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  1. @Truth Normally I won't reply to such words. I have simple rule in life - if person I talk to use words like yours I try not to continue conversation. Generally speaking, on this forum we should be dealing with people that are grounded, highly conscious and that means for me compassion and love to other human beings. Language is a channel which can prove that human is developed, cause I have many filters that would not let me write anything like that. But that is just offtopic, maybe you will get something from this post @Truth
  2. @Ether Thank you for reply. I have sometimes bad luck to express what I really mean. The point is that I am really glad that I found Leo and I really appreciate his work. As you said, it has a lot to with me and no doubt - I have to work on me. I would really like to know what you suggest to have clear mind. Im trying to meditate with mixed results (I break the chain of meditation constantly) and I am going to 10 days Vipasanna next month.
  3. It's actually a great topic and I would like people to be serious repling here, cause it's really important. To a certain point, specifically last year summer I knew very little about Leo's work. I watched his videos about improving your lifestyle, how to change certain behaviour and thinking in various aspects of life. I just took wisdom from him and he helped me to shift my thinking in relationships, in social circumstances in general and also he helped me to get focus on things that mattered to me. This last thing - what matters to me was very natural, I think I was really childishly clear and true about what I love in life and it was just making music. I wanted to be an artist. Last summer when I started watching his episodes about Enlightenment, when I was watching how certain he is when he was talking about "No brains" and that meditation is the most important thing for every human being my life started to change. In that moment in my life he was actually important for me, I was really glad I found him and I was really thinking about him like my mentor, but after finding those episodes I started thinking nihilistic. I started to look at world and I saw no point in doing anything. Everyone who is looking on life through the lense where there is no point for anything is for me miserable, cause I was that (and probably it's really not the end for me right now). You might say that I'm not mature enough to understand that, but sometimes I wish I want my life to be minimalistic, simple again. Where I don't find a solution, where I don't need my understanding, I don't need anyone to tell me TRUTH. I want life where I don't question everything, where I don't watch Leo who is trying to make me understand what Meaning and Purpose is. I don't need this, cause I naturally, intuitivly know what is good for me - this was simply making art, making music and connecting with other human beings through it. Leo choose his path in life, I think it is really hard path and teaching others to follow same route is dangerous. For me it was and I think for others also it is not easy. Combination of his charisma, his certainty and his knowledge makes you think that is deep and worth every second spend here. And maybe it is. I still think that Leo is really great, genuine person. That he really wants to help others and I will never loose hope that he will change this world for the better. I think also that he helped me before I knew about enlightenment. I just don't want to listen about enlightenment and everything what is associated with it, cause it is totally ruining everything what is connected to my deepest passion in life.
  4. Hello man, I won't give you any advice at the moment. I just want to give you a feedback - I'm checking this forum from time to time and for me it's really rare to find people like you. Most of people are talking too much trash here and you are one of very few people who seriously take effort to make a change. I'm with you! We share many behaviours and problems, I would like to really think about your situation and give you some advice, but I want to treat you seriously - advice to your post requires time and effort. I will bookmark your post and follow it. If I find anything important to say I will reply. Right now just leaving you feedback - you are doing good work man so far and you will develop in nearest future if you stick to it, guaranteed!
  5. Hello everyone, I just want to show you video of my fellow-countryman - Włodek Markowicz from Poland. Words are pointless, everything important is on his video. First minute is introduction in polish, turn on subtitles - rest is 100% english. Let me know if you were inspired, moved or just this video forced you to think about something important. Glad you took your time to watch this, Take care.
  6. Not trying to offend you, but you have to respect other people here. We are spending our time to read what you wanted to communicate and I simply don't understand reason of this topic. Maybe it's just me, but if not, then what's the point? Think about this. You are 17 yo and I hope you will comeback here and see your topic after few years from now, realizing how much progress you made over those years. @Joseph Maynor replied to you politely advicing meditation trying to catch one of the things you mentioned. I would say that peace of mind is what I wish for you, that this peace will come with experience and self development, cause you are on good path. You don't need to convince anyone that what you learned is true. Don't let others people agenda override your agenda, if somebody wants to simply dismiss you for petty reasons ignore it If you suspect masturbation is your addiction don't masturbate for at least one week, if cravings arise - you are addicted and do something about it Girlfriend problem will gain it owns perspective over time, you'll see - at least I wish it will for you Don't be angry about my reply, here you have some words from older guy. Wish everything the best for you.
  7. Because my arguments were ignored, here I have something for you. -- --
  8. @BjarkeT Would like to probably focus on your scepticism during the learning process.Did you have any objections about Leo eastern influences or you were deeply interested before with eastern philosophy and after your own experience etc. you decided to follow path which Leo suggests? Or maybe it was just like heard this theory from Leo and it seems to fit puzzles and you just simply follow that way? You see? That is one of the points of this topic.
  9. What about cons of choosing DIGITAL notebook rather than TIPICIAL notebook? 1. Don't you experience that when you have pen and paper and you need to write it by yourself in your notebook you learn much more, just some "magic" happens when you actually write it on paper. Although digital is very sexy - you can access it anywhere, it's much easier to keep it clean and organised, main reason to keep a notebook which is learning is just better using tipicial way and I'm not sure if all that benefits are worth it. 2. You tend to create notes differently when you have to write it by yourself, different process is happening in your mind - example: I can write about 10 words on keybord while normally I would write one in the same amount of time. I don't think brain is interpretting it the same. 3. From the very beggining I need to have different approach to create notes when choosing to go pen and paper, I need to find balance between time and actual writing so I need to usually write how I understand topic I'm studying, when on keyboard you are more prone to just absently type, sometimes even you are left with something which looks like transcription. Less is more.
  10. I think in this forum, in whole that Leo had built - it goes much deeper. When you try to go to videos that seems more pragmatic, practical, Leo even there builds the core problem from our ego. Take a look at his jealousy video, addictions video and many many more, which are practical, personally I think they are great, but I am also sceptic, cause his whole concept is build upon Eastern philosophy which leads to noself, ego death, enlightenment. We have many experts, therapists who treats addictions, emotional problems, relationship problems and probably not many of them are using this concept of ego when they try to help certain people - maybe cause they give short-term treatment which masquerade problem for while and they take the money, OR MAYBE they deeply know this approach of consciousness, mindfullness work and yet they don't believe in that. I'm preety sure many of Leo folowers are not aware of that, and not enough sceptic about his approach.
  11. @see_on_see Thanks, your replies are really wise. For me at this moment what you talk about is just experiencing another perspective which seems to fit the puzzle. Although I know nothing about psychodelics and I am not really into that thing in that moment in life, but again - for me it seems preety suspicious if there is any need for using any external thing to understand enlightenment. How can you tell if your mind is not playing with you? Why you really try to go this path? As I said - Leo is influenced by eastern culture - yoga, meditation, enlightenment. Why would you do meditation practice where you can just sit alone, without any concept and have a moment for reflection? Or if you are from western culture just build your own relationship with for ex. Jesus and from that relationship you will be trying to cultivate your values. Isn't this let's say replacement/different approach? You somehow believe in enlightenment due to psychodelics experience, self inquiry, meditation and you gain positive results, example: it's @Dodo way to deal with strong negative emotions, where I can just sit still or have intimate relationship with the thing that I believe, let's say Jesus Christ. And as a general reminder - I started this topic to wonder about your reason and motive to dedicate your life for becoming enlightened.
  12. Thank you for your reply. Here we are - we are getting to the axiom - "you don't exist.". Here is the final line in this discussion. From that point you build whole concept of enlightenment. If you try to be sceptic about this you can't go any further. What gives you reasons to build that whole theory? I know Leo said that looking for let's say scientific proof is pointless, but that's about Leo - what gives YOU reason to think this way? Let me be an example. I can agree with you that LP, values and everything basically is mental construction. For me drumming and music is absolutely everything, emotions are flowing inside me, I just feel it in my bones and I visualize about music all the time. It's me. My friend for example completely doesn't understand my way of thinking, he has got completely different values AND BY MY EXPERIENCE I understood that every other person view this world differently - and this is absolutely normal. That leads me to statement that - Every point of view on this world is just mental construction. But the problem is with "YOU", something in me dictates everything, I don't know why I love music, but "I" love this and can't live without this. What gives you reason to that statement that I don't exist? What gives you power to say that this is existenstial truth?
  13. You don't understand at all, sorry. I don't blame Leo for anything, instead I said he is doing tremendously good work which I highly respect. What is wrong with - for example being great musician, creating music, cause: I want to express MYSELF, I don't want to analyse "concept of ego" - this is who I am, I elvolved and I am musician and I just want to express myself. I don't see anything bad about that and probably it's egoistic, but I don't care. I want to inspire people by devoloping myself and to inspire I mean inspiring with my looks, words, acts etc. I want to create art which will change others people perspecitive, which will give them something to think about, which maybe will change whole life for somebody. By my art I want to save current moment in my life - my works is directly connected with who I was at the time when I released my work to the world, probably I will look at this after 40 years and I will be touched watching my journey. If it's egoistic, again, I don't care. And list go so on, and so on. Is every musian egoistic in some way? For me - yes, moreover - probably it's necessary. What is bad about this? I think you just wanted to post something that you have on your mind which is not connected with my post, but ok, that's fine. I know about Leo LP Course. I know that enlightenment requires preparation and work, I never excluded that before. I just WONDER why are you following this path, if you can just be skeptical about whole concept of enlightenment, what if this whole theory is false for example? Why you decide to invest your time to become enlightenment instead of being who you are and taking as much as you can from what world offers you (again - music, art, technology, science)? And as you can see I know about the side effects of that journey, I see the cost of this, cause I listed some bad things. That is not the purpose of this thread. The purpose is to find people who are sceptic about this, or were sceptic, but after lot's of experience, knowledge etc. decided to follow this path. The reason is not, cause Leo said enlightenment is important or meditation should be your number one habit according to his videos.
  14. Hello, English is not my native lang., so I am really sorry for any mistakes I will make below. Many of you are on path to become enlightened, enlightenment seems to be your priority. I wonder how many of you follow Leo blindly, I wonder how many of you have lost the scepticism, cause Leo may be wrong. Some of you are just following what he says no matter what, probably if you heard about enlightenment from other source you wouldn't even follow this path. I respect Leo and I think he is doing tremendous work for people who want to improve their life, but I have many objections during the self actualize process. Take a look at meditation - many people are getting positive effects of that process, but usually meditation in classical approach is focusing on the breath, being present, feeling the body - main expected effect is to become relaxed, calmer. Leo is giving you this concept of not being you, that you are reality, not your body - it's connected with killing your ego and your ego have a lot of defensive mechanisms. Much deeper than just focusing on the breath, right? Leo is influenced much more with eastern philosophy and I wonder how many of you are sceptic about this? Because i'm sceptic that means my ego is fighting using one of it's defensive mechanisms? My friend is studying eastern culture for quite long, he see a lot of bullshit there as well as in western culture. Could you really say that you are aware that it is your decision to dedicate your life and time for enlightenment? Life have many great things to offer - music and how it evolves over the years, listening, learning, playing, singing - what an amazing opportunity we have. You can become great musician in this life and really create amazing, beautiful art, get deeper with understanding yourself, your emotions. Or let's say you want to become great mathematician or programmer - you can create great, useful tools for people, create amazing concepts and deeply loose yourself in the world of abstraction. Isn't life amazing giving you this oportunity? Or you can study history, civilizations, language, you can travel etc. And to really understand one topic, to explore that and develop trully it usually takes your whole life. And you decide not to do that - to work every day for many hours on thing you trully love that world offers you. Instead you decide to become reality, kill ego. I'm not juding you, you can do whatever you want to do with your life as long as you not hurt other people, but do you trully want this or you lost yourself during the process? My example - I was very oriented on goals, after I started listening to videos like Understanding Meaning, Purpoe, Value and Enlightement videos my motivation went down and my view of the world shifted. How about people that were oriented on goals, let's say their goals were healthy as those mentioned before (music, math, traveling), but they follow this path to enlightenment and they are going through many different problems: Suicidal thoughts Everything seems meaningless, every activity that human do is pointless - their loose motivation to persevere on commitments, goals, dreams Paradoxically they get back to bed, they do nothing or stupid activities, because they don't have enough will power to achieve big goals, to make dreams come true, cause it takes whole energy and more, instead they are shooting theirself in foot with killing the ego - after doing nothing, mediating, self inquiry there is not enough motivation to believe in "external" goals. They are getting real problems - financial, health etc. because their values erode to enlightenment, focusing on present, completely loosing old priority system with their dream life, goals, vision I won't type more, cause nobody probably read all of it. I know Leo does not take responsibility for consequences of his advice, but consequences are fact, people change after learning from Leo.