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  1. But the thing is I'm a wizard.
  2. If I'm creating every being and thing and memory and history and timeline and all that shit, everything about everything about everything, in this very moment, then I can create all of that shit in any way that I want, if I become high enough in my level of consciousness. And if you guys make fun of what I'm saying, because you don't understand me perhaps, like why I'm saying these things etc, then okay, anyways, make fun of me. It's okay if you make fun of me, or say I'm low quality, or whatever, it's okay for me if I dream you guys like that, that's alright. But I'm so frickin tired, so frickin tired, and I'm feeling tortured for frickin years in this situation, and I'm gonna do what I say, I'm gonna delete those neighbors from existence, replace with new neighbors, and change our memories one hundred percent about them. I'm gonna change the last few years fully, gonna create a completely different frickin timeline. And yeah, of course, I'm all that is, I'm God, but yeah, I know, I need to frickin be in a high consciousness mode to be able to do that, because otherwise I will keep dreaming the same thing, I know, yes.
  3. If all that exists is your awareness, then how can it stretch out infinitely in all directions? Isn't it an abstraction that you are making?
  4. It's more fucked up than that, there is nothing on the scene also.
  5. So you're absolutely certain that I don't have my own sensations? That's what the absolute truth you've awakened to says?
  6. If I write a novel and create my imaginary characters and world in the novel, are those characters and world as real as this world and people in this world? Is it possible for me to dream that dream world instead of this world?
  7. So I already am the memories and beingness and all of each being. Their consciousness and beingness already is me. This is all me dreaming, and everything and everyone and everything about everyone, as infinitum, is me. Good and bad and every level of all that is is me. Yes is me, no is me, every level of all that is is me.
  8. I think it is like the idea of putting a frog in a boiling water, then it will freak the frog out, but if you heat it up bit by bit by bit, then it can even be a comfortable process of total awakening, a comfortable process of "dying" perhaps.
  9. So you can become any dream that you want, if you become infinitely conscious, if it is what you want. You can become any dream that you want for all that is basically is nothing. But it would require high consciousness. That would require high consciousness. The dream can turn into anything that you want. Any timeline, any universe, any "reality" that you want, at the relative level. It is, however, all nothing at the ultimate level. Hmhm. Hmm.
  10. Does what I'm experiencing right now really exist, or is it another illusion also, at the ultimate absolute level?
  11. Why did you say no to "is it true that you are the minds and awarenesses and sensations, and all, of all that is, of all beings in existence?"? If I am the only one then I must be the minds and selves and all of all that is, at least at the ultimate absolute level. And also I must be the entire existence of my building and house and neighbors and family and all, because I'm the existence of all. Then I must be creating the smaller scales of my reality just like I'm creating the grander scale of my reality, for everything is one thing, in a sense, like a hologram. 45=44=43=42 etc etc etc etc etc. Then all physical forms and selves etc must also be like physical forms and selves of Frodo and Gandalf. People and worlds and selves etc must be not more real than Frodo and Shire etc etc.
  12. It is absolute nonexistence, it is absolute nothingness.
  13. Are you creating your and "other people"s histories and memories and bodies and selves in the present moment? Is there such a thing as a self, an awareness, a consciousness, other thank you? Is it true that your bubble of awareness is the only bubble of awareness "in" existence? Are you the void that is appearing as the world and people and space and time? Are you the void that is appearing as sight and sound and all other senses and all that is "in" existence? Is there anything at all other than yourself "in" existence? If you are watching a movie or reading a book, is it true that you actually are imagining it in the moment, and it actually, at the ultimate, absolute, level is not coming from a history and any background? And is it true that nothing that you can perceive, nothing, actually is coming from a history and any background? Is it true that you are the minds and awarenesses and sensations, and all, of all that is, of all beings in existence? Is it true that you are every aspect of every aspect of every aspect of all that is? And is it true that, at the ultimate, absolute, level you have all knowledge of all things, and all, of all that is, for all knowledge and all that is is what you are imagining in the moment? Is it true that you know all knowledge in all existence, because you are the creator of all knowledge in all existence in the moment, and assigning a socalled background history and so on to all of that to create the experience of space and time and history and continuity and so on?
  14. Says and feels every deluded person, don't take the power of delusion so lightly.
  15. Dude, we are not reading a book written by Tolkien, we are Tolkien and we are the book and we are one. We as consciousness are becoming the book, omg dude. Imagining the words and language and meaning and all in the moment, and giving a history to it in the moment, at the ultimate level, but yeah, at the relative level we are reading a book that was written decades ago by a brilliant author named Tolkien. One is becoming the one being the one, omg man, omg. But it's a great work though. And man, knowledge and information also are things that we are imagining, that we are becoming, we are becoming the concepts and ideas and the mythologies and all in the moment, and again, giving them a history and evolution and becomingness and all in the moment on the relative level, wow. And at an even deeper level, I'm telling this to myself, imagining a language called English and a phone and internet etc etc, hahah.
  16. Yes, and now I've started to reread it, because it'd been long time since I last read it.
  17. Merging with Eru. And dude, I was thinking about if I can download all the knowledge Tolkien had about world mythologies and be able to create a masterpiece like the LoTR myself, and I'm seeing references to the LoTR everywhere, this is crazy. Maybe Tolkien's spirit is moving around me and trying to tell me "let me guide you" haha. And by the way, yeah, I am Tolkien, I am Lewis, and they are myself, and so, yeah, I can download information from them, or from the Source directly. But maybe I need to follow the path of least resistance for downloading those informations. Letting my inner being guide me, because, after all, yeah, all knowledge also is nothing appearing as a form. Language and knowledge and all of that is nothing appearing, made of my imagination, made of nothing, hmm.
  18. There is no moon, you still think that there is such a thing as the moon. If you look at the moon and see the moon in your dream state, does it mean that the moon really is there?
  19. Am I more real than Harry Potter, and is this world more real than the Harry Potter world? Are people and places etc more real than the world, and people, etc etc etc, that JK Rowling imagined in her mind?
  20. You still think that the content of your "direct experience" is real, somehow more than your other imaginations. For instance, when you imagine being in Mars, for instance, you don't call that your direct experience, but you call being in the world your direct experience. Then you say "oh Mars is imagination, but the world is my direct experience", but then, without realizing, you're creating a duality.
  21. It is much more fucked up than that, you're imagining that there is a 4th wall that is broken sometimes, there actually has never been such a thing as a 4th wall. When you are watching a movie or a video, or reading a book, or talking to, perceiving, someone etc in your dream, is there really something out there, is there really a 4th wall?