. I literally have no idea what your talking about besides you don't like my tone, and that I am defending MBTI (what?) or that all personality tests suck (what? I never said that at all) I would honestly take time out to reflect on these posts, and see why it is your mind is producing things I've never said in any of these posts
  6. You are right I am telling you how it is from my viewpoint and expertise in the area. You're still making mistakes in your representation of what I said, which is just weird, your not reading or comprehending what I wrote properly, probably becuase you immediately disliked my authoritative tone, its literally stopping you from cognizing what I wrote, which is causing you to form improper beliefs about what I am actually saying or said, which has in turn proliferated this completely pointless interaction. You'd have been better of to just address your root issue, you didn't like my tone lol
  7. Where did I defend MBTI? Again, what are you talking about. Please go back and read my posts slowly, maybe double or triple reading to you actual understand what I wrote, and then if your still convinced I am defending MBTI, can you pleae reference directly where you think this is the case
  8. I literally have no idea what you are talking about, are you sober? How is anything your writing relevant to any of my posts, why are you directing this at me
  9. Who taught me well? I have literally no idea what your talking about
  10. I am chilled, but that post is complete bullshit, it has no place in modern human ethics, to even begin the conversation that it does is completely stupid. It's like engaging with a conversation about whether surgeons should be able to abuse patients there operating on, no need to join that discussion, and no need to ever speak with the morons who are arguing yes they should. Oh wait just read your other posts, your literally suggesting we should remain an open mind about not knowing the ethics or efficacy of it, lol, your insane, you'd have to be brain dead to even come close to your position, I don't mean to be rude, but did you watch the videos, hes careless and reckless as fuck, and hes straight up negligent and abusive, what isn't your brain cognizing here?
  11. Lol what the fuck, posts like this just completely make me lose faith in the median human intelligence. How are you even on this forum
  12. What do you mean?
  13. People are so stupid and ignorant when it comes to personality theory. MBTI is a test built upon Carl jungs work. Any self assessment test is going to be flawed. The test and the underlying theory are two different things. The underlying theory is as valid as particle physics. The test is as flawed as any self assessment test Things like big 5 are so reductive its not so useful There are tons of bodies of work similair to MBTI , derived from Jung, that are just breathtakingly accurate models of the Pysche. But just like hoover is synonymous with vacuum cleaners, MBTI is now synonymous with all jungian derived 16 personality archetypes I teach this on discord, and developed an accurte model to deduce somebodies correct type via linguistic analysis - which is the most accurate way
  14. This just simply isn't true, none of us have any control over anything, or whatever control we do have is so small its barely anything. You have these temporary God experiences which are completely meaningless. In your God experience you still have no control, its all an illusion. Notice you have 0 improvements in your daily life after all these temporary God realizations. Including your baseline level of conciousness IF you truly were God or became God, you'd be able to do anythign you wanted, there would be nothing stopping you curing all your personal diseases or having every siddhi created, permenantly raising your baseline level of conciousness etc etc... notice how none of this has even come close to occuring