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  1. Osho says that he is in meditation 24/7, that he has become it.
  2. That which is not me is imagining them into being.
  3. I am imagining them into being like I am imagining this universe into being.
  4. I don't mean to say that what that father does is meh and so on. I say that when you are really serene and logical in your view, you see that noone does anything to anyone. Then why shouldn't you forgive? Someone came to you in your dream and punches you in the face, for instance. In the dream, you will probably hate him, but when you wake up you realize that it was you punching you.
  5. Ok, then his son actually is not dead. And he is dreaming his reality, yes? He is consciousness creating reality, yes? When you look at it truly logically, in a serene mode, then you cannot really condemn anyone. Each of them are consciousness creating reality. Noone actually died, noone killed anyone. They as consciousness created that. If someone comes and kills you, you will know that it is actually you "killing" you, right?
  6. Imagine you truly KNOW that there is no such thing as death. It is you being ideological. You say these things constantly like there is no death, we are consciousness, and so on. You don't know what you yourself are talking about then.
  7. When you are in a dream, it is all one but you experience multiplicity and diversity of objects.
  8. When you realize everyone is your imagination, then you can stop taking anything seriously. You have imagined a you and a son and someone who murdered your son in the imagination. None of it actually happened. It is consciousness only all along. Birth and death and this and that and so on. This is all a dream. Consciousness is the ultimate magician.
  9. But that is a story that is appearing in your consciousness. And don't force yourself into trying to change the story in my opinion. Relax into the knowing of your Self. It is not our job to be busy with thoughts. Thought is a mirror of mind.
  10. Cool video. Consciousness can imagine infinite parallel earths simultaneously. There is nothing other than it itself to block it from doing that. It is frickin infinite.
  11. Is the future happening now? Some teachers say that, like, the year 2374, vibrationally and fully in that sense, is happening right here and now. Is the information that will be created in the future already, as that, created, like the inventions of the future and so on.
  12. Not even that, I guess. It only has some of the contents, amongst infinity, grasped.
  13. But if you get even more honest, then you don't even know if there is a screen in front of your face. It can be a dream screen. And the questioner can be a dream questioner.
  14. There is a part of consciousness that is playing mother and friend and so on.
  15. Knowledge is infinite as I understand it. Whatever you imagine in your mind becomes knowledge. So, I say to myself, imagine less, think less, put more silent gaps into your mind.
  16. We say life is a dream and then get mad at dream characters. And then we say but oh, it has dadada. I think we are as messed up as everyone on the planet. Stuck in our own dogmas. This can be the destiny. We are just terrible at dreaming life as we want and we blame it on "others". A bottomless pit. All of us are frickin losers man.
  17. What do you guys think about him? It resonates with me like amazingly, almost everything he says. It is just that him being an alien is weird, but I also say why not, Infinity could imagine something like that into being also maybe.
  18. What they mean is negative thought. You cannot stop thinking. You have never ever not thought ever for even a second.
  19. Mechanically speaking, sex in a dream and sex in "reality" are the same thing, right? Both dream bodies and the "reality" bodies are imaginary after all, yes? And also eating and drinking and so on in dream.