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  1. Everything is mind, so care about how you're feeling. Every moment is magic.
  2. Anything is possible because everything is mind. So care about how you're feeling, so that you can be imagining what you do desire.
  3. Surely that's what I prefer as well. But acknowledging that negative experiences also are our own creations might empower us. It would help lessen our, like, victim mentality.
  4. Oh I watched both of these. They were good yeah.
  5. Slap after slap after slap actually is part of the beauty if you can see it.
  6. But this is a dream reality. So when you're in pain it is likely for you to create a zen master who also slaps you like everything else in a sense. But depending on your expectation he can be kind and good to you as well. Depends on what you expect. We're in a dream reality dude. I'm not trying to be discouraging but as I've figured out this is how life is.
  7. Past and future are just imagination, alright. Now also is an imagination. What we experience in the now is dreamt into being by the self. So if all the experiences in the past, present, and future are imagined into being by us, the awareness, then I think it means it is possible for us to travel to what we call past and future, if the awareness imagines ...
  8. But who am I to say these things like do this, do that, etc. I just know me in that sense hehehe.
  9. I think your list is pretty good. I would say do whatever it takes to make you like feel better. And forcing oneself usually backfires in that sense. The more we try to feel good the more we are in a mode of not feeling good since we're pushing and efforting.
  10. I think a zen master slaps especially the ones who are in pain.
  11. Don't try to force yourself into loving life.
  12. What is missing always is alignment with self, with being.
  13. Yes, and awareness which is who we are is that singularity, and also the variety. Everything you can imagine is a vibration, like, you're zooming into. There are infinite branches that keep going forever and ever in that sense.
  14. What you're looking for is an experiential thing, a vibrational thing, we might say. And until then no words can satisfy you, because every thought comes with its opposite by definition.
  15. I think he supports solipsism, but not the solipsism of egoic self.
  16. I think memories are vibrational frequencies in a sense. So the parts which we remember from our sleeping states are the parts we are in vibrational resonance with in that moment of remembering it. Like we cannot remember or imagine or think even that which we are not a vibrational match to. So we don't remember the deeper parts of our sleeping states in our usual states.
  17. Yeah, and this also is a dream we are having, in a sense, only more like densified by like awareness. Anything we can do in the dream state we can do in the like socalled waking state. Makes sense to me that our lives are like dreams in that sense.
  18. And in the same way we can experience teleportation, by imagining ourselves somewhere else, and we can also change the sizes and shapes of objects with our minds, like making my room smaller or bigger by focus.
  19. Maybe we never ever learn anything, but realize what is already within us, since we are all that is, and all that is is in us already ish. Realizing what is within ish and that we call reality and moving forward in time ish.
  20. Since I am everything and I am time and space itself, with no boundary, then do you think it is possible to download knowledge about, like, learning how to play the piano or like learning a language instantly?
  21. Enlightenment is realizing that you were in a dream and you didn't know all along. After enlightenment you don't immediately become free from the ego. It will take time. Enlightenment is just understanding that you have an ego, while before you were not even aware of it.
  22. I myself have had quite a lot of experiences with psychedelics. But every time I did it and experience it I was always like "this is who I already am, this is who I always am". And in those moments I always feel like I don't need psychedelics and so on to experience that, because it's who I already and always am. And also, aren't those substances also placebo, since everything is consciousness? When I am in that mode, this makes sense to me.