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  1. Botswana, Africa
  2. Hello everyone or should I say hello consciousness, I am 27 year old from a landlocked country in south-central Africa its about the size of France and has a population of about 2.5 million it’s a combination of Spiral dynamics stage Red(40%) and blue(50%) society opening up to Orange. About 8 months ago I watched a video by Leo about consciousness its what awakened me to the spiritual path, for the past 8 months I have been practicing meditation, reading spiritual books, taking cold showers, watching Leo's videos on YouTube and doing self inquiry on a daily basis. I even became a vegan for like 6 months that’s how serious I was with this spiritual work 'raising my vibrational frequency' to reach higher levels consciousness, it was that much important to me. Living in a country where even cannabis is illegal I knew there was no way I'd be able to get a psychedelic and reach higher states of awakening as Leo insisted so what I did instead was experimentation with various well known medicinal herbs in my country, listening to binaural beats and practicing different traditional methods for expanding ones consciousness. I think I became quite good with quieting the ego mind it only took about 3-4 months, I was finally able to achieve higher levels of meditation, this doesn’t mean all of my meditations were all successful after that 3-4 months period sometimes I meditated for more than an hour sometimes even more than 2 hours and still failed to achieve the desired results, a book by the name Mind Calm written by Sandy C. Bigging is what helped improve my meditation and self inquiry sittings, and not forgetting some videos by Leo of course. One morning It happened that I went to fetch medicinal herbs for study and research purposes at the mountains in my home village after I gathered enough, I found a tree to sit under and to just relax, I lit a blunt and I sat down for like (10 - 15mins) in a meditative state note that this was my first time trying meditation after smoking weed, suddenly out of the blue before I even decided to end my meditation my inner voice said 'supreme being' I opened my eyes recognizing that the bubble that appeared before my field of vision was so supreme and being compared to before aha!!! A supreme being , I am a supreme being I now willingly said this, look there too I am being , I am being everything oh shit I am love I am love I don’t believe it but I am love, if I am a supreme being and being everything then God is love and love is God, this is too good to be true but OMG it’s the Absolute truth, but Leo always says I am consciousness of course I am consciousness the answer again just hit me like that I became the answers instead of thinking the answers. I am conscious of course and this right here this body and this bubble of experience is made up of my consciousness and if I close my eyes and see darkness or emptiness that is also consciousness, what is happening right now, I am consciousness, I am God's consciousness, everything that I am conscious of is consciousness but I am also conscious of my self am I also made up of consciousness, does this mean God is consciousness Up to this point it has become so much clearer to me that of course Reality=God=Love=consciousness=Absolute Truth and that of course God can be conscious of absolutely anything and whatever it is conscious of it will always be consciousness, if the mind imagines other beings that’s just consciousness... damn it all makes sense now so it all boils down to God is always imagining its self in different states of consciousness because of love I guess it also makes sense to say reality is created to allow love to exist, everything exists for the sake of love, damn Leo I now fully understand why leading people to God Realization is the highest form of love , I mean why else do you do it? after all reality is Love and love is the absolute truth hahaha… you got me in this one I am you and you are me and everything is me your latest video now makes so much sense saying your ultimate goal is to lead mankind to infinite love. Your teachings have helped me through one of my roughest patches in life, towards end of December last year I received a message stating that the company I was working for is declaring bankruptcy, the company promised to pay us salaries only for the month of January and to this day they still haven't reached out nor delivered on their promise, with this global pandemic going on I can barely make ends meet , I became a beggar and I will probably get evicted next week from the house I am renting atm but I am not sad or depressed at all for I have found my life purpose; I plan to write a book about spirituality, improve my English vocabulary use, experiment with lots of herbs, explore different states of consciousness in sober state, learn more about how society works and share my awakening experiences with open minded individuals, learn many foreign languages and use my creative imagination to lead people to infinite love, that’s how I want to express my love for this life-dream we call reality. Its amazing and so funny how I underestimated the profundity of the use of words such as Consciousness, Love, God, infinite, Almighty etc.. All of this words what they have in common is they hold meanings to both 'what is one?' and 'what is everything?', they all point to the same thing that’s what makes them the truth, it all makes sense now when you say your birth, death, other beings are all fantasies its so obvious because they are all pointing to that which is finite that which is not all of everything when all that exists and absolute truth is what is infinite. What is your perspective on that? And also I would like to hear what you make of this experience I had? Thank you Leo without you I wouldn’t have found my life purpose. And Leo what's with this other spiritual teachers and their teachings its as if they are still inside a dream?