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  1. The words spoken by the alien resonated with me, evoking memories of this passage : On the planet Earth this particularity in the psyche of the three-brained beings arose only during later periods; and it arose only because their predominant part, formed in them as in all three-brained beings, gradually allowed the other parts of their total presence to perceive every new impression without fulfilling what is called 'being-partkdolgduty,' that is to say, merely as such impressions are generally perceived by one or another of their independent localizations known as 'being-centers.' Or, to put it in their language, they believe everything anybody says, instead of believing only what they have been able to verify by their own 'sane deliberation'—in other words, only those convictions they have reached as a result of confronting and evaluating the data already deposited in them, which have given rise to different conceptions in each of their localizations of diverse nature. "In general, a new conception is crystallized in the presences of these strange beings only if Mr. Smith speaks of somebody or something in a certain way; then if Mr. Brown says the same, the hearer is quite convinced that it is just so and could not possibly be otherwise. Thanks to this partic- ularity of their psyche, most of the beings there, having heard the writer I spoke of praised so highly, are at present quite convinced that he is a very great psychologist, with an incomparable knowledge of the psyche of the beings of his planet. "As a matter of fact, when I was on that planet for the last time and, having heard of this writer, once went to see him myself on quite another matter, I found him, according to my understanding, just like all the other contemporary writers there, that is, extremely limited or, as our dear Mullah Nasr Eddin would say, 'unable to see further than his nose.' As regards any knowledge of the real psyche of the beings of his planet in actual conditions, he might safely be called a 'complete ignoramus.' "I repeat, the story of this writer shows in a very characteristic way to what extent the three-brained beings who have taken your fancy, particularly the contemporary ones, fail to fulfill 'being-partkdolgduty,' and how there are never crystallized in them any subjective being-convictions formed by their own logical deliberations—as in general is proper to three-brained beings— but instead, only those convictions are crystallized that depend exclusively upon the opinions of others. "And it was only because they failed to fulfill 'being-partkdolgduty'— which alone enables a being to become aware of genuine reality—that they saw in this writer some perfection or other that was not there. "This strange trait of their psyche, that of being satisfied with whatever Smith or Brown says without trying to know more, became rooted in them long ago, and now they no longer make the least effort to know anything that can be understood solely by their own active reflection. It must be said here that the blame for this lies neither in the organ kundabuffer, which was implanted in their ancestors, nor in its consequences, which were crystallized in them because of a mistake on the part of certain Sacred Individuals, and which later began to pass by heredity from generation to generatio. "No, they themselves are to blame for it, on account of the abnormal conditions of external ordinary being-existence they gradually established, and which have progressively fostered in their common presence what has now become their 'inner evil god,' called 'self-calming.' "But you will understand all this very well for yourself later on when I give you, as I promised, more information about the planet that has taken your fancy. "In any case, I strongly advise you to be most careful in the future, when you refer to the three-brained beings of that planet, not to offend them in any way. Otherwise, as they say, 'With what may the Devil not joke?'—they might hear about your insulting them and, to use another of their expressions, 'lay you by the heels.' "There is no harm in recalling here another wise saying of our dear Mullah Nasr Eddin: 'What on earth will happen next? A flea might swallow an elephant!'
  2. A person is good who respects his father and mother
  3. Hi!I am 23.The problem for me is that it is difficult to find girls around my age that enjoy talking with me about philosophy, mysticism and spirituality.My love language is talking about my ideas and helping my partner to become a better person. It is frustrating when a girl just want to talk about stupid things. I also love talking about stupid things but not all the time .When I start talking about something deeper I look in her eyes and I can feel that she is thinking something else. Do you know how I could find girls that enjoy having deep conversations?(I have met some girls interested in spirituality but all of them have boyfriends)
  4. @Leo Gura Thank you Leo!
  5. Hi I just want to ask if a have a major degree in Philosophy and a masters degree in Somatic Psychotherapy(Reich).Is that enough for my credibility? Is it important for a psychotherapist to be also a psychologist?
  6. Hey, I am a philosophy major student. It is the only major that I find interesting but it is not real philosophy it just a joke. I love meditating, it feels like paradise when I meditate in nature. I also love reading and writing books. I feel that college is a distraction, I feel that I am wasting my time, talking about ideologies. My dream is to write books that can heal people. My parents told me that if a quit college they will stop giving me money. When I listen to the lectures in college I feel like a bored drop. When I am alone I feel like a happy drop vanished in the ocean. Is it possible for the ocean to be afraid of water?