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  1. It is great that you don't want readymade answers anymore, you want to truly experience it, but stop giving readymade answers to yourself also. Don't limit yourself to your question also.
  2. You want to stay speechless. I say first stay speechless and then the answer will occur to you. This is why teachers of all centuries taught meditation.
  3. We are God but as the ocean analogy we are a part of God. And God is Consciousness. And I understand that you don't want to limit it and you are right. But look at it from this perspective: if you say that you are not God you also are limiting God, because you say there can be something which is not God. God is everywhere except you?
  4. I agree. Infinitely simpler than words can express.
  5. When I experience oneness I see that EVERY song is about that, and EVERY thing is about that and that only.
  6. Whenever you are feeling love you are hearing from God. Whenever you are feeling fear or anger or anxiety you are not. It is that simple.
  7. You are missing a lot of things and you forever will, because reality is infinite.
  8. I think you feel like we are limiting God in some sense, and you are right, because we are trying to explain the limitless through our limited and individualized perspectives.
  9. Astonishing Power of Emotions, and, Ask and It Is Given by Esther Hicks.
  10. When you feel confused and overwhelmed like that it is best to not do anything for a while. Meditate maybe.
  11. God is another word for the infinite. No need to identify yourself as God to wake up, because ultimately God also is part of the dream, based on our limited thinking we had to imagine gods into being. What you call God is another image on your screen.
  12. First you have to be a vibrational match to the answer you are looking for. Otherwise you are a vibrational match to mental chaos and confusion and the Law of Attraction brings such manifestations to you.
  13. Heaven and hell are here and now since it is all there is.
  14. If you are, for instance, a fly, then shit can be a delicious meal for you. It depends on how you have evolved.
  15. And by the way, why don't you directly ask God about what He says about this? Tune to his vibrational frequency and hear what He says about this.
  16. I like the ocean analogy in that sense. God is the ocean and manifestation is the waves of the ocean. The ocean is eternal and every wave is its waving, and God is not limited by any wave, and at the same time the waves are the motion of God, but not directly God itself in that sense.
  17. Of course God is limitless and can create anything He can imagine.
  18. I appreciate your brilliant question and intelligence ??
  19. It doesn't have to remain being an experience you had in the past only when you are on it, it is who you are right now and forevermore.
  20. And you might have realized that reality has never been anything other than that. It was always under your nose, so to speak, but you did not realize it, because you were busy with complaining about things ?
  21. We are creating every moment, so every moment is actually magic. You might say meh to what I said here, but the word magic implies distant, so first you need to understand that it is normal. Everything is thought already, therefore everything is magic. And as you relax into the magic that is now, which you call the nonmagic, in a sense, then you can be involved in what you call magic more and more. And don't force yourself into this. Existence has a divine order and all we gotta do is be in harmony with this order.