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  1. Let me say this, I have not read Atomic Habbits. But I think what works well is going to differ from person to person. For example some books on Leos booklist that he rated as a must read didn't resonate with me all that much/help me much. While some books he rated as good but not a must read resonated with me a lot more and were must reads for myself. The only way you're truly going to know if Atomic Habits works for you is to read the book and test if it works for yourself.
  2. As far as the meat thing goes it really is true from my own personal experience as well. I used to weigh 60 kilos at185 cm tall as a vegan(was vegan for 4.5 years, started eating animal products again last spring. I was somewhere between retired marathon runner and skinny fat nerd in terms of physique. I was lethargic, could not recover from workouts. Literally became sick the next day if I went for some reverse pullups. Training just made me very tired instead of giving me energy. Today I weigh 80 kilos, I mostly eat a lot of chicken, broccoli, salmon, eggs, bananas, oranges, potatoes, rice, beef, bell peppers. Occasionally I do Whey protein shakes as well. It really is night and day for me, I am strongest I've ever been and training now gives me more energy instead of making me feel energy deprived. I think protein quality & fats are the two most important things animal products have that vegan food lacks. 20 grams of protein is not the same from lentils as from chicken, that's for sure. You have to eat a lot more volume of food as a vegan also. Not only do you need to do that to get good amount of protein and all amino acids but also because most healthy vegan foods are not calorie dense. Unless you're eating tons of avocados and nuts I found it hard to maintain weight as a vegan. For me high carb diets(which my vegan eating style was) is great for short term energy but the body will decay in the long run because you get a lot of energy to do stuff but not enough material(quality protein, fats, vitamin A) to sustain the body properly. Also you get no creatine as a vegan since it is in animal products only which sucks because creatine improves cognitive function and the ability to do more reps in the gym.
  3. Are you a vegan? This sounds very similar to me when I used to be a vegan, working out basically gave me the flu so I only got more broken down by working out. I think it was because of a mineral deficiency, vitamin a deficiency, and undereating calorie-wise are the things that come to mind. What's your bodyweight & height? Are you muscular/skinny/fat? Next time you try training, don't go as hard and try to eat something before and a lot afterwards. See if that makes any difference.
  4. I've vaped in periods of my life for the past years, with that being said I always used a dry herb vaporizer since I'm more of a weed type of person than nicotine, so it's not exactly the same thing. But I think if you get the safest vape liquid you can find it's a lot less harmful than cigarettes. Possibly even less harmful than a dry herb vaporizer. But cheap vape liquids made in china and other places where they use cheap ingredients can potentially make it more harmful. So make sure you got your hands on good quality vape liquid if you can. For a period I used to smoke a lot of joints, now that actually seem to have a slight negative effect on my cardio training. With the dry herb vape it doesn't seem to cause the same issues. Although it can still make me cough and cause throat irritation sometimes so I assume even vaping is not completely safe. Make sure to clean your equipment occasionally so that it doesn't collect a lot of gunk over time, that would make the vapor more harsh and unhealthy I think. Edit: Forgot to say, don't expect the kick to be exactly the same in the beginning. Vaping definitely has a bit of a more heady and functional high and also taking hits from a vape has a different technique than smoking a cigarette. But you'll grow to enjoy it as much as smoking cigarettes over time.
  5. Have you tried Lions Mane mushroom dual extract?
  6. I don't think Putin invading is a good thing. But I think it's not always the attacker that's guaranteed to be sole at fault when the big countries are "playing". The attacker always looks worse, so why not provoke the enemy to attack if you're more powerful anyway I don't want to come off like an Alex Jones type of person. But think of this atleast a slightly possible narrative, I am just speculating not sure this is true: It seems to me that Russia is a great competitor to the US in many markets and a conflict whereby the US and Europe can sanction and destabilize Russia through an Ukraine proxy war seems like a power gain for the US and Europe as a whole, sacrificing Ukraine's citizens and soldiers to gain power over Russia. Also invading another country looks bad, so an invasion is not really good for Russia. It is plenty good for the US and NATO. This scares other countries into joining NATO. Parties in Sweden where I live are already talking about joining NATO because of this situation. Russia is killing civilians to try to force a surrender from the Ukrainian president. Just like the US did in Vietnam with napalm strikes Russia now does with more advanced technology. In the Vietnam war Russia and China were sending supplies and weaponry to North Vietnam to defend itself against an US invasion. The Americans thought it would be easy to invade(or so it is said, maybe they knew what would happen but were pressured/scared into doing it anyway perhaps to prevent another World War), but since the Vietnamese had China and Russia holding their back with supplies and weapons it made it impossible to take over quickly without destroying the entire country and so the war lasted much longer than expected. And in the end the US had to pull out and look like villains in the south/north Vietnam conflict. They were outplayed by Russia and China in that conflict. They probably had their reasons for starting it though. Russia was pushing their territory onto tactically strong grounds and that was a security risk for the US. This Ukraine situation could be similar. NATO pushing their territory onto the frontier of Russia pretty much. Russia pressured to invade and will be made to look evil. But because Ukraine has US and Europe support Russia will lose in Ukraine for sure. So why would they want to invade? That tells me they must have been pressured or scared into invading somehow or they are just downright stupid, making the same mistake as the US have done before for no reason. That's just a theory. I'm 99.99999% not spot on here. But maybe I hit some partial truth in there somewhere. That would be enough for this conflict to not be as one sided as people are making it seem in the western mass media and on forums. It's not as simple for me as is Putin killing civilians, it's would the alternative that plays out if he did not do it be worse? He certainly thinks so. A successful example of killing civilians was the atom bombs. They killed a lot of innocent people but they ended up forcing an end to a war that likely cost many more lives. If I was a leader I would not want to kill. But what do you do if your opponents are willing to kill you and you don't go to the same lengths? How do I know which of the leaders is acting out of self defense, how do I know it's as simple as Russia is simply invading Ukraine and not Russia is trying to defend themselves from NATO? To me it seems the Russians think they are defending themselves and the opposite side thinks they are attacking. Just like the US thought they were defending themselves in the Vietnam war but the Russians and Chinese thought they were the attackers in the conflict. We need to understand that Russia likely felt threatened here and it was probably not without any reason. Regarding the vegan questions. I'll just give you my vegan story. Before I went vegan I any a pretty standard western diet. A lot of pasta, meat, fish, eggs and so on. During my vegan years I was eating poorly for about 10% of the time(pasta & falafel and not much else) and proper whole foods plant based 90% of the time. A lot of legumes, indian food with spices and vegetables and chickpeas. And bean chillis with rice and lentil tacos with rice and salsa. Taste wise I really enjoyed my vegan years to be honest. I took D3 supplement based from algae, B12 supplament(50% methylcobalamine and 50% cyanocobalamine) and that was it as far as vitamins go. The first 2 years went fine. But I did drop a lot of weight every year throughout those years. Even months when I was eating A LOT of pasta and rice to get my calories up, it would just give me so much energy that I hard a hard time maintainig fats. I found getting healthy fats in on a vegan diet a challenge sometimes and as a result my testosterone levels likely suffered. I don't know if I will be able to eat another spoon of peanut butter in my life lol. The last year I ran a lot and trained a couple of times per week. I recovered so slowly that I thought I might have a muscle disease. I was turning as skinny as a marathon runner, weighing in at 60 kilos, 185 cm tall. A couple of times after trying to progress my workouts I would get flu symptoms and my system was protesting forcefully. I ended up bed ridden feeling like crap for a while. I was having less and less energy mentally and finally I had to stop working out and running because it just gave me anxiety, gave me illnesses and heartburn and I couldn't push through it. Also because so few healthy vegan foods contain a lot of calories I had to eat many times per day or else I would have to eat A LOT in one sitting, but that would give me terrible heart burn and I would be up all night not being able to sleep multiple times per week because I was trying to eat more calories from nut butters and pasta dishes. Also for a while I ate chickpeas as my main protein source, not realizing that chickpeas were not at all as high protein as I thought they were. Beans are far superior to chickpeas protein-wise even though chickpeas taste awesome. Also I started becoming more sensitive to tomatoes because I was eating tomato sauce based dishes so much. (Daal, Lentil bolognese, Lentil taco, Bean chilli, Tomato Chickpea Curry). Tomatoes ended up starting to give me heartburn so I had to cut out most of my favorite dishes which sucked pretty hard. Anyways the summer 2020 was when I started experiencing vision problems. My ability to see clearly at long distances got worse and worse. I got more sensitive to sunlight. At first I thought I had HPPD because I would be seeing bubble like patters in the air. I got a bit scared but it turned out that I just had floaters. I researched it a lot and realized the things causing floaters is likely to be high carb, which most vegan diets are, and vitamin A deficiency, which I likely had. Admittedly I did not often eat foods containing vitamin A. Things containing vitamin A are: Carrots, Sweet potatoes, Dried apricots, Kale, Cantaloupe, Butternut squash, Spinach, Red peppers. Not much other vegan foods contain vitamin A. Now I did not realize this. I occasionally ate carrots and spinach and red peppers. But that's about it from that list and not in great quantities. Nothing got better though even though I added more of these foods into my diet. I researched it a bit and it seems like some people are not as good at absorbing vitamin A from plant sources as from animal sources. What I also found was that there are actually quite a lot of nutrients that are tricky to get as a vegan that I wasn't aware of. Creatine for example is not contained in any vegan sources apart from supplement form and it helps cognitive function. I did not supplement that. B12 needs to be taken as a supplement, but it can be problematic because it needs to be taken in high doses to be effective. I did supplement B12 but it can also be a problem to supplement B12 because the vitamin can act as food for certain bacteria or fungi in the intestines which will as a result overgrow and cause gastrointestinal issues. This combined with my declining mental energy, weak workout recovery, low bodyweight, worsening intrusive thoughts and just life overall seeming very problematic made me decide to try break my 4.5 year vegan streak to see. I started taking Cod Liver Oil and eating vegetables, meat and some carbs. Chicken, Broccoli, Rice, Regular Tacos, Salmon pasta with spinach. Basically "normal food". And after a couple of months my vision improved, floaters gone, mental clarity improved, energy improved. Depression milder. Now it's been roughly 1 year and I weigh 80 kilos compared to my 60-65 kilos I weighed as a vegan. My recovery after working out is a lot better. It just feels right in my body, eating meat or fish along with my meals seem to make me more satiated than I got as a vegan and give me more energy throughout the day. I still eat vegan meals about once a week. Mostly because I miss some of the dishes I used to eat. That's pretty much my vegan story if you were interested.
  7. I think it's no coincidence that most people who deem Russia & Putin to the the problem seem to be Westerners and most people who deem NATO & The US as the problem seem to be from Russia and eastern Europe. Hmm.. where have I seen this before? Seems to me both sides are being fed propaganda by their regimes. In my country(Sweden) sending weapons to an armed conflict is suddenly celebrated. Just a year ago any involvement in military conflict would be viewed upon as a huge no no. It is sad to see. I have sympathy for you people on here who are trying to defend the Russian side of the conflict because the US & NATO side sure seems to be convincing more people on here. I think politically correctness is one of the biggest weaknesses of this forum that I have witnessed from my time being here. I was very politically correct and naïve a few years ago. I went vegan for 4 and half years because only the pros were being shown to me through western anti global warming narrative. It almost ruined my health, had low energy, was depressed, poor workout recovery(working out basically made me sick), had blurry vision and floaters. I don't blindly trust what western science and media tells me anymore. If something sounds too good to be true it usually is.
  8. I think according to people who have had God realization you're already manifesting everything you want but you just don't realize it yet. If you were aware that you're manifesting everything there would be little excitement to life, it would become boring quite quickly. The "problem" is that you're mistaking yourself to be something you're not.
  9. I have a controversial view on this matter. I think a person can be an alcoholic and still live life to its full potential. It's just because science proves how bad alcoholism is for your body right now, the many cases in which it doesn't work out and the fact that's it's socially not acceptable to be an alcoholic that it is considered so bad. Imo it's fashionable right now to view drug addicts as people who failed at life. So that sober people can feel they're doing good just because they're being a "good boy". But I don't think that's true from the perspective of a drug addict(I've been addicted to weed periods of my life myself but the only time it actually became a problem was when I really really smoked A LOT 24/7 for months on end and even then it was not really that big of a problem for me personally, because I did not really treat it as a problem, I just treated it as a part of life that I choose. If anything it deepened my interest in spirituality, music, my will to better my relationships, and more positive effects. Sure, it also cause minor periods of depression. But arguably you could go through that even if you were 100% sober and meditated everyday. At the time I thought it was a bit problematic but in hindsight I can see that it was needed for my development. Now of course an addict that really wants to quit but can't quit is a different story, that person is beating himself up mentally and being hard on himself, and is not enjoying the drug they're doing anymore. Even though Alan Watts was an alcoholic it does not mean he was not aware of it and choose to do it anyways. I'm pretty sure he was self conscious enough to realize that he had an "alcohol problem" and just realized that for him personally quitting was not worth it because he enjoyed drinking too much. If he is happy and thriving and having great success, what's so bad about having what others would consider a problem. John Lennon had plenty "drug problems" both with lighter drugs and even heavier drugs like heroin but did more for music than most sober people that ever existed. And he also seemed to live a very rich life, enjoying himself and doing things his way, not caring if he's labeled a junkie or hippie.
  10. Have you tried supplementing with Cod Liver Oil? Has a high vitamin A content. It helped me reduce the severity of an eczema on my forearm by a lot. After a few weeks it was reduced by like 80%. Also helped me get rid of floaters in my vision.
  11. Sound design and Music production in the video game industry.
  12. John Coltrane, Franz Schubert, Eckhart Tolle
  13. I do agree with your point. Practically it doesn't really seem to matter that it's just a construct. I prefer watching biological women compete with eachother and biological men with eachother because the competition feels more real. Even if it all still comes down to being a genetic lottery in the end. As many other things it's an illusion but it's more enjoyable to not constantly point that out.
  14. I agree with you sort of but at the same time.. male, female, moon, animal, it's all just concepts isn't it? Once upon a time people didn't view the sun as a radiating ball made up of atoms, maybe they didn't think so much about it as people do today but instead just looked at it in awe. There was no moon there, there was just what is. So in that sense the moon as we think of it doesn't really exist. As far as the transwoman competing with biological women it's obviously unfair because the biological women don't have the same amount of hormones or the same body structure as a transwoman. So is biological women against biological women though. Isn't it just a biological lottery who will win, viewed through a biological lense? How is it fair that one woman is borne with a worse cardiovascular system than another one? The genetically unlucky one stands no chance.
  15. Do you workout? I find it helps me eat healthier because recovering from the workouts increases the food requirements needed to recover properly which motivates me to eat less crap. It even makes my body crave healthy foods automatically. I eat broccoli, bell peppers or some other green along with my dinner everyday now and it makes a big difference for my recovery speed and my energy levels. When I was doing worse at my workouts because I ate like crap it sucked the joy out of working out and since I am working out regularly it's not difficult to reject junk foods anymore, it's not even on my mind. Give yourself more reasons for eating healthy. I would struggle to eat healthy if I was docile. Now you might already be working out regularly and in that case I guess my tip here doesn't help you much but if you're not working out and you think that could be a good idea for you, start hitting the gym 2-3 times per week and if you're like me you'll start craving healthier foods in a couple of weeks. If that doesn't sound like something you'd be willing to try maybe regular Hatha Yoga would do the same for you. I used to eat candy, chocolate bars and other junk daily for a while. I got away with it because I had a skinny fat physique so people could not really tell that my body fat percentage really was quite high unless I was naked. But I always had to face the fact that I was making myself look more and more unhealthy every time I looked in the mirror. Not until about 3-4 weeks into working out did I start craving nutritious foods and stop craving candy etc. I did not even try to quit eating candy etc. Every time I tried doing that forcefully it drained my mental energy for the rest of the day and a couple of days later I would be back on the stuff again, a voice would popup in my head that I could eat a chocolate bar and drink some soda and most of the time I would be able to resist it but when that voice pops up multiple times a day it becomes hard to resist every time. But after a few weeks of working out 3 times per week and putting my full effort into the workouts, the transition from junk to healthy foods just happened naturally. The first weeks when I was working out and still eating like crap I would just be SOOO sluggish in my mind the day after the workouts, like I was hungover. I was barely able to function. I guess finally the body decided I needed a change so it adjusted and changed my brain chemistry for me in the process to accommodate the increased nutrition requirements. As a result I was left with higher baseline energy levels and more cravings for foods, but healthy foods.
  16. This. This is powerful stuff. I have similar experiences with this. I got stuck in a dysfunctional perspective and didn't realize it was just one of many.
  17. You think that, but what if you meet one girl that you really get to know. She becomes your best friend and you connect with each other deeply. The sex becomes mind-blowing, 10x better than with a random hot girl. Will you still be out there trying to hook up with random hot girls? My guess is you will not even be thinking about that at that point. Your sex drive will be satisfied as long as your relationship is healthy then, isn't it?
  18. I too am rather sensitive and I don't think it's a coincidence that I'm pretty much the only one I know that's into spirituality. If you weren't sensitive chances are you wouldn't be on this forum or into spirituality at all for that matter, missing out on a lot of what's truly possible in life. I agree that sensitivity is a gift. Your ability to appreciate and understand music, art, literature , meditation, the subtle things in life is likely enhanced compared to a "normally sensitive" person. The understanding of art etc. is a knowing that is beyond the intellect. It is your body that is resonating with the art and communicating the harmony or dissonance of it to your mind through feelings. I'll offer you a few different perspectives that have helped me. Dissonance/Harmony When you're overwhelmed your body is in dissonance with what's being read/thought. It could be that this dissonance needs to happen in order for you to reach a deeper understanding(a temporary dissonance is often needed in music to move the notes towards harmony, after all, how would you know what harmony is without dissonance?). It could also be that Jed McKennas writings doesn't align with what you feel is true, and that another teaching would suit you better. It could also be that you think you are overwhelmed and triggered but your feelings are actually trying to give you an insight into yourself by showing you a glimpse of what's within. Witness your feelings and thoughts Maybe keep listening to how your body is reacting when you're reading, as you've been doing, and if it becomes overwhelming take a break, observe and see if you can accept your feelings. Acknowledge they're there and see them for what they are by observing the feelings in your body. Observe your thoughts, they might be feeding into the feeling and making it more overwhelming. When you become the observer the feedback loop of thoughts & feelings get cut off and you can see more clearly what your feelings are and what your thoughts are without having your thoughts about how it's overwhelming feed into your feelings. The Pain Body Lastly, a powerful concept you could look into is the pain body, a concept Eckhart Tolle writes about in The Power of Now and A New Earth. The overwhelming feelings and the thoughts about giving up could be viewed through the lens of it being the pain body he writes about. It loosens its power when you accept its presence and accept whatever you're feeling and thinking in the Now. That's how the pain body becomes a transformative force instead of an annoyance. Because when you accept its presence and observe it it begins to heal your past traumas. Because the feelings connects you to the Now which can free you from your past and your thoughts(thoughts don't have to seize, just the power of thoughts is reduced). Even challenging feelings is a window into the Now. Sensitive people from my understanding are more prone to suffer from traumas but also have an easier time healing from them because challenging feelings are more intensive and accessible. And by becoming aware of those feelings and accepting them in the Now you begin to heal(letting go of the past).
  19. I'm going to read this next. I am currently reading The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle and he actually mentions A Course in Miracles in the beginning of the book as one of the spiritual texts that helped him understand his awakenings.
  20. What if your prime age was going to be at 70 years old. What if that was the age where you would enjoy life the most but now you never got to find that out. How you think it's going to be when you get old is not likely how it's actually going to be.
  21. Do you think there's value in thinking about dreams and what they could mean? I have been thinking about that for a while and last night I had a particularly weird/powerful dream. I was at my parents house, was going to help my parents with something, not sure what. It turns out my dad's legs were not working properly. My parents were both lying in bed and not saying much. I got scared and thought we should take him to the hospital. My mom didn't think it was a good idea. My dad said nothing, he was like a vegetable. So I decided he must go, I picked him up and started carrying him outside. Suddenly my mom turned aggressive and it was like she was possessed by something evil. She crawled out of bed and bite onto my hand and kept holding onto my hand and increasing her bite strength. She looked absolutely furious. I had no choice it seemed but to bite her back in her head to make her let go. It took a while but she finally let go. I woke up and had strong shivers down my spine for about 45 seconds. Something about the dream scared me a bit. Does anyone have any idea what this dream could mean?
  22. How interesting. How did you come to this conclusion? Honestly at this point life has surprised me so many times already that I wouldn't be surprised if one of those were true. Also very interesting. Why is that? Thanks for confirming my suspicions.
  23. Lions mane mushrooms water & alcohol extract, after a few weeks seems to have started helping me open up to others a bit more. This has in turn created more honesty between e.g. me and my parents which gives me more emotional stability, which gives me some increased confidence. I also started putting myself more in social situations because of the effects of Lions Mane, it sparked an increased interest in others. Working out is another thing that gives me confidence, because when I'm at the gym I can feel that I am doing something that will improve on some aspect of myself. When I'm in the gym I feel confident because I know I'm doing something worthwhile basically. I can then look myself in eyes more easily, knowing I did what I could to improve myself, at the very least physically. Post workout I feel probably most confident in the entire day. It's just the knowing that I did go to the gym for myself which carries me. And the fact that when you're done with your workout you know the rest of the day will feel easier in comparison to the workout where you have to tough it out a bit. Another way to think of it is create suffering in a productive manner such as doing something which is challenging like reading, meditating, yoga, working out, working towards some important goal in your life, practice an instrument, write a poem, write a book. And carry that suffering like Jesus carried the cross. In a sense we need to take on suffering to transcend it.
  24. Whatever perspective you're viewing life through right now is temporary. I once was stuck in a nihilistic point of view which plagued me terribly but suddenly I just popped out of it and realized it's just one perspective out of many and you don't have to settle in your view of the world. I hope the best for you my friend. It might not seem like it's helpful now but just know many others go through very hard times but even hard times pass on to something else, eventually. Whatever you're going through right now, you can already handle it, it's just your mind telling you that you can not. Because you just handled it the previous moment, and the one before that too. You can handle the next moment too. Make sure to cover your basics if you haven't, sometimes we forget. Drink water, get sleep, eat food. The basics keeps us going and time to process things. Time will make you see things differently.
  25. If that's true and being sober is just getting high on your natural supply of drugs as Wildcattt555 put it, then isn't this thread just the defense of being addicted to being sober and seeing external drugs as problematic because they don't bring the state of mind or life you've come to prefer? People who are drug addicts find life on the drugs better, people who go sober find sober life better. Is it not that we all make up a narrative to justify why our subjective taste is the best?