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  1. I hear a lot of people in this forum talking about god.This is to advanced for you.Most of you don’t understand that you don’t have any control over your live your body, thoughts,emotions and sexual drives .All this talk about god is pointless for you.The reality is that you are not doing serious work.If you are the type of person that is anxious when he goes out on a date you shouldn’t be talking about god-realisation or aliens… Just look at your life being wasted every single day.
  2. Hi!I am 23.The problem for me is that it is difficult to find girls around my age that enjoy talking with me about philosophy, mysticism and spirituality.My love language is talking about my ideas and helping my partner to become a better person. It is frustrating when a girl just want to talk about stupid things. I also love talking about stupid things but not all the time .When I start talking about something deeper I look in her eyes and I can feel that she is thinking something else. Do you know how I could find girls that enjoy having deep conversations?(I have met some girls interested in spirituality but all of them have boyfriends)
  3. @Leo Gura Thank you Leo!
  4. Hi I just want to ask if a have a major degree in Philosophy and a masters degree in Somatic Psychotherapy(Reich).Is that enough for my credibility? Is it important for a psychotherapist to be also a psychologist?
  5. Hey, I am a philosophy major student. It is the only major that I find interesting but it is not real philosophy it just a joke. I love meditating, it feels like paradise when I meditate in nature. I also love reading and writing books. I feel that college is a distraction, I feel that I am wasting my time, talking about ideologies. My dream is to write books that can heal people. My parents told me that if a quit college they will stop giving me money. When I listen to the lectures in college I feel like a bored drop. When I am alone I feel like a happy drop vanished in the ocean. Is it possible for the ocean to be afraid of water?