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  1. I tend not to have any special insights on mushrooms, like I have on LSD. I think people are built for different stuff. I'm not sure, just my thinking. My mushroom trips (although I haven't taken that much of them) were just visual more or less, while LSD takes me places. I've heard people describing LSD as being more of an inteligent (or intelect) kind of drug, while musrhooms are more organic. Or that LSD is a mental kind of thing and musrhooms are connecting you more to the mother earth. While I do characterize myself as a lot more logical kind of person, I disagree with that view, because LSD connects me to everything and I've experienced myself as God on it every single time and I also feel deep connection to the Universe, to everything. My biggest trip was 2g (actually 5g, but I'm not counting that one because it was very weak) and it was perhaps something similar to what you are describing. I'm still waiting for a time to take them again and will do more. LSD is a different story. I can take smaller doses (minimum I take is 300, though) and I am the Universe. But I think we are just built differently. Some people experience more on shrooms, while others on LSD. But I will see once I take 5g of them, to compare.
  2. I like this part of you much better than when you were a pop star.
  3. The one that had the most impact on me was The Hitchiker's Guide To The Galaxy. I recently read 1984 and that one also left a big imprint on me.
  4. You need about 180g for optimal muscle growth, I think. But at the minimum, no less than 130g a day. But this is the minimum. I wish there was some way to find out. Also, download MyFitnessPal app and it will help you track your intake and tell you if you get enough of everything. Do it for a little while, just to get the feeling for your meals. Also, don't forget to rest (get enough sleep and rest days in between). Muscles grow when you're resting, not working out.
  5. 2g Also, don't eat anything before taking them. I once ate myself full and then took 5g, wanting to have a strong trip, but it was meh. I'm guessing the full stomach was the problem.
  6. There are guys who pull this off and they aren't anywhere near good looking. They have some confidence in them that get girls attracted. I don't know how they do it, I haven't done near enough practice for this. Perhaps you should also look at some women pickup artists. Women know what women want, so perhaps take a look at what they say, if you don't believe Leo. Try Kezia Noble.
  7. So, what's the alternative? Not even trying?
  8. She knows our secret! @Preety_India clubbing?
  9. Proceeds to give advice So basically you're saying what Leo is saying?
  10. They want a strong, confident male.
  11. I used to like him very much until I saw the BBC interview. These days I started to watch him again, but just the "Ben Shapiro reacts..." videos on woke culture. Just for funsies.
  12. Could you please write PORN, not p###n? Don't censor yourself, don't fall for their trap.
  13. I'm working very hard to make it so I can finally move out from where I live and back into the city I want to be. Every day I'm learning and working on a skill that will give me financial freedom, but I've been at it for 7 years and I still haven't reached the tipping point. I don't feel happy where I live, I am trapped. I don't have anything to do, no one to socialize with, so I stay at home all day every day, and just practice. There is so much waiting for me in life and it's been long overdue for me to get it. I'm close, but it's still a long fucking way. I wanted for it to have been happened yesterday. I don't want to live here anymore, but I have to. Other than that I love that I have figured out what life is and why I am here. But I have a lot of fears, I want to overcome myself, socially wise. Other than that, pretty ok. But it's time to finish this chapter of my life. I want to explode and reap what is waiting for me.
  14. Well not for Putin. Don't you have a heart?
  15. Have you read this one? Is it any good? Edit: I'm reading the description now on Amazon and it's talking about food. Wow. Interesting stuff.
  16. Interesting view. I don't have an opinion on this, but I really loved listening to him and his voice.
  17. I think you confused the two. You came to the conclusion that masturbation is not ok, but in reality, as I see it, your addiction to masturbation is not ok, not the masturbation itself. Masturbating is normal. It's biological. We are built for this, too. It wouldn't feel THAT FUCKING GOOD if we weren't allowed to do it. But what happens to you is that you get addicted to it. So don't demonize masturbation when it's something else you should be fixing - your relation to masturbation. But I stil support you not doing it for a while. Everything has its benefits.
  18. Every time I got rejected doing cold approach, I still felt awesome later just for trying. Something in you gets lifted. You feel better, more powerful. I did 30 women in 30 days. Got 3 numbers.