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  1. Papaji is superb. What is it that is having this dream though?
  2. Rupert Spira says that when you wake up, the illusion continues, but the ignorance comes to an end. And Bashar says a very similar thing.
  3. Yes, existence ultimately is the formless now vibrating. Everything is Consciousness vibrating now.
  4. But don't we edit ourselves constantly? Isn't it what evolution is?
  5. Hearing from him in imagination.
  6. I agree with you. That's why I said she may feel like fluffy to you. But she has some good realizations also.
  7. Reality is dimensionless awareness. No frickin need to feel anxious.
  8. Impatience is upstream.
  9. Let there be a conversation about that.
  10. You're good the way you are. Don't let anyone tell you what is normal and what is not. They have no idea.
  11. That girl is your own self dude, your ideas about her are your ideas about her.
  12. All is self. All is awareness. It is simple.
  13. Simplicity is yummy.
  14. I like Nicky Sutton, for instance, but she can feel like fluffy to you. Abraham Hicks also is awesome if you're into channeling.
  15. You have created the information you're looking for. It is ready for you, tailormade just for you. But you cannot find it unless you're ready for it.
  16. Look, the instructions you saw are your manifestations. So when you feel unclear, you manifest unclear. So it might seem like I am not answering your questions and it can look annoying, but I am answering your questions really.
  17. It is not the action, it is the feeling that matters. You feeling peaceful and positive.
  18. You are like a reality oozing machine as eternal awareness. So when you "die" you will continue doing that.
  19. You have put that desire into your reality, like, you have a parallel reality where you have achieved those knowledges and when you are ready, the how part will be understood. It is different for each person. Relax and tune to your higher mind.
  20. Everything you can imagine is possible but why not make peace with the idea of death also.