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  1. @Phil King Thanks a lot! Book sounds promising. What do you think about biogenetics from Alexander Lowen?
  2. I have been reading Ken Wilber’s no boundaries. I get the persona stage. That you recognize and accept parts of your psyche, that you don't like. For example by seeing what outside of your definition of "I" triggers you and then accepting those things as a part of yourself. So persona + shadows = Ego. In order to transcend the Ego stage and get to the total organism stage you need to realize that there is no border between your ego and your body. I don't really get that part. I mean I understand that my personality is bound to my body. My whole character developed through genes and experiences with my body. If I would change something about my body, like change my hormone household by taking steroids I change my personality. I also understand the analogy of the centaur. But I don't understand how I can identify with my body. This seems much more abstract to me than the shadow thing. Can someone help me understand and feel it?
  3. Which of his books do you think are his most important and that maybe are easier to read? I’m not the biggest reader 😄