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  1. It's necessary because I am infinite in power already(albeit unconsciously so in the present moment). It's only inevitable that man, once he discovers his true nature(God). Will eventually seek to make his human nature become more like that of the Godhead. But ultimately, it's only necessary because of love. To put it into words is difficult because it's so multidimensional in complexity. There's the joy and wonder and the awe at knowing myself(that is my true self which is God). There's the fact that I'll have conquered every possible human struggle personally(as with omnipotence I'll be able to solve literally any problem). Furthermore, what would the alternative be? That I go on living an ordinary human existence and on occasion enter a state of high consciousness which from my perspective(as a human) is temporary? And last but not least, you have the fact that I'll make myself personally immortal(meaning I won't be able to die in the physical sense under any circumstance). Which means I'll have eternity to live death(of the ego) here, as opposed to moving into different dreams and inevitably probably doing the same thing there(I'll be able to enter those dreams whilst remaining in this one anyway). So basically, to simplify things as much as possible. I desire to evolve, and to be great.
  2. Thanks, I'll need it as anyone on such an undertaking would. To make omnipotence a permanent attribute of my baseline consciousness. After achieving that, the next I'll do is remove my ability to relinquish my power. As the greatest threat to my existence as a god will be the possibility that I'll desire to return to my old lowly mortal life. Besides everything? I want to teleport myself around the cosmos using my mind. I want to create and even destroy entire galaxies. I want to move asteroid belts around. I could go on and on, but I think you get the idea.
  3. I believe I couldn't have said that better myself. True, but to add another layer of dimension to this. Is that fact that object permanence is a farce(the notion that for example, when you look away from your car it still exists even though you can't perceive it). Your car only appears to be exactly the same object when you look back on it because you have to recreate it that way to fool yourself into think you're not dreaming.
  4. I'm not so foolish as to engage in bravado. It's interesting that you mention carrying the weight of the entire universe on my shoulders. You saying that makes me think you understand what I'm doing. In any event, all I will say of course I'll tested in ways most mortals can't even begin to imagine. However, I believe I will make it through. Yep, that's the current prevailing hypothesis. I once drank Runa before bed, but it didn't help at all. As for melatonin, yes I've tried that but it mostly just helps me sleep. I've slept under the influence of Ajna activating sounds before as well. And no it doesn't really cause substantial dream potentiation. At least not anywhere near to the extent that Vishuddhi does. As for Sahasrara, the last time I activated that was a disaster. I listened to the sounds for like 8 minutes in the morning. And then I was blissful all day long, and got this ridiculously strong nausea toward the end of the day(similar to what people report on psychedelics). I still felt ridiculously good(emotionally) in spite of experiencing great suffering. I tried activating other chakras to fix it, ultimately activating muladhara did it. So yeah, I've never tried to sleep whilst activating the crown. So in conclusion, Vishuddhi seems to have the most to do with lucid dreaming. Probably because the throat is the source of power in the human system(and consciously creating reality is a form of power). They definitely do have different spirits. By far the spirit of Datura is the most petty, but also one of the most powerful as well. Well in any event I'll be exploring what humans call death. The highest power possible.
  5. You derive energy from the Godhead in deep unconscious sleep. Which you experience yourself as losing during the day as you imagine your physical and energy bodies are under the second law of thermodynamics. It's like having a flashlight turned on for a prolonged period of time. Eventually it'll run out of juice.
  6. I believe he wants to know about the mechanics of dreaming. So to his answer his question, there's quote a lot going on. You imagine your body to be paralyzed so when you dream you don't act them out in the waking dream. You'll lose consciousness in your subjective experience(normally anyway) as the choline levels in your body decay. The processes our unconscious self is doing during that time when we seem to be dead(deep sleep) however are not really possible to explain. But we can gleam some semblance of detail given what experiences we have of sleeping dreams. Sleeping dreams have many functions, the vast majority of which is to fulfill desires of our waking self which we couldn't while awake. Another function is to determine/dictate what occurs in the waking dream. Which is why people have precognitive dreams on occasion. There's infinitely more than can be said, but I hope that my answer satisfies.
  7. That sounds awfully similar to the spirit of the Mescaline bearing Cactus. True, I'm 22 and thus have my whole life to pursue power.
  8. Most days I sleep about 10 hours, though my schedule is sort of sporadic and occasionally I'll sleep 4 hours or even 12. I do have a dream journal, and I've done Huperzine A, and Galantamine. Huperzine A worked better than Galantamine(as Galantamine I struggle even falling asleep on). But neither of them have yielded any significant effect. As for psychedelics, that's an interesting notion but most classic psychedelics are nearly impossible to fall asleep on. And as such I've never even considered that. If I listen to the below video while sleeping it causes great dream potentiation. And makes me feel incredibly happy upon waking. But in the past I've shied away from using it as it elevates my heartrate and I find it difficult to fall asleep on it. Now however, I plan on listening to it all night for next few days(I'm going to wait a week to baseline before I do more Datura anyway). And as such I might find I don't even need Datura for my purpose(something I think is unlikely but still possible). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tMlAd5kRRHU
  9. I do have a spirit ally, however we haven't spoken in a long while. I'm actively trying to make contact with him again. So strictly speaking I don't have the ability to just summon an ally yet. You think maybe I should stay away from the devil's weed and pursue an ally easier to tame?
  10. Indeed, there are many traps on the path I walk. And yes, if you're not ready to die for power, you're not ready to live for it either.
  11. I appreciate your concern, though I'm not entirely certain if you know things that would be of use to me. As I'm not currently aware of everything that you know.
  12. I want to manipulate reality at the highest level of competency possible(like my unconscious self creating it all out of nothing). My research indicates to me that these substances you're suggesting, while potentially useful have their limits. And it would seem the things I desire are likely to be outside the range of their capability. I wouldn't be so certain of that. Strangely enough Leo actually understands my intention(as impossible as that seems). This is a definite possibility which I've been considering. However, I know(from third person and first person experience alike) that power comes from within not from without. Datura effectively removes your waking self from you(so it's now delirious and "insane") so that your dreaming self becomes consciously active. And that's exactly what I need, as I desire to rule this dream which I'm creating unconsciously. As for my thesis, I haven't finished writing it yet. I've read through about 150 datura trip reports on Erowid, out of which 13 have yielded relevant information(there's like another 2000 trip reports I still have to read before I finish it).
  13. You don't understand my intention. I already know materalism is bullshit. I'm mostly just writing the thesis(studying Datura trip reports) to strengthen and expand my understanding of how this dream works(that materalists' call reality). My intention to put it plainly and clearly is to develop occult powers. Inevitably, I'm trying to evolve into a god. Now relative to me sharing my intention. It's probably foolhardy to do so. As most people(at the level of development man is currently at as a species) aren't likely to believe that what I'm attempting to do is possible. And if they did it would probably put me at a disadvantage anyway(for example, me being able to foreknow the future infallibly and other humans being ignorant of such allows me to take advantage of them financially).
  14. If you want to experience God realization, or if you want to use a drug recreationally(which I think is stupid, though others using it that way is mostly how I know of it's effects). Then Datura is MOST CERTAINLY NOT FOR YOU. The plant is like pure death, only one seriously desiring to expand their mind beyond it's ordinary limitations(like a Shaman) should ever even consider it. And even then it might not be a good choice due to the great danger that comes with doing it.
  15. My intention is to disable the ordinary processing capabilities of the waking self, to enable me to explore the unconscious. I'm effectively endeavoring to recreate the events in these two reports. https://erowid.org/experiences/exp.php?ID=49308 and https://erowid.org/experiences/exp.php?ID=8657 From the human perspective, she's a most evil entity. I'm aware of that, and the organ disabling consequence of atropine(due to this people feel like they need to urinate but can't in trip reports). It's why I'm so conservative in doing very small amounts. I know that if I were to take a "breakthrough dose" I would cause myself considerable damage, maybe even death. As far as I'm aware, classic psychedelics don't produce the effects I desire. And to say that I'm playing with dynamite is an understatement, more like antimatter super weapons.
  16. What you're describing is very much possible. Have you been doing any substances before bed? Or any practice to facilitate lucid dreaming?
  17. You're God imagining yourself to be human with human limitations. And as a human, you haven't expended adequate effort to determine how to move beyond your limitations(or perhaps you just haven't desired to attempt such a thing, or perceive such to be impossible, or some combination thereof). So there is no contradiction between your true identity being God, and simultaneously you experiencing yourself as something that clearly isn't God. It's necessary for it to be this way, because you're Omnipresent as God(have all possible experience that could be imagined by infinite imagination). And also Omniscient(all possible experience means all possible knowledge as knowledge proceeds from experience). If you're all knowing then you know what it's like not to know. Perhaps most importantly, you're Omnibenevolent(infinitely loving). And you love everything so much you decided to become it. Which was necessary since God is the only thing that exists or even can exist in the first place.
  18. Actually in a sense there is sort of. Because the Godhead is Omnibenevolent, we love everything in an unlimited capacity. And that's the best possible way to be. So you could say that love of all is the objective moral code. From which proceeds all possible forms of morality(because all are loved the same). Which even includes values most humans and certainly those stringently religious would find reprehensible.
  19. In my case, I had spent about 3 years trying to hit the lottery on purpose via lucid dreaming. But the methods I tried were never powerful enough to make me sufficiently competent in the dream state to achieve my goal. After this and basically giving up more or less. I'd randomly get precognitive dreams(well, quasi randomly, they would always seem to occur on a night where I tried to make myself remember my dreams the day prior). Two of the dreams were about financial markets. I wound up selling half my XRP due to the first financial precognitive dream, and kept the other half because I was stupid enough to doubt my dream's validity. Consequently wound up holding the bag weeks later with an asset that tanked, all because I was foolish enough to allow my old materialist beliefs cloud my judgement. Then the third and last instance, I saw Bitcoin forming a double top just above 64,000 USD in the dream(this was in early October of this year specifically) and when it got to 64,000. I sold all that shit for USD, and now my prediction has come true(just as the other two prior dreams did). So, in 2 out of 3 of the occurrences were of a financial nature, and where I had some of the asset so the dream was relevant to me. So you could say my failed efforts using impotent lucid dreaming techniques to basically oneiromancy trickfuck my bank account eventually worked. But in a way that wasn't exactly what my ego wanted(as I wasn't competent enough to get exactly what I wanted at the time). As for more powerful methods of lucid dreaming. I'm currently doing research on that very topic at the moment. However, due to the extreme risk involved in the procedure I'm considering. I can't in good conscience suggest it without finding some way of making the practice more safe(it may or not involve doing the most powerful mind altering substance known to man then sleeping under it's effects). I mean, I'm not even really willing to do it myself yet, as I feel I don't have enough data yet. Though it's possible I'm being overly conservative; I already have a fairly good hypothetical model of harm reduction. It's just that the adverse side effects the substance incurs at typical doses(which are higher than the dose we're interested in) are very great. And as such I want to make absolutely certain that I know what I'm doing. And am unlikely to reveal the method until I've thoroughly tested it on myself.
  20. I've had three precognitive dreams which I've written about in some of my posts. In all three of them I knew exactly what was going to happen in the "real world" as a result of them. One of the functions of sleeping dreams is to determine events in the waking dream, so precognitive dreaming is something everyone does. It's just that they're unconscious of their sleeping dreams, and as such have no idea as to the power of their own mind.
  21. I've never attended a Mosque before. But I have listened to this song probably about 100 times in my life. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cxzBQJQwFd0
  22. The lie Satan told was that the first human couple would be like God... if they ate from the tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil(not to mention the fact that they already were God prior to them being able to discriminate between good and evil). Prior to that, everything was good. Ultimately good and evil are only human concepts, the Godhead(which unconsciously is you) wills things humans think good and evil into existence because all things exist with purpose.
  23. Moral frameworks exist within the human conceptual matrix. Everything that exists does so out of and being the embodiment of infinite love. So suicide is infinite love, fearing death is infinite love, the people trying to convince you not to kill yourself is infinite love etc etc. As to what moral frameworks Leo does or doesn't use. Leo would seem to be utilizing some combination of all of the those. But he most certainly is not a hedonist, at least not to the same extent that he's a non dualistic cosmologist for example. We know this because he thinks for example not very highly of recreational drug use(a position he and I share). Were he a hedonist he would love recreational drug use.
  24. The only reason they're afraid is that they actually think omar30 is going to hell if he doesn't believe and do exactly as they do and believe. So actually they're afraid for him because they love him. But simultaneously they're also afraid for themselves, that he may convince them their views are wrong; meaning they'll then believe false things( false according to their current worldview) that'll land them in hell because of his influence. If you want them to accept the truth. You're going to need to do it in a way that you never contradict the false things they currently believe(meaning specifically that you basically never argue with their wrong ideas but submit or at least pretend to submit to them). And then you have the possibility to show them from their scriptures(the Quran and Hadith) as well as the writings of the Sufis that what you want them to believe is actually not so different from what they currently believe. In fact these things must in their perception seem identical(which shouldn't be too difficult as it's rather obvious that they're ultimately all the same concept merely appearing to be separate and conflicting ideaas). Meanwhile you're chipping away at their nonsense bit by bit with them non the wiser. Eventually converting them into believers of the truth(or whatever lies you intend to foist upon them, as this method can also be used to convince anyone of anything regardless of it's actual veracity).