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  1. Well, what is the interpretation of "evil eyes"? Someone is angry and enraged. What I don't understand is why he was angry or enraged because of your success? Why did it make him angry? Can you tell me?
  2. I don't know. Maybe you can find it somewhere. There is a Kindle version on amazon in any event. Kind regards, Chris
  3. No no, don't answer here in the open forum these questions. Just do your inquiry for yourself. Though, of course you can write me a PM if you like to. Kind regards, Chris
  4. Thanks. It is you "can make money" or you "can't make money"? If you can, make a plan to relieve yourself as soon as possible from any remaining co-dependence with your dad. And work on the plan. Write daily Journals, let your toughts go, write them down. (Read this book if you can: The Artist's Way). You can also run a little inquiry process: Use paper to write down your answers (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 1, 2 ...). Take your time. Don't rush. If you have any questions, let me know. :-) Kind regards, Chris
  5. You want to curse him? How old are you? How dependent are you on him? Are you living with him? In order to select or formulate a working affirmation it is important to know more about your relation to him. Chris
  6. Well @cetus56 , you will need to make up your mind yourself about it. As I said, there is no one-size-fits-all.
  7. Depends on the person and their belief system, what they currently are most afraid of and look forward to the most. There's no one-size-fits-all approach. Just being there, present for the person, understanding what she is going through will be more worth than many "prescriptions".
  8. I suggest, all psychedelics delude your clarity of what is. If someone suffures, it is because his clarity of the composition he created got lost. How could drugs help here? It's a materialistic approach.
  9. @cetus56 Thanks. I will look the videos later. Stay away from drugs and psychedelics. It's only more delusion. Kind regards, Chris
  10. @Henri,@cetus56 Two days of further study, some talks with others and contemplation bring me to the following conclusions: The HeartMath Institute claims the device measures the heart/brain coherence, while what it actually measures is the HRV. They are using too much mumbo jumbo in their promotion, their prices for seminars, coaching and extended programs are too high. Their techniques can in best case bring some relief, but they won't handle the real roots of the spiritual strife of the people who use the techniques in the way they're presented. The device may be interesting, BUT what should be taken into consideration is that it ONLY reads the physical effects of the persons creation, and that it is us, spiritual presences, who produce the impact on the physical body and our environment. (bold emphasis by @Isle of View) @cetus56 I am sorry for your loss. But a device like this is not really something that can bring solace or a sense of freedom to a person who is facing death. The only thing that really helps is a founded spiritual deepness you work towards while you are alive. The device and some new-agey technique will not give him (or anyone) the real understanding of his spiritual nature. The device will not help you in short-time to experience the peace and bliss you can achieve when you have a really founded, long term meditation experience (or any other spiritual insight for that matter). It's only a device, measuring your heart rate. Like a thermometer reads the temperature of the body. Thank you all who participated in this thread. All that glitters is not gold. Chris
  11. Exactly!
  12. Ca. 3 months ago I stopped all coffee intake altogether. I drank 4-5 (big) cups daily. After some time of body adjustment, my energy is now higher than when I drank the coffee. And the body feels more at ease. Coffee seemingly makes the body more alert and more energetic, but lots of the energy is being dispersed. There are other threads on coffee on this forum already. You could use the search. Kind regards, Chris
  13. No, I don't. I consider buying a set of emWave2 + the emWave Pro. The video you posted before was very nice. I liked the lady and the way she talked about the product. I am not interested much in the other services they offer, but their bio feedback device is interesting to me. ~Chris
  14. Agree, Henri. Another factor is, one shouldn't be dependent on a device in order to know his current state of coherence. But truth is, people in general are totally detached from all spirituality. But there is a connection between physicality and spirituality and I think it's OK to use biofeedback devices in a beginning stage, of course if they are accurate. Therefore I would like to test one of their devices. As to sources: I don't know. I don't think they're hiding too much. Spirituality is evolving. Why is the Roman Catholic Church hiding tons of books in their vaults? Or why was the Library of Alexandria burned down? Too many links that acknowledged that Jesus was a student of Dharma Yoga? :-) Sometimes also not the sources are important but the simple fact? Like the fact that when you concentrate on your heart and think about gratitude or appreciation, your emotions and many other beneficial effects will be the result. The emWave2 only mesures the HRV and displays an interpretation of the reading. It can be very helpful for people who are not able yet to monitor their vibrational (emotional) state without outside validation. It's sure that they won't be able, and I don't even think that that's their purpose, to bring people really up to higher states like the ones that can be reached through genuine spiritual practice. Also I didn't check all their Research done by 3rd parties: I can't tell whether or not they have "bad" or unethical intentions or are totally unscientific. Science is flawed anyway when it comes to human potential. Kind regards, Chris
  15. @Henri Thanks, mate. Appreciate your input. I see it a little bit differentyl. I think, because we live in a highly mechanistical/materialistical world, our society will be better reached with a gimmick like this. Yes, it measures the physical heart beat. But they also clearly state that it is the person that can influence the emotions and structure. It was different in old school psychology, where people have been just the "victims" of their genes, hormones, environmeltal triggery. Those guys put the person at cause position, showing him that he is responsible and in charge of his state and well being. To me it looks like some good progress I see. I am courious about the EMWave2 myself. It doesn't seem too expensive ( <200$ ). Kind regards, Chris