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  1. Well, OK. And what about the Romans? They expelled the Jews in the first place.
  2. More than half a century ago! History is full of injustices. And it was a very small and virtually tender eviction compared to the expulsion of the Germans, the Armenians, or the Native Americans. Since you point a finger at Israel, shouldn't you point at least two fingers at Poland, Turkey, or America?
  3. The "international proletariat" is stage blue.
  4. I guess, they will build an Ampel coalition of Social Democrats, Greens and Liberals. It's what SPD and Greens are aiming for, and they can "blackmail" FDP to join them by threatening with a left coalition.
  5. Here's a nice documentary about the small parties (in German): https://www.zdf.de/dokumentation/zdfzoom/zoomin-kleine-parteien-junge-waehlerinnen-102.html
  6. I think, I covered that here:
  7. Northern and Western Europe is. Southern Europe is at around the same stage, and the Eastern part is below the US. So, yes, the EU is slightly above the US. Including the Non-EU-countries, it's about equal. (And including Russia, it's below, of course.) If I compare Switzerland, Germany and Sweden (I lived in all three of them), I can tell, that Sweden is by far the most developed one, and still not at stage yellow. Switzerland (I'm just talking about German Switzerland, because I don't know enough about Welsh Switzerland) is about the same stage as Germany, maybe slightly above, but there are also areas in which Switzerland is more orange or even blue. It's hard to compare, though, because these two countries are very similar, and Germany is too heterogeneous.
  8. Violence and domination are stage red male features. It's not about men, it's about stage red. Accordingly, patriarchy is a stage blue feature. Fighting patriarchy is not fighting men; it's fighting stage blue. Funnily enough, it's the men at the lower stages, including orange, who complain about not being allowed to be men. Stage green men never complain. And that is, because the rising green society does not cut down on masculine behaviour; it cuts down on red, blue, and orange behaviour. It's a big misunderstanding. And that not just confuses the lower stages, that confuses stage green, too.
  9. Yes, it's another prime example of stage green in a deluded form. And they seem to be also guilty of another issue of the far-left, which I started to discuss in the corresponding thread I linked in the opening post: Subtle flirting with stage blue. Since I can't read Finnish, I'll quote from their Swedish page: https://www.kristallipuolue.fi/svenska-teser/ "Finland bör återerövra sin självbestämmanderätt gällande sin ekonomiska poltik och övrig lagstiftning. Detta eftersom det är Finland som bäst känner till resurserna och behoven i det egna landet." "Beslutsrätten över invandringen bör finnas i Finland. Syftet bör vara att upprätthålla lag och ordning i samhället, hjälpa människor i nöd och befrämja möjligheter till återvändande till respektive hemländer." "YLE måste dela neutral information ur olika synvinklar från både öst och väst." I'm not saying, they actually do promote blue ideas. I'm just saying, that there are subtle points of commonality. And all these points are stemming from conspiracy theories or a general aversion against stage orange.
  10. I don't have enough understanding of stage teal, so I will limit my answer to stage yellow. Yellow means evolving into yellow, not forcing into yellow. Germany is currently consolidating at stage green; there is still much orange left to evolve into green, and the society is far too orange to evolve into yellow yet. So, currently, yellow laws basically look like pragmatic green laws. In my opinion, the difference between green and yellow is the consciousness behind the laws. Let's compare: Green views itself as absolute truth, whereas Yellow views itself as relative truth. In a high blue country, Green would still craft green policies; Yellow would support orange policies. Green easily becomes dogmatic, whereas Yellow always keeps a pragmatic approach. Green is more likely to lack a proper evolution, e.g. Die Linke, which kind of skipped stage orange. This backfires in the form of insufficient economic and foreign policies. Green fights against Orange and Blue. Yellow tries to integrate all stages. Green only can solve problems caused by Orange. Yellow can also solve problems caused by Red, Blue, and Green. This is particularly useful in policy of integration. Green is bound to lose focus, and to waste resources on minor problems. Yellow is better at seeing the big picture. Green will become conservative when it's time to move on into yellow. Fun fact: Karl Marx is stage orange.
  11. Thank you for sharing your story! I can relate to that, because I grew up at stage blue as well. And turning from blue to orange as an adult, still felt strange in a stage green society like Sweden. I'm glad to hear that you finally are in a happy relationship, and I have great respect for that. It's definitely not easy after decades of single virgin life.
  12. Could you give some names? Or are you referring to members? About the same stage as CDU. That is a bloody blue statement. And, this is by far not their worst statement. You can pick any random sentence of their programme - it's all about fight and revolution, us vs. them. "Die Arbeiterklasse muss nach dem Sturz der Diktatur des internationalen Finanzkapitals und der Eroberung der Staatsmacht in den einzelnen Ländern die Diktatur des Proletariats errichten und die Produktionsmittel in gemeinsames Eigentum des gesamten werktätigen Volkes überführen." Uhm, so, what about the MLPD? Not a single word about animals, just about humans. And not about all humans, just about the "proletariate". Everybody else can go to hell... or to Gulag. And yes, you can be stage green without being vegan. And, you can very well be stage yellow without being vegan. They are mainly green. They fight orange with orange weapons. And they spoof green as well (e.g. "Faulenquote"). But just attacking orange and green, doesn't make them yellow. They are green intellectuals, feeling superior, and making fun of lower stages, without even providing proper solutions themselves. It's an unserious protest party, unable to solve any problems.
  13. @Late Boomer Very good answers! @zazen Did you watch and understand Leo's series about Spiral Dynamics? Red Pill is a low conscious ideology at a range from high red over blue to low orange. The idea promoted in your quote is nothing but reactionary, sexist pants. And, by the way, today's relationships are already much happier than all the centuries ago, when people just married anybody and were stuck on each other for the rest of their lives. Thinking these couples were somewhat happy is as delusional as thinking you will be happy when you will finally have found a woman to settle down with.
  14. You're welcome! Great, that you want to take more responsibility for society. Are you talking about any particular one? All the parties I classified as yellow do include green morality, from what I can tell. Die PARTEI is difficult to rate. I classified it as "green-orange", because their electorate tends to be green, and the very idea of a party parody itself is orange. I don't really notice any yellow features. And, I doubt, there are. Spoofing democracy is not stage yellow, it's pretty arrogant orange behaviour. I even met some PARTEI-voters at my university in Germany. They felt really smart about not voting a "stupid, lying normal party". In fact, it's just refusing to take responsibility and blaming the society - nothing conscious about that at all. I mainly judged reading their programme. It's very green, and it felt really conscious and pragmatic to me, that's why I rated them yellow, too. Plus, there are huge similarities to Volt's programme. Well, there was no party that seemed bluer to me than MLPD. They glorify Stalin, they want to quit the EU, they don't even support Germany's democracy. This party is a prime example of stage blue left-wing extremism. There might be a few unconscious mainly stage green radical leftists voting for them, but the party itself is blue, blue, blue.
  15. In my opinion, there are three different strategies: Trying to get the government as conscious as possible. This can involve tactical voting and is risky, because you never really know which coalition will be made and how the election results influence the coalition building process. Trying to get the parliament as conscious as possible. This is much simpler: just voting for the most conscious party, which is going to get seats. Supporting the most conscious party. There's this common misconception that votes for smaller parties are just wasted. Of course, a party outside the parliament will never have the same influence, not even as the opposition. However, there are several reasons why it can make sense voting for a small party: It will get them some public attention, especially if it's a decent result. It's communication with other voters and can help the party to get better results long-term. There might be this little chance for a surprise result. Most recent German example: FW in Rhineland-Palatinate. As most European countries, Germany funds its parties generously. But only parties outreaching 0.5% in federal elections or 1% in any state elections! The more votes, the more financial support they get. The big question is: When will a stage yellow party take hold in the array? I hope soon, but I really don't know. Also take into account that these elections aren't just about Germany. Germany is the leading power of the EU, so German federal politics have impact on whole Europe.