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  1. Soon you will come up to some physicist who will say "oh no, qft does not show that we are all one at all" and you will get confused again.
  2. Are other people and cats and so on we see in our dreams also conscious and creator like the ones in this "waking" dream? If it is all awareness, consciousness, that exists in existence, then it kinda makes sense :D:D
  3. If you're in alignment with the Self, then only what you deem to be good can come to you.
  4. And has any of you had any shared dream experiences?
  5. Emotion is guidance from the Self. It tells you how connected you are to who you really are, the Self, in this moment.
  6. Esther Hicks has a book called Astonishing Power of Emotions, channeling "Abraham". It is a good book about the meaning and importance of emotion.
  7. You want the answer to be a or b, but existence is paradoxical. It is a, it is b, it is neither a nor b, it is both a and b, it is 45% a and 55% b, and it also is c, depending on the moment.
  8. @Adamq8 your gf said that she was god and you were her creation, that you didn't exist in that sense. I had a similar experience with a friend of mine. I was saying to him while I was experiencing it that "dude I am controlling you, you don't exist", and he was saying the same thing to me. That was an experience. Who is creating who? So in that sense I think that none of us exist as physical beings. We are the one consciousness that is formless that is forming itself into our shapes and bodies and minds and so forth.
  9. Live a meditative life. Quiet your mind as much as you can and receive the knowing from your source.
  10. Exactly. Let the answers come to your silence. This is all a fiction anyways.
  11. You will dream those books into being anyways, so it is your own frequency that matters.
  12. Is there a reason of that? And if so, what is the reason of that? If it is x, then why x? This is ad infinitum.
  13. When we watch a movie on tv in our dream, it is being created in the moment. If we talk to someone in the dream, they will say that the movie was created in the past and we are watching it now, but we actually are creating that movie and its past in the moment while we are dreaming it.
  14. If you ask this question then it is not fully empty yet. Keep emptying it.
  15. It has no reason. If I say to you because of z, you will say why z. If i say that the reason of z is y, then why y. Ad infinitum.
  16. Everything always is conceptual. Existence is concepts coming into being, ideas coming into being.
  17. Awesome question. Does God really have free will?
  18. Watch Osho's video called meditation is a very simple phenomenon.