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  1. I am sorry about the dog. Volunteering at a shelter sounds exciting. What do you do there?
  2. @Lila9 i think it's a different take on the same character. But as far as I am aware it's based on a book, not on that movie. The tv show is shot really beautifully and is very artistic, but it's also has lots of graphic violence. I have watched it a long time ago and decided to rewatch it recently. But got too sucked into it so I quit at the 2nd season.
  3. I tried 0.38 gramms of dried mushrooms today (I didn't grind them or make a tea, just ate a whole mushroom) and I feel like I got pretty good results. My mood was great and I was able to be productive. So the dosage seems to be about right. Now I want to start doing it regularly but I am not sure about what is the best schedule. Also, I am wondering if I should just keep eating them whole like I did to day or grind them down and make pills or something.
  4. @M A J I does a dosage matter in choosing a schedule? 0.4 seems a bit too much for 2 days in a row, no? i mean tolerance wise. Like if I took another 0.4 today, it would probably feel much less potent, right?
  5. @Rigel it did feel like a mild trip for me, yes. As I've said this is my first time microdosing. And I wasn't sure how much to take so I just took what intuitively felt right. @Cireeric @acidgoofy how much do you usually take?
  6. What about tolerance build up? If you do it everyday, after how many days will ypu need to take a break? And how long should a break be? How do you weigh the pills/powder. Do you use any special tool to scoop it all and to not waste any? Will the powder loose its potency faster or is it okay if you put it inside of a pill right away?
  7. Have you ever watched Hannibal tv show?
  8. @mojsterr that's cool. Thanks for sharing.
  9. Disclaimer: please don't take this post too seriously. It's more of me being temporarily depressed and wanting to whine for a bit rather than making some serious statement about society... The Post I am kind of jealous of girls because they can be loved for who they are just by being there, just by the virtue of being a girl. I wish I didn't have to push myself, get out of my comfort zone, work super hard on my confidence, social skills, becoming a millionaire (exaggerating here for a dramatic effect), etc., just to feel like I finally deserve some love and attention. Even bad habits or "negative" personality traits that make a guy unattractive can make a girl seem even more desirable. For example if she is into computer games or anime or is kind of shy and introverted. I imagine it must be cool to be regularly hit on, told that you look cute / pretty / beautiful, to always have some people who want to talk to you, etc. Sure, it must have its downsides and can probaably even get tiring but still... And yeah, like Leo said in his pickup video it's great that a guy can increase his attractiveness a lot by working on himself. And I am all for that idea, sure. But sometimes I wish I could be loved the way I am right now.
  10. @Lila9 so whats your solution. Do you avoid fluoride altogether? Even in a toothpaste? Are you not worried about your teeth?
  11. @Lila9 even if it actually gets accumulated in the pineal gland how do you know that fluoride accumulation is bad for spiritual development. What if it's actually good for spiritual development? How would you know which one is true?
  12. @Leo Gura I don't get why people keep making those videos at all... It's not even like you are such a hype youtuber to get lots of views from you. Also this channel is seems so cringe. Their whole business model is based on attacking others. And their thumbnails make me want to puke.
  13. I feel like such a coward sometimes. And I think that at least partially this is a root cause of most of my issues in life. So, how do I change myself? I want to become really brave and decisive.
  14. Can someone help me come up with a nice leg day workout, please? Here's what I've got so far: 1. Barbell Squats: 3-5 sets x 3-5 reps + 3-5 minutes rest 2. Deadlifts: 3-5 sets x 3-5 reps + 3-5 minutes rest What else can I add? I was thinking about something with a higher rep range? - Weighted pistol squats? - Box Jumps? I don't really like working out on machines.
  15. @Vytas I see. Of course there are ifferent body types, some people can gain mass much easier than others. But it's not like your body type is bad. You just need to focus on your stengths. So maybe instead of purely body building program get into calisthenics or strength training. And instead of having goals such as "I want my biceps to grow by x centimeters" set yourself skill or strength based goals. Like: learning a muscle up / handstand pushup / one arm pullup / deadlifting 100 kgs, etc. And focus on achieving those. And as you do that, your body will also become more muscular. You might not become "big", but you definitely can become ripped and muscular this way. And it's more fun in my opinion.
  16. Wow, it's crazy that has existed for so long and, unlike many other channels, didn't become stale, repetitive, or irrelevant, but is constantly evolving and going deeper. All due to Leo's vision, idealism, dedication, and hard work over all those years. Leo's dedication to his life purpose is something that I personally look up to. Seriously, thank you, Leo. You have created something that is truly unique and life changing. 🎂🎂🎂
  17. Also, I get that this is not the point of the story, but why did being weak, skinny, and having narrow shoulders become such a limiting belief for you? Those are all things that you can affect.
  18. @Vytas that's a great story. Thanks for sharing.
  19. @Danioover9000 what body building example?
  20. I have just realized that I don't have a humour problem, or a "not knowing what to say" problem, or an awkwardness problem or an introversion problem. I have a fear and insecurity problem. It's crazy how I can be the funniest persom in the room and be the soul of the company when I feel safe and comfortable. It's also crazy how I haven't realized this up until now even though it was the case for my entire life. I would think that I need to develop humour or somehow improve my speaking skills and stuff like that, becaude I sucked at them. Or I would think that I am shy, serious, and reserved a lot of time because I am an introvert. And none of that is true. I am like that when I feel afraid / anxious / insecure. It's like it shackles my mind and turns me into a social retard. So, if only I was able to free myself from fear, anxiety, and insecurity, it would probably solve all of my "social skills issues". I know it's not some incredibly profound insight but it has been a big mindest shift for me that has happened just now, so I wanted to share.
  21. @Nabd lol, this argument always gets me. How would you even know? A girl might sleep with 100 guys and tell you that she slept with 1 and you would have no way of checking it. Not that it's any of your business anyway, I think.
  22. @HMD thanks a lot
  23. @Schizophonia lack of stress. Like when I am around people that I trust.
  24. @The0Self thanks, I like that metaphor and approach.
  25. I hope everything goes well. But no matter the outcome I think you shouldn't blame yourself, there are things that we can't really control in life. And it's also not nice of your husband to let all his frustration out onto you.