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  1. Simplicity is yummy.
  2. I like Nicky Sutton, for instance, but she can feel like fluffy to you. Abraham Hicks also is awesome if you're into channeling.
  3. You have created the information you're looking for. It is ready for you, tailormade just for you. But you cannot find it unless you're ready for it.
  4. Look, the instructions you saw are your manifestations. So when you feel unclear, you manifest unclear. So it might seem like I am not answering your questions and it can look annoying, but I am answering your questions really.
  5. It is not the action, it is the feeling that matters. You feeling peaceful and positive.
  6. You are like a reality oozing machine as eternal awareness. So when you "die" you will continue doing that.
  7. You have put that desire into your reality, like, you have a parallel reality where you have achieved those knowledges and when you are ready, the how part will be understood. It is different for each person. Relax and tune to your higher mind.
  8. Everything you can imagine is possible but why not make peace with the idea of death also.
  9. You have to tune to the frequency you want to channel.
  10. I think one can be both lazy and active. The idea of wu wei.
  11. There also are experiments that show that you can build muscles simply by thinking.
  12. I love existence. I love how perfect it is. Even imperfection is perfectly imperfect. Magic carpet ride.
  13. In your reality. And it is perfectly fine if you are happy with that belief of yours. Everything is a delusion.
  14. Well, even if we get into a world with zombies, it will be a new adventure.
  15. Amazing. Never let anyone let you down. Noone is an authority.
  16. Trust the resonance with your higher self. That's the opinion you're looking for. Don't let people convince you that your theories are bad and so on.
  17. If I can imagine living forever then I can live forever.
  18. Unusual ideas often are called delusional.
  19. How do you know it is inevitable? Can you be 100% sure?