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  1. Self-actualizing has been bar none the greatest thing that has ever happened to me and I thank you Leo for the life changing content. I see a lot of doom and gloom and controversy regarding a lot of the topics you discuss and I feel like the point sometimes gets lost. At the end of the day I am SO much better off having discovered this channel and it's honestly shocking to me how rapidly my state of being changed. It's just incredible.
  2. You aLready have some relationships it seems. Work on building those ones too. ive gotten to a point where I appreciate my current friendships so much more and I don’t care if they are interested in spirituality. We’ve all diverged on our life path in many ways so I can still learn things from them just as they can from me.
  3. Yes. My parent's being an illusion doesn't make me sad, I now look at them with more love than I ever have in my life. I will cry at the most random times as I become more and more aware of the illusion. It's the most beautiful thing. Experiencing yourself as God within the illusion. How does it get any better than that? It just does somehow
  4. My love has only increased for everyone and everything in my life with my continued awakenings of reality
  5. Sorry to hear that. Hopefully over time it starts to improve. I was listening to music really loud in my car in the other day and was feeling great, but it did hit me right there how I take for granted that I am able to hear normally and how much it would suck to not be able to listen to music again. I immediately turned the volume down.
  6. You just want someone you can feel good around and feel comfortable sharing your life with and who doesn't judge you for what you are. When I look at my closest friends this is how they are. They aren't perfect but they're good enough. I don't see why we act like our romantic partner is supposed to be much different. It gets a little tricky because for most of us physical attraction matters for romance whereas it doesn't when it comes to friends. So finding a person who meets both of those is a little tougher. I haven't found someone yet that I can bucket into that, but I have a much better understanding of what I want.
  7. There will always be someone who has it "better" or "worse" than you. There are people out there who got dealt a much worse hand than you who are extremely happy and those who were born rich and good looking who hate life on a level you couldn't understand. That's because none of that shit matters. It ultimately comes down to acceptance and then consciously living your life. Do you need food, water, shelter and a few other essentials to keep your physical body alive? Of course. But beyond that there's nothing preventing you from living in pure ecstasy other than your own mind telling you that you can't.
  8. Had a trip last week with a huge breakthrough and I haven't been able to stop saying "Wow" since then. Just constantly throughout the day. And I can't stop smiling. Reality is just so fucking insane and perfect.
  9. I'm a guy and I don't like having long pubic or armpit hair, I feel more comfortable when it's short. Really just applies to hair in general, when it gets too long I don't like the way it looks. As a result I just prefer the same on a woman.
  10. I have friendzoned many girls who wanted something romantic from me and I just wanted friendship.
  11. Too risky for myself as a man. People go through many changes in life and I dont want to lock myself into something I can’t easily get out of
  12. I'm more sexually assertive if I haven't jerked off for 3-4 days and that helps me with flirting. But my sex drive also isn't what it was when I was in my early 20s so I kind of have no choice but to do that. If you're younger prob won't have that issue.
  13. I would have stopped questioning reality a while ago if i didn’t feel like it was benefiting my life. Most people don’t think it will so they don’t bother. But eventually once the dream starts to crumble people start to see the importance in spirituality.
  14. It's hard to not unconsciously judge people's physical appearances. I don't like the rating system either, but I'd be lying if I said I don't evaluate someone's physical appearance when I first meet them regardless of whether I want to or not. It also is very subjective though. I like women who look more plain. I find one of my close friends really physically attractive and even though other people do as well, I can tell she is still a bit insecure about how she looks because she doesn't look like a physically fit IG model. I find her way hotter than some random "9".
  15. I'd say most people go through periods of happiness and then unhappiness. Can last weeks or even years. There are some unfortunate people who are unhappy for most of their lives. And of course some who are genuinely happy all the time without it being a facade. I can acknowledge a baseline level of happiness within myself 99% of the time where I recognize I have it pretty good. But I'm still susceptible to having low days where I I feel discontentment. Even acknowledging why it's there doesn't help in those moments, I just have to sort of feel it and let it pass.
  16. It's just another experience like everything else. Try things until you figure out what brings you peace. You likely can't try everything so just pick out what you think makes sense for you and go for it. A lot of people think a relationship is necessary because everyone else is doing it and so you'll fit in better. But the goal shouldn't be to fit in, it should just be to live what is a good life for YOU. Unhappy people tend to live a life that they think is expected of them.
  17. *NDE = Near death experience* All of them describe their experience pretty much the exact same way. And it's also practically identical to how Leo and many others describe finding absolute truth. And not just the description of the event itself, but the way the people talk about life afterwards is extremely similar. You'd think it was the same being (it is of course) experiencing the same thing. As someone who has not had an NDE, but has done many psychedelics I must say it fits right in with what I have felt too. It has become so increasingly obvious to me what absolute truth is that I haven't really felt the need to discuss it anymore (until this post). Now it's just about living and embodying it every day. Not much of a point to this post just something I noticed.
  18. I used to watch a lot of his videos in my early days. I think what this shows me is just how critical a stable upbringing is. I admittedly use some of the drugs he has abused...MDMA and nitrous in particular. Probably once every 2 months. He says at his worst he did 50 carts in one day. I think I've done 400 in a weekend before and my volume is definitely higher than his in general, but it hasn't interfered with my life in a negative way at all. I have never used psychedelics or drugs to dull inner pain or create a false sense of satisfaction. I had a very stable upbringing though and I think that matters a lot. Something traumatic happened to him and this was his way out.
  19. Everyone is different. I’ve tripped at raves with thousands of people around me. If you have social anxiety to begin with then it’s probably not something you should do
  20. yeah that sounds very similar to what I experienced
  21. No idea what the dose was or if it was even real LSD since I got it from a dude I met there (but I’ve tripped multiple times on real LSD before and it felt the same so pretty sure it was) but if I had to guess it felt like 90 ug. I did drink a decent amount of alcohol too. I had never done acid in that kind of environment usually it’s at home for me. Didnt feel overwhelmed whatsoever. But I will say when I tried to go to sleep that night around 3 am I remember my eyes closing and then all of a sudden feeling like I got sucked into a vortex. It was REALLY fucking weird and somewhat scary but I wish I would have stayed with that feeling longer.
  22. I've tripped on LSD at a wedding before. Danced for hours and hours and it was super fun, almost felt like a rave. But I had good friends with me. If I didn't know the people at the wedding that well I would not recommend.
  23. I used to be unable to maintain eye contact but something changed with me and I honestly am not sure what it was, but I have an idea. The only thing I can remember (this was several years ago) is I started taking this substance called Phenibut which is kind of like Xanax. It melted away some of my social inhibitions and I no longer had trouble looking someone in the eyes. The strange thing is I only took the substance a few times, but I never had issue with eye contact after those few experiences. Doesn't matter who the person is I can maintain eye contact for as long as a I want and I can't imagine there is a person in the world who I wouldn't be able to do it with. Not in a creepy way either it's very natural and I can seduce women with the way I do it as well. Now obviously this is not some scientific study, I don't recommend you go out and purchase this substance because it's extremely addictive and can actually kill you if you take too much. But a lot of people use it for anxiety which is the underlying cause for why you have trouble with eye contact.
  24. I’m a surgeon. Do not go the med school route unless there is nothing else you want to do. Not worth the debt and stress you will go through. You will need to sacrifice many parts of your life that others take for granted. Holidays don’t really exist if you work in a hospital. I sometimes wish I would have gone the PA route and eliminated the decision making stress I face on a daily basis. The money does very little in contributing to my day to day happiness