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  1. try being aware of the natural breath, whether is it long or short, shallow or deep. just light awareness of the inhale and exhale. dont try to control the breathing. if you still find yourself putting too much effort on the breath try breathing in for 5 seconds, and breathing out for 10 seconds. longer exhales promote parasympathetic response (relaxation response). then after a while of doing this you can go back to the natural breath. if still focusing on the natural breath is too difficult, you can use the counting method. after an inhale and exhale note 1, after another inhale and exhale note 2. count to 10 then go back to 1 and start again.
  2. cutting a blotters not a good way to get even doses. throw a tab in 10g or 10ml of vodka. 1g/1ml would then give you around 10mcg depending on strength of your tab. or get a 1oz dropper bottle and fill it with 30ml vodka and drop the blotter in. 1 squeeze of the dropper is just a bit short of 1ml. so if you put 3 tabs in, 1 squeeze would be about 10mcg. make sure to let the tab sit for 24hrs and then shake it before you take.
  3. hydrogen peroxide mouthwash is supposed to whiten. charcoal powder also (not toothpaste), but itll take a month or so to get results.
  4. get a sleep tracker that measures your HRV. then youll know if sleeping at the wrong times of the day is affecting your health, but generally yes, not sleeping when its dark will mess with hormones like melatonin and cortisol.
  5. i wouldnt over drink water. the kinds of drink x amount of water a day advice is pretty old school like the food pyramid. you should only drink as much water as you feel like drinking and not more. dont drink if you dont have thirst, unless you find your urine very yellow then you should probably up it a bit. but if your pee is always clear then your drinking way too much water and taxing your kidneys and leaching minerals from the body. sounds like you know your problem is from stressing out about where you are in life and the answer is going to be how you want to come to terms with it. maybe you can try some breathwork first thing in the morning. i like doing Soma breath, they have free vids on youtube. they combine affirmations with breathwork. i usually find this helps with quieting these types of anxieties. to help with sleeping early you could try blue blocking glasses; the ones that are completely red block the most blue/green light but may be harder to see with than the more orange ones. idk if your work would look at you funny for wearing it though, but if you can wear them 30 min before you get off work it really helps to mellow you out, especially if you work somewhere with fluorescent lights which do the opposite and wind you up (which is why companies love using it).
  6. you can buy these red films to put over lights, but then everything will be red. you could also just buy low blue light bulbs. hooga is an affordable brand. low flicker are as important as the color as normal LED lights have high flicker rates which causes subtle stressors to the eyes and thus the nervous system.
  7. I don't like taking essential oils directly because it's very irritating (especially oregano oil). You can try oral probiotics (I use nature wise brand). They always leave my teeth plaque free even when I wake up in the morning. Or if you prefer antibacterial diluted hydrogen peroxide is great. There's a brand of mouthwash that sells pre diluted ones. It's also a natural teeth whitener. Fixed my dad's bleeding gums up right away.
  8. I did liver flushes instead of water fasting. Basically drink half cup olive oil in the morning and evening mixed with half cup of grapefruit juice. An hour before I'd do water or a coffee enema to get the stones out from the previous drink. I'd also take some liver cleansing herbs (herbs that stimulate bile flow). Did it for 4-5 days. Not big changes to diet, except I ate less vegetables, little more meat. Didn't eat stuff like celery or garlic much because that gave me bad gas because the prebiotic fibers.
  9. You could check out the book becoming a supple leopard by Kelly starrett. It's pretty much everyone's go to book on stretching and staying supple, but it's a hefty book with a lot of techniques. Very good myofascial release with those small rubber balls (I forget what they're called), foam rollers, exercise bands, stretching. I found MSM powder will very quickly give your muscles suppleness. Only thing I've found to be a real supplement that helps flexibility.
  10. List of supplements from the institute of functional medicine: https://www.ifm.org/news-insights/the-functional-medicine-approach-to-covid-19-virus-specific-nutraceutical-and-botanical-agents/ Nebulizing colloidal silver and glutathione or hydrogen peroxide alone (https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://www.janssendentalclinic.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/H2O2-nebulization-therapy-3.19.2020.pdf&ved=2ahUKEwiI6uOXpOnyAhUTVc0KHVyXCJUQFnoECAcQAQ&usg=AOvVaw06oQfMxmJHj27quaS8bM8E)
  11. Any you can access is great. But full spectrum infrared sauna is nice 👌
  12. Everyone has their own "protocol," but out of all the ones I've found I like that the best. It's got steps, and rationales for them, all thats left is to follow it for the correct duration of time. I used to try this and try that for a month and didn't have much relief, then I just stuck to one protocol that's good and got relief. His supps are nicely organized into steps and is convenient to just get and use, but I resourced my own from other sites for a bit cheaper, though the ingredients are mostly the same. I used https://www.maybeitsmercury.com/supplements for fc cidal and dysbiocide as the main killing herbs. Combined with oregano oil, and allicin (only in the beginning since it's expensive) and restore flora from microbiome labs. Then I'd switch to apex energetics gi synergy from Dr Alex Reinhart website for my 2nd killing herb formula. I'd usually do each formula for 2 or so months before switching. I also took some powders for gut mucosa lining healing and incorporated 3-4 days of fasting before starting a new killing herb formula.
  13. its true ive done that. when i came back to city/residential life i always woke up automatically at 6am when the sun started shining.