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  1. We are trying to imagine all the way but without hurting anyone.
  2. Your perception of the dimensions shifts. Like Alice in Wonderland kinda.
  3. Feel satisfied and the belief that the answer is coming first. First comes the satisfaction, then comes the answer.
  4. It still is a subtle object. A subtle resistance.
  5. All time and space actually are imagined in here and now.
  6. When you turned back in time to the past and meet your grandfather, it is another idea then. Another person. Vibration etc.
  7. But it has a name and in the moment something has a name it is a duality. It is not other things, it is some specific thing.
  8. We are shifting from reality to reality in every moment. It actually is a pretty simple idea.
  9. Buddhism that can be talked and thought about is not Buddhism.
  10. All knowledge is within. All knowledge is self. Imagined in the now.
  11. I am a vibrational being in a vibrational ...
  12. Dream appearing as beauty.
  13. Dimensionless having sex. Thought having sex.
  14. Sexual interaction also is vibrational. It also is part of oneness. And nothing.
  15. Infinite years left.
  16. Others exist but there are infinite parallel versions of them. There are infinite parallel realities here now. Every thought you have about them is a reality. It is an alternate version of them which exists right here and now. This is a dream, remember. Every aspect of them you imagine is real. Everything you imagine is vibrating as a possibility, big or small. Everything is consciousness, everything is awareness. So fuck it all. Script them as you want them to be and let go of all the bs.
  17. Care about feeling good and therefore imagining goodness and so on. People are just puppets who follow you, what you imagine and so on.
  18. Mohammad did a lot of terrible things, but he also did a lot of good things. Be one with his good deeds and let go of imagining his terrible deeds in detail. You get what you think about. You get what you feel since all is a frickin dream.
  19. Being religious in my opinion is not about following Mohammad or Jesus or all of that crap. Being truly religious is to realize that you're those frickin assholes themselves. You're them. And you're both the devil and the god in them. It is all your darn mind. They don't exist as "others" as well. And yeah, they and all of that bs are your frickin imagination.
  20. At some point we really have to say "alright, I am imagining all this shit into being and I take responsibility for what I'm frickin creating".
  21. Maybe others exist and don't exist at the same time. Existing as you in a sense. I love your passion and no bs approach.