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  1. @funkychunkymonkey Think for yourself, it’s just common sense to want people to laugh with you and not at you. Being good at dancing can only help you. Sure you have to let go while dancing but that doesn’t mean make yourself look like a joke, which the better the dancer the less of a joke you’ll look like. Leo misinterprets being counterintuitive as doing the opposite of the right thing all of the time which is completely stupid. If you tried to do the wrong thing all of the time you would be a complete loser.
  2. @r0ckyreed So Leo’s too smart for grammar and he messed it up on purpose? Lmfao I’m dead. This is denial to the point of comedy. You’re about as dumb as the dude in your pfp.
  3. @vladorion Nah, he literally said it was more intelligent in every way than any human on earth, and that he retained it and hopes to speak the language to us.
  4. @Bojan V Then what are you doing here? Either you trust him or not and if you don’t then it literally makes no sense. I want to believe him but he makes so many mistakes I have to question it while you guys tiptoe around him.
  5. @thepixelmonk I think you’re the triggered one here, Leo tells you he became a being of higher intelligence and even said he retained it and I point out he can’t even use proper grammar so you make it personal. Now that’s pathetic.
  6. @Ragib Ashraf I’m trying to save you guys time by pointing out he’s obviously full of it, but if you want to spend your life listening to someone tell you they became a higher being but can’t write proper English, go for it.
  7. @Leo Gura Normally that’s no big deal but it is when you’re making claims like that and then talking like a fucking caveman. You have to be posting high because you’re literally editing everything, which is hypocritical seeing you ban people for that. You’re talking like you retained it so you can’t say you didn’t and that’s why you can’t even use proper grammar.
  8. Normally that’s no big deal but it is when you’re making claims like that and then talking like a fucking caveman. You’re definitely high, and also you said you may be able to try and speak the language, so don’t try to say you didn’t retain anything.
  9. You posted about becoming a hyper intelligent being and RETAINING IT, but it was literally filled with grammar errors even after you edited it. The worst is “it’s”, you constantly used it as ownership and you even said “it’s found a way.” Stop posting high if you’re not going to allow others to, and if you wasn’t high you should see a doctor before you continue teaching. And editing all of your responses and messing those up too, you’re obviously posting high so stop banning people for it. And don’t try to say you didn’t retain anything, because you literally posted that you hope to try and speak its language someday.
  10. @Leo Gura Why is the grammar in this literally filled with errors even after editing it? You literally said you would try to speak a hyper intelligent language and then butchered regular English. The worst is “it’s” constantly being used as ownership, you even said “it’s found a way.” Stop posting high if you’re not allowing other people to do it, and if you wasn’t high have a neurological check up because you cannot be teaching people in this condition.
  11. @Nilsi Your English must not be good so there’s no point if you’re going to take everything I say more literally than the obvious implication. Do you even know what a straw man is? Lmao
  12. @Nilsi He literally said he’s only worked as a video game designer yet talks about blue collar jobs like they’re easy, and he literally says he harldy socializes yet talks about how it makes you dumber. Where tf is the straw man in that? He speaks on things he hasn’t been through as if he has. Also, me saying he gives advice like a monk when he meditates casually doesn’t change my point that he preaches things he doesn’t live. You guys are so deluded you just automatically interpret disagreements with Leo as wrong, talk about straw man lmao.
  13. @Arthogaan No, because then it wouldn’t be insights or wisdom. They’re gained through experience. Leo is giving advice on things that require experience to give sufficient advice on, that’s different than giving out knowledge like math or history. And if you’re claiming the opposite then you’re likely in denial. Also, the way he gives out advice commands respect, why should he command respect when he hasn’t been through what he preaches?
  14. @Carl-Richard Okay, then send me an example where you disagree directly with him and he considers it. Otherwise my point still stands that you’re overly controlled and you’re afraid to disagree directly with him, and not behind his back. Because if you can’t directly disagree with him, then that shows you have to tip toe around him.