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  1. I’m not sure why my previous post got locked, but.. I have so many questions about porn: - What is the limit of porn when pursuing awakening? - Why is there a negative connotation with porn? - How can porn be healthy? - At what point is porn use unhealthy? - What are the limits of porn? - Why is porn demonized? - Why is sexual practice in any form not talked about very heavily in spiritual & enlightened teachings?
  2. @charlie cho Consider that there’s value in every perspective.
  3. Can you have a career as a pornstar whilst also being enlightened? Can you awaken as a pornstar? I mean in the sense that you do porn. That doesn’t mean you have to be famous necessarily.
  4. I think it's important to acknowledge that porn is only bad with a poor mindset on it. Try watching porn without shaming yourself or judging it in any way. Take away the problem of the content by changing the structure. Porn is just like anything else, it's the notion & understanding of it that drives its corruption. This of course isn't to say that porn is very healthy for someone who say; has primarily only known porn since puberty. If you can change your view of porn, you can not be harmed by it, & you can use it more wisely. A good quote to depict this: A man who can reform himself, can reform the world - Paramahansa Yogananda
  5. Found this on tinder, I think I found an ideal match
  6. @RendHeaven Exactly. Its really a question of; is it harder in life to have a bigger ego or a smaller ego in our modern world? As of right now, considering all the most powerful collectives in the world, I’d say society favors a bigger ego. Though there are less-popular exceptions. Because of this, I’d say attractive women have it easier than attractive men (for now. It will likely flip on & off between genders overtime). It’s all a balance, while one gender may have it easier in one area of life, the other gender may have the very opposite.
  7. Immediately when I saw this, I thought: "Are you kidding? If you're a pretty woman, you just have to wait. You're not expected to go initiate anything. Your ego is inflated heavily by cultural norms. It's an ego's bliss." In this way, society is very favored towards the heightening of a woman's ego v.s a man's. While it favors both, a woman is favored more. Look around you, most beautiful women nowadays have the biggest ego. Men do too, but it's not even close to the same. When's the last time you heard a woman admit she was wrong in a debate. There are mature women out there, but it's not predominate. In our current culture, women have it easier. It favors them more than a man. For god's sake, a woman takes priority in most every situation throughout our cultural norms. Men are the side crumbles. A good portion of women nowadays lack so much maturity & have such an inflated ego, that they are disappointed that they're even attracted to men. I haven't heard one immensely popularized idea from men to say "We don't need women, men are all that we need to prosper". Yet this has become a satiric popularized idea amongst a big portion of women in it's opposite. How big of an ego do you need to have, to disband an entire gender because of how much praise you get (from that very gender)? This is not to say it's right or wrong. It's just to say that it is the case. And of course, a lot of this is only a biased perspective of mine. Don't take it too personally, that's not my intent.
  8. @Leo Gura Have you ever done masturbation for a good amount of time whilst in the abstention of porn?
  9. So the unhealthy part is really a matter of; if the masturbation comes from ego or not...
  10. @kinesin Shit. I was really hoping the content of the the porn won't matter, only your mindset on it.
  11. @Ella Can't wait to be you in that regard.
  12. @kinesin So the negativity associated with porn may just be the harsh-judgment & shame that is indoctrinated onto it from culture? @Leo Gura Have you tried abstinence of porn with continued masturbation?
  13. @Leo Gura Have you tried no-fap? If not, why not? If so, why? How did it go, if you did? Did you find it to be helpful to your work?
  14. Shame & overall harsh self-judgement. Without these in the way, there is no failure, only learning & acceptance. I've found this to be extremely fundamental. How ironic that one does extremely well sexually without an ego. Which is originally believed to be the very root of what initiates sexual desire.