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  1. What would I tell my 5-years-ago-me?... The lottery numbers maybe No, on a serious note: I pretty like how things turned out so far. Just stay away from drugs and stay off the police records. It can create some serious obstacles in life. I would not have been able to get the LSA pilot license without a clean record! And try #NoFap. It will give you some serious willpower boost (seriously!) And one thing I learned: For every "bad thing" that happens, (eventually) an opportunity arises. Example: I had a motorcycle accident. A year later I was granted all access at Nürburgring24h. The guy who bought my wrecked bike was a racing team leader. Without this accident I would not have met him.
  2. I think enlightenment is a very long journey. I just needed nearly 1 year to recalibrate, to stop and come back to I think it's like the spiral dynamics, you need to take in and process everything before step X + step X to get to step Y. It takes time (a lot).
  3. @aidschism Don't worry about the stuff you did up to now. (Unless you got some really bad rep from police or something like that) You can start now. Take one of the first jobs you find. Save the money, build up knowledge and a nice appearance (+ use internet sources to educate yourself as much as possible - Wikipedia, Khan Academy, Youtube, etc..) Seek out a better paid job, repeat This is how I got from a meat factory production line job to a director position in 4 years It's hard work, but if you stay focused for some years (3 or 4) you will see the outcomes "soon"
  4. I think one has to differentiate between orange and yellow selfishness. Even if someone does volunteer work, it's still for him in some way, because he GETS pleasure by helping people. This is "good" yellow selfishness. But even orange selfishness like a business leader who wants to be better than the competition, can bring good things to the world by creating new innovative things and work places.
  5. I ride motorcycle whenever weather conditions allow Just me and my 2-wheeled girlfriend, exploring the roads away from the main roads. While driving I have to concentrate on the world around me, especially the traffic, and it helps me to loose the focus of everything I have to deal with during regular work life.
  6. Yes, you should choose a goal, start moving towards it and then use the built up momentum to go ahead Maybe there is something in your job as network engineer you would like to change.
  7. ^ and we need to move Maslow's Pyramid of Need from the bottom to the top. It won't work if 3rd world tries to skip stages (values and/or needs).
  8. I think it is important to set an initial goal, even if it's setting a goal like simply getting more money and become a millionaire. On the way there, you look around and maybe you will find something more interesting, but further away. In this case the initial goal will become a checkpoint So basically when you climb the first mountain you get a better view of the things around. On the horizon you will find something else which looks interesting go there and repeat
  9. I think it's a good idea I would like to have a world running on sustainable, clean energy. I am right now saving for a 2017 Tesla Model 3 (ca. $30000). That is something I can actively DO. Even if it is a calculated financial risk for me, it aligns with my dream and maybe some more people will like the car and buy an EV too
  10. I think cursing is a booster for negative feelings. You get negative feelings, curse and get some more negative feelings. And because I don't want create negative feelings by myself, I try to avoid cursing
  11. I think there is a possibility to transform. But I don't think it will happen in such a short time like a month. EDIT: I think it's useful for personal growth to have a snapshot of where you are. Everyone has his/her goals and sometimes some of the currently stronger mindsets are preventing them to do what they want to do. For example, I am very interested in technology and what the future will bring. So my INTJ-type is fine. But then, I would like to be more feeling with people around me My best friend's girlfriend called me "too neutral" some days ago when she asked my for advice And I sometimes realize that I struggle with empathy. And such a test can show me, yes I am not fantasizing, this is an issue I should tackle. Maybe some months/years from now I will be an INFJ or something completely else. As long as I am balanced I think I will be fine
  12. I think it's important to get as close as possible to 50/50 of the first 4 rows (Mind, Energy, Nature, Tactics). If I interpret this right, does the 5th row mean something like self esteem? If so, the more assertive, the better I also think, there is no good or bad type. It's like tuning in an old FM radio, where you have to move the slider forwards and backwards until there is a strong signal. Everyone has his own goals he wants to accomplish.
  13. It is a great snapshotting tool Now the next step for me will be to ramp up my extraverted mindset (36% on this chart now), basically being less shy with people I just met. It already works in forums, but not so good in the real world, especially when it comes to pretty girls For example I had to sort of force me to sign up on the forums When Leo sent out the emails for searching the first 100, I was uncertain what to do. Luckily my extraverted side took over, overruling the introverted side and filled out the form I did not comment on any of Leos videos before *shame on me*
  14. I started with ISTJ some months ago, I just repeated the test get INTJ
  15. And many companies do personality tests at the beginning to see if they hire you. But then, you will develop yourself and the company still has the old personality test taken years ago. The personal department doesn't see them as snapshot, but as set in stone. This is where I think many companies make a big mistake. They force people into roles they do not fit into anymore. And this is where people get unhappy and start active personal development or surrender.