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  1. @The Buddha Thanks a lot for your answer. That helped me. I started watching Leo for fun and found his spiritual videos cool, and I accidentally (I saw no other option than letting go and dying) entered some type of god consciousness during the mentioned ego dissolution on a way to high lsd dosage. That was absolute heaven, but in retrospect it was too much for my ego. I noticed that in the weeks that followed and I also notice it today with my moment of shock. The thing is, I really want to use psychedelics for personal development. I want to trip, but not existentially. I need to figure out what dosages work for me, but I'm kinda afraid i will encounter a mystical experience again. I'm sure I can enjoy it in the meantime, but it will turn my mind upside down. Some days I want to cut off all spiritual stuff from my life to concentrate on my life purpose and personal development and some days I think whether I shouldn't push "the Truth" away and not hide behind my ego or whether I could integrate all spiritual insights so that my life will be even better than with "just" an actualized life purpose a few years from now.
  2. WTF ist going on here? I just sat on the toilet reading this thread and I got a really strange, unpleasant feeling in my body. I got catapulted into a state of mind I experienced during an Ego Dissolution on LSD and now I am scared. The part "Only your POV exists" ist the most frightening part. On the one hand I'm thinking to myself "Well, even if all others are hallucinations, I will experience their live and how I treat them, therefore ultimately nothing changes for me. Even if they are myself, during this lifetime they are meant to appear as "others". It is just very, very hard to accept. The attachments to my loved ones are huge. Am I, a 21yo little boy, meant for this stuff? Are these concerns and fears a necessary part of my journey? Should I wait for more maturity. I also tend to interpret everything that happens as a message from God/the Universe telling me that I don't need to ne afraid. And WTF, who even am I asking here? My future and past I? >.<
  3. Wow, man. This is so interesting! Does Crysty feel solid? Can she hold things, like a pen? Does she feel warmth and cold? Does Crysty have the power to know things about me? Can she look at my physical appearence if she wants? Can she tell you the name of my girlfriend and the name of my twin brother? (if so, please write them down here! That would be absolutely amazing!) Can others hear her? Can she make sounds that could be recorded with a microphone? Dude, I've got so many questions. How cool is that? A fucking spirit as your friend. Enjoy your relationship together !
  4. Do a live Q&A with God on a Youtube live stream lmao.
  5. Adam from PsychedSubstance. Talk with him about the enormous potential of psychedelics. He already asked you about a collab in the comment section.
  6. Happy Birthday Leo Your work changed my life for the better like nothing else. User @Swarnim speaks right from my soul, I am so so grateful, Leo. You have shown me a new way of life towards love and consciousness. I wish you all the best.
  7. Speaking of which: Leo, do you already know when you're going to update the book list?
  8. Wow, that's really interesting.
  9. Conversations with God 3 gives a very detailed explaination.
  10. To give you hope, because you are never forgotten. Maybe you can't feel the Love right now, but you will. And it is extremely healing.
  11. I don't know if i can contribute anything, but I wish you all the luck, love and success you need to handle that psychological pain.
  12. I don't know much but just bei kind to yourself :). Don't punish yourself for anything. You are loved, no matter what.
  13. Meditating brings your mindfulness and awareness to the highest. Maybe you should reverse the Order to enjoy it to the fullest :). Imagine having a sexual orgasm and you percieve it TWICE AS GOOD