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  1. I agree 100%. And I think a head injury or something like that is not required at all.
  2. I don't see anyone, including myself, as crazy. Everyone is telling a story about life, and this is ours.
  3. It exists. And nothing exists. We don't exist. We're nothing. I am nowhere. So all must be nowhere if I am nowhere. Space is in our consciousness. And our consciousness is dimensionless. Therefore space is dimensionless. The three dimensions and all other dimensions you can imagine are all and in the dimensionless.
  4. I think we can even access knowledge from the future. Because future is an imagination. The eternity is in now.
  5. Kinda like Elon Musk's Neuralink project, but ınfinitely bigger than that also, because what I am connecting to is the Infinite Intelligence, in that sense.
  6. Since everyone is actually me and we are one, I think this can be done. If I, as Michal said, get as deep as Jesus and Buddha and so on. These knowledges exist and I am existence, so I think I, like connecting to a website on internet, can connect and assume those beings, in a sense, as myself and be able experience those abilities.
  7. And I know that the answers will mirror my mind since all is one. Brahman. Both yesses and nos and all in between and so forth will be me.
  8. The Truth is everything is consciousness. Everything is mind. And since that is the truth, in whatever "sub"truths you believe, it will be proven right to you. Even if you believe that everything is not consciousness. Then it will be proven to you that everything actually is not consciousness. Because everything is consciousness.
  9. Everything is placebo. Universe is placebo. Body is placebo. All is so. If it resonates with you, go for it. If it feels off, soothe yourself about it.
  10. Feeling better and better
  11. Mathematics also is consciousness
  12. Wow, it is like everything already is that and in a sense it is both dimensional and not. And it is all that is. It is the darn now.
  13. Some teachers say that existence is dimensionless awareness and there is no outer space in reality. What are your views about this?
  14. Thanks for your appreciation of my user name by the way ??
  15. Hmm then it can be all of that. Like whatever conceptualization is resonant in the like present.
  16. Not knowing is cool in that sense.
  17. Nirvana is a vibrational experience, an emotional experience.
  18. It is not wrong to have your personal preferences.
  19. If the idea feels good to you, then you can marry and it will be satisfying you. But you can change your thoughts first about this subject of marriage. Because otherwise your doubts will be reflected to you.
  20. It is not a this or that. When you are in that mode, there will be mentors you experience.
  21. You don't need to know what you want to do. And alright I will expand on what I mean. Otherwise people don't like it ? Who you really are has already become what you wanna do and be and have. All you gotta do is relax into that. Infinite Intelligence already is that.
  22. We actually never learn anything. We are all that is and all knowledge is in us. We just realize what we already know.
  23. *How many enlightened beings are needed to change a lightbulb? *There is no lightbulb. Sorry if this joke was already made.