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  1. I won't punch But I have one request to all my Masters. You organize me A face To face with this fucker
  2. @preety-India Look me In the Eyes </\>
  3. Infinite Love for the Whole Universe but Mark Zuckerberg
  4. No finally you can just let it as it is. Sorry to bother
  5. Can one modo erase my previous comment? I do not like it
  6. Float like a butterfly and sting like a bee. She can't hit what she can't see
  7. If you want to improve faster, it is best to call it laziness but of course you do not have to take the most direct way.. if you feel tied and scared it points you to where you should work. If you want to find a high quality woman. Take the long term path of improving yourself.(especially in the health area) Leo’s age is still very young. Finding your sweetheart at 40 is still worth it. Do not rush it even though you’ll have to take actions for sure. Of course this pandemic makes it a lot harder but you still can just do a simple thing as gently looking at people in the eyes
  8. The less ego there is, the stronger will your thoughts be. The stronger your thoughts are, the higher the chance of materialization happens. The higher the chance of materialization happens, the higher the chance of your dreams coming true will be. The higher the chance of your dreams coming true, the duality begins to erase. The more dualitys erase, the less ego there is.
  9. You do not need to change, but you need to open yourself to new experience though. It does not mean you’ll become an extrovert but it means you will grow up. And after if you want to, you can always come back to your « introvert nature ». you sound as you want to have more interaction with people so do what you want not because you have to force yourself to do it but because you want it.
  10. Hello Leo, I just started posting my "art" on Instagram. Could I share my Instagram page as something linked with my profile? I saw some people did it. I'm just starting and this is low conscious art for the moment.. But I'm confident I'll improve. Moreover maybe I'll post very rarely pictures of my friends on my story, is it bothering? If I'm asking of never posting storys of my friends to be allowed to have my instagram linked on this profile, I'll do it. Thanks
  11. I was not that hard to convince. taking this vaccine is on my list. thanks
  12. Hello ! So here is my situation. I’m pretty green and do not know if I should actualize my tetanus vaccine.(I live in France and it is recommend to actualize it at 25 years old) what are you thoughts on this? Also I should mention that my body has a very healthy and resistant baseline
  13. Okay, so here is the thing. I am 25 years old and profoundly want to do the highest good to the world. An idea came to my mind to start a youtube channel to teach people how to feel good to start and then maybe, my channel will take another more powerful direction. My upsides: I used/am very social so I already have a great network(Facebook) and could start strong with a youtube channel. I'm naturally nurturing and caring with people. I deeply wanna help eventhough my ego could corrupt my will My downside: I went to psych ward and everybody knows that(but I thought about starting my youtube channel by announcing it and explaining a little bit what happened to me and how I got out of it(not using anything they forced me to swallow in the psych ward) I feel i'm still hurt by what I swallow in the psych ward eventhough my healing is very very potent now. Thanks for your futur reply Namaskar ;p
  14. Yes. not exactly the same cycle but a "can't get out" cycle too eventhough I feel now I'm getting out or should I say the cycle is evaporating. I'll try to find more people I can talk with about this. What's your thirsty expressions like? I do not know, I can feel it. It feels so good yet at the same time so devilish. (playing this game is also devilish) Yeah I have "this moment is perfect moment" while I'm struggling it makes me have strange loop visions where I see myself falling yet at the same external layers of time space moving in opposite direction. (I've explained badly what I see, will try to find a video that explains it better) I feel I'm more and more losing control over my life yer at the same time gaining control. I mean I'm kind of an ingrate cause I like the fruits of Eckart Tolle but do not want to become like him. "The power of now" has been the most powerful book for me(I do not read a lot at all though so short efficient books are gold for me. As an exemple I bought the book of not knowing, I saw how long it was and I just read the first page. I was in a low state of consciousness when than happened though) but I guess his emptiness scares me and my ego would label him as "soft". Sorry I can't reply to your last question anymore. Thanks for the time you put into that answer/questions.
  15. Sorry I'm realizing my answer is not that honest. I forgot an important component which is my family and maybe build a family. Still hesitating here though. A little bit confusing
  16. I'm fine. Sometimes unstable but fine. To me in that present moment, the highest good would be to let a gentle positive message to help other realizing the Self, maybe plant trees. And then when I'll feel my time on earth has been satisfying, going really really hard and deep on myself on my own, expressing my thirsty psychopath but only with myself. Yes I agree "everything is already okay" but my ego can't helping itself wanting to make it better. And yes again I do not want to burn people out. It's hard though cause I do not wanna become an Eckart tolle neither (deep respect for the man)
  17. Thanks Nahm, I'll try to approach it in a slow fast moving way