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  1. Could you guys tell me who is generally considered "Noble Ones" in the west? I'm not well versed with western teachers as i mostly follow the eastern theravada teachers, but i want to expand my view and not have any prejudices. At first i disregarded westerners as being able to actually attain Nibbana while living a life in society, but if there are teachers out there who can genuinely talk about their experience of either Nibanna states or what its like being a Noble One, and not from study or books but from experience, i would like to listen or read their accounts. I think there is a fine line of someone who makes claims of their experience of Nibbana in relation to what they've read or mistakenly thought they've experienced "emptiness" (like from taking a psychedelic and experiencing "emptiness") to someone who talks about it from direct experience and enters the state at will.
  2. Recent report from the department of defence about 300% rise in cancers and other diseases. https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2022/01/whistleblowers-reveal-dod-medical-data-showing-military-cancer-diagnoses-tripled-since-rollout-experimental-vaccines-along-10x-increase-neurological-disorders-near-5x/ In depth article on how spike proteins cause damage in covid and vaccines and how the more boosters you get the worse your immune system function gets. https://jamesfetzer.org/2022/01/sars-cov-2-vaccines-and-neurodegenerative-disease/
  3. Yes, you are wrong. P.s. saying "simply not true" doesn't mean whatever you follow it up with is true. P.p.s. 80% of serious covid is in vaccinated in Israel https://www.israelnationalnews.com/news/321674
  4. Not sure what you're implying. The information in the presentation is no way discredited by any affiliation with the Canadian truckers. This came out months ago. Why do you just disregard all the information in there because you claim they are the organizers of the Canadian trucker protests? This is pure ignorance. You really shouldn't have said anything.
  5. Here's a recent meta analyses on how effective lockdowns have been: https://sites.krieger.jhu.edu/iae/files/2022/01/A-Literature-Review-and-Meta-Analysis-of-the-Effects-of-Lockdowns-on-COVID-19-Mortality.pdf Perhaps a better approach would've been to investigate treatment methods (hydroquinone and ivermectin which were suggested already in the beginning and now have many studies backing it) instead of relying on an untested vaccine. I hear Israel the top vaccinated country and on their 4th booster has the most covid cases and deaths currently
  6. This group has done some good analysis on efficacy of the vaccine as reported in Pfizers own clinical study. https://www.canadiancovidcarealliance.org/media-resources/the-pfizer-inoculations-for-covid-19-more-harm-than-good/. Remember there is no such thing as "mild" heart inflammation. If you have inflammation of the heart this is called a serious condition. If you have myocarditis the risk of serious health complicstions increases with each year The cause if myocarditis is the spike proteins, named such because they have sharp spikes which rupture blood cells and form microclots. Any vaccine that forcibly innoculates your body with these spike proteins has a chance to develop microclotting. When you get the virus naturally the main infection is in the respiratory airways where the spike proteins do damage, but at times can spread to the brain and heart being in close proximity. The vaccine gets into your blood circulation which is why there have been side effects in the reproductive organs (in one study it caused 80% of woman in their 1st and 2nd trimester to have spontaneous abortions after taking the vaccine), liver, brain, heart and other tissues. I would recommend finding a reputable proteolytic enzyme supplement with lumbrokinase or nattokinase. Not serrapeptase as that is more for joints and muscle. These enzymes will break up fibrin and micro clots in the body. I've recommended it to my friend who had sever angina pectoris flare ups after the Vax and she reported a severe decrease in instances.
  7. @undeather But how many people who get vaxxed also get covid? And do they get more severe covid than unvaxxed people?
  8. i also get mild headaches sometimes after psycs. it probably has to do with seratonin since you just flooded your brain/receptors with it and now your getting the backlash. ive heard people use 5htp before and after mdma to relieve some of the seratonin effects. maybe itll work for other psychs.
  9. if a Reverse osmosis setup doesnt have UV light for the tank, youll get bacteria growing in there fast. not worth it. Zero water is the cleanest. filters are a little expensive, but if you wait for sales you can usually get filters for 50% off and just stock up. you need to add minerals back to the water though since itll take EVERYTHING out.
  10. yeah i got it knocked out. basically like 5 years ago i lived in a third world country for a while, and had diarrhea every day for 6 months. didnt realize it was because the food was so oily. but basically when you flush your intestines out so hard all the time it lets invasive bacteria proliferate since they always recover faster than good bacteria. so i had gas, like SERIOUS gas and bloating every day for the next 4 years. it usually started around 2pm and got worse and worse my stomach ballooning until about 4pm and id start letting the gas out and finally the pain subsided, but id spend the rest of the night just farting. sometimes id eat something that would trigger it and id really go all night farting, it was horrible. but then i came back and did a 5 day fast, then started anti bacterial herb formulas like fc cidal/dysbiocide and gi synergy by apex (id alternate months with the formulas) and oregano oil and allicin. i only did allicin the first month because it was too expensive and not sure if it was necessary. also took restore flora by microbiome labs and a gut mucosal lining powder to reduce inflammation in the intestines and ulcer repair. i think i read reducing inflammation in the intestines is one of the most important, because if its inflammed, which if you have sibo it sure is, then its going to be hard for your microbiome to balance itself since its always on fire basically. and then every now and then id do another 3-5 day fast and it seemed to speed things up each time. i was listening to a podcast of this guy who did carnivore for few months and when he tested his gut microbiome, it was in the top 95% of most diverse microbiome. right now theres no real consensus of what are considered optimal balance of probiotics in the gut, but one thing most people do agree on is that the most healthy individuals and long lived always had the most DIVERSE microflora. so if your doing killing protocols, maybe you should combine it with carnivore. Carnivore is not a permanent diet mind you. its a therapeutic diet very beneficial for autoimmune and gut repair if done for a few months. just like vegan and vegetarian diets are great for detox, but i wouldnt do them too long term. same with keto.
  11. mainly normal, just less vegetables. especially things that made me gassy like celery or garlic. tbh i wasnt very strict with myself and ate lots of ice cream and sugars haha. but then again in that book it also says its not necessary to eat low fodmap since he seems to find treatment still works with a normal diet. only if your getting bloated and gassy discomfort probably avoid whatever causes it
  12. that blog post seems pretty well researched. hope you dont mind if i post it in the ray peat forums to see what they have to say since im not very good at analyzing studies. i dont think i can agree that saturated fat is that harmful since cultures like india and eastern asians ate a lot of butter and animal fats before refined vegetable oils came around and they have quite long lifespans. i think dr mercola said he takes most of his calories through mct oil when hes doing keto and being how obsessive he is about his health i cant imagine him doing that if it was detrimental.
  13. niatonin is supposed to be helpful to detox from the jab. theres a nice little infograph about dosages and also supporting supplements
  14. real pasture raised eggs will always be more nutritious. farmers will add oyster shells to the chickens feed if the shells of the eggs do not look strong and healthy and it immediately hardens the shells. so whatever the chicken eats will go to the eggs.