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  1. @undeather But how many people who get vaxxed also get covid? And do they get more severe covid than unvaxxed people?
  2. i also get mild headaches sometimes after psycs. it probably has to do with seratonin since you just flooded your brain/receptors with it and now your getting the backlash. ive heard people use 5htp before and after mdma to relieve some of the seratonin effects. maybe itll work for other psychs.
  3. if a Reverse osmosis setup doesnt have UV light for the tank, youll get bacteria growing in there fast. not worth it. Zero water is the cleanest. filters are a little expensive, but if you wait for sales you can usually get filters for 50% off and just stock up. you need to add minerals back to the water though since itll take EVERYTHING out.
  4. damn thats strong, ive done like 10 rounds and ive only gotten my ala to around 60mg. i still feel fatigued at that dosage so i havent moved up. one important thing is to keep your detox pathways open when your chelating. so any liver support herbs and infrared sauna is a must. you can bulid a near infrared sauna with GE near infrared heat bulbs and the metal clamp reflectors. buy a metal shelf and clip 4 of those onto it in a diamond shape and put it in a closet or bathroom and do a sauna.
  5. yeah i got it knocked out. basically like 5 years ago i lived in a third world country for a while, and had diarrhea every day for 6 months. didnt realize it was because the food was so oily. but basically when you flush your intestines out so hard all the time it lets invasive bacteria proliferate since they always recover faster than good bacteria. so i had gas, like SERIOUS gas and bloating every day for the next 4 years. it usually started around 2pm and got worse and worse my stomach ballooning until about 4pm and id start letting the gas out and finally the pain subsided, but id spend the rest of the night just farting. sometimes id eat something that would trigger it and id really go all night farting, it was horrible. but then i came back and did a 5 day fast, then started anti bacterial herb formulas like fc cidal/dysbiocide and gi synergy by apex (id alternate months with the formulas) and oregano oil and allicin. i only did allicin the first month because it was too expensive and not sure if it was necessary. also took restore flora by microbiome labs and a gut mucosal lining powder to reduce inflammation in the intestines and ulcer repair. i think i read reducing inflammation in the intestines is one of the most important, because if its inflammed, which if you have sibo it sure is, then its going to be hard for your microbiome to balance itself since its always on fire basically. and then every now and then id do another 3-5 day fast and it seemed to speed things up each time. i was listening to a podcast of this guy who did carnivore for few months and when he tested his gut microbiome, it was in the top 95% of most diverse microbiome. right now theres no real consensus of what are considered optimal balance of probiotics in the gut, but one thing most people do agree on is that the most healthy individuals and long lived always had the most DIVERSE microflora. so if your doing killing protocols, maybe you should combine it with carnivore. Carnivore is not a permanent diet mind you. its a therapeutic diet very beneficial for autoimmune and gut repair if done for a few months. just like vegan and vegetarian diets are great for detox, but i wouldnt do them too long term. same with keto.
  6. liver flushes are tops.
  7. mainly normal, just less vegetables. especially things that made me gassy like celery or garlic. tbh i wasnt very strict with myself and ate lots of ice cream and sugars haha. but then again in that book it also says its not necessary to eat low fodmap since he seems to find treatment still works with a normal diet. only if your getting bloated and gassy discomfort probably avoid whatever causes it
  8. that blog post seems pretty well researched. hope you dont mind if i post it in the ray peat forums to see what they have to say since im not very good at analyzing studies. i dont think i can agree that saturated fat is that harmful since cultures like india and eastern asians ate a lot of butter and animal fats before refined vegetable oils came around and they have quite long lifespans. i think dr mercola said he takes most of his calories through mct oil when hes doing keto and being how obsessive he is about his health i cant imagine him doing that if it was detrimental.
  9. niatonin is supposed to be helpful to detox from the jab. theres a nice little infograph about dosages and also supporting supplements
  10. real pasture raised eggs will always be more nutritious. farmers will add oyster shells to the chickens feed if the shells of the eggs do not look strong and healthy and it immediately hardens the shells. so whatever the chicken eats will go to the eggs.
  11. well thats why in the healthy gut healthy you book he recommends testing your own reaction to them. theres also 3 categories of probiotics and one may be good for you while another not. you probably took the general lactobacillus and bifido type ones. i like spore based myself. i forget the 3rd one.
  12. but there is "apparently" evidence it contains graphene oxide which is highly magnetic. the reason for all those magnet sticking on arm videos. the theory is theyre trying to push more graphene oxide into peoples bodies so when real 5g rolls out itll cause chaos in peoples health to reduce population. again, this is the "theory." but japand did ban a whole bunch of vaccines that were imported because they found unidentified substances in the vaccine. https://www.reuters.com/world/asia-pacific/japan-withdraws-16-mln-moderna-covid-19-vaccine-doses-over-contamination-nikkei-2021-08-25/ its kinda funny because in the last paragraph it says 50% of people who got 1 dose of vaccine still get sick with delta variant and 43% of the fully vaccinated. makes you wonder what use the vaccine is.
  13. well this is self evident in that Buddhism specifically states there is no God or creator being. I cant remember where i read it, but i read something someone posted about how the brain works and how something with neurons communicating with each other and synapses firing or other and how the brain doesnt actually experience reality as a continuity and how it merely infers different memories are related creating an experience of relativity where in reality each moment is merely its own moment and has no continuity to the next. this is similar to buddhism and how each mind moment is only made up of its individual part and while one moment influences the next there actually is no continuity to it, no soul behind it, no god existing in between. literally the matrix, just numbers in combination which create relative reality. almost like computer code. like how a picture on your computer is only the code that made it up but yet we see form because we try to associate it to something. i wish i saved that post by someone, it very elegantly explained it in very scientific terms of how the brain functions and perceives. something i cant do because i dont have that depth of scientific understanding. when a person becomes a noble one, they no longer have doubt and wrong view of rights and rituals. this includes the belief in a creator being/god being. i also want to add your understanding of jhana is a bit off the mark. jhana is used as a tool to do vipassana, contemplation of suffering, impermanence, and nonself on mentality and materiality. when you come out of jhanas its like the come down on psycs, where you get this EXTREME processing capacity. normally you have millions of mind moments in a snap of the fingers but you arent aware of these processes going on, but after coming out of jhana you can see every single mind moment going on and do vipassana on it. that is the only purpose of jhana. buddha expressly states jhana does not lead to nibanna. its merely a microscope for your brain so you can process every single nano second of reality, whereas in daily life you count your awareness of existance in seconds minutes and hours when in reality theres so much going on even within every nano second.
  14. lol i swear every couple years theres a new no fap month. i think there is already a #NoSimpSeptember. maybe the trend pointing towards celibacy/mastery of your self in the future
  15. but when you were 15-25 social media wasnt that big a thing current 15-25 year olds live in a completely different age