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  1. Wow, man. This is so interesting! Does Crysty feel solid? Can she hold things, like a pen? Does she feel warmth and cold? Does Crysty have the power to know things about me? Can she look at my physical appearence if she wants? Can she tell you the name of my girlfriend and the name of my twin brother? (if so, please write them down here! That would be absolutely amazing!) Can others hear her? Can she make sounds that could be recorded with a microphone? Dude, I've got so many questions. How cool is that? A fucking spirit as your friend. Enjoy your relationship together !
  2. Do a live Q&A with God on a Youtube live stream lmao.
  3. Adam from PsychedSubstance. Talk with him about the enormous potential of psychedelics. He already asked you about a collab in the comment section.
  4. Happy Birthday Leo Your work changed my life for the better like nothing else. User @Swarnim speaks right from my soul, I am so so grateful, Leo. You have shown me a new way of life towards love and consciousness. I wish you all the best.
  5. Speaking of which: Leo, do you already know when you're going to update the book list?
  6. Wow, that's really interesting.
  7. Conversations with God 3 gives a very detailed explaination.
  8. To give you hope, because you are never forgotten. Maybe you can't feel the Love right now, but you will. And it is extremely healing.
  9. I don't know if i can contribute anything, but I wish you all the luck, love and success you need to handle that psychological pain.
  10. I don't know much but just bei kind to yourself :). Don't punish yourself for anything. You are loved, no matter what.
  11. Meditating brings your mindfulness and awareness to the highest. Maybe you should reverse the Order to enjoy it to the fullest :). Imagine having a sexual orgasm and you percieve it TWICE AS GOOD
  12. FALSE. Ask me NO-THING! Nevertheless, It's Just Love. Timeless Love. Don't hold Back. Just One. NOTHING really. This. This. THIS! The Infinite, cosmic beat of consciousness. You single lonely little human, don't worry to feel anxious. You are and will be eternally loved.
  13. That really can go wrong. I wouldn't do it. 1. Are you sure you don't need a trip sitter? I don't say that you should trip with your friends, but at least consider tripping in the presence of a person that you really trust and that knows whats going on while you are tripping. 2. What if you have a bad trip? You could find yourself in confused spirals of thought and get really scared. What if you can't handle it and start screaming or just make loud noise? To expect that you can easily handle any direction of the trip is silly. 3. I'd AT LEAST prepare a sheet of paper on which you describe in detail whats going on, what you are doing, the substance, so when your mom catches you or finds you in a bad state, she can read that sheet of paper and knows that you are not actually in danger, you don't need an ambulance, etc. 4. As already mentioned, a is also a good idea. You could attach it to the sheet of paper. 5. Are shrooms legal in your country? What will your mom do if she finds you consuming illegal substances? Is she open minded enough that you can talk about this to her?