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  1. Is there really such a thing as a thing to experience? God is making it all up right now.
  2. God has not experienced everything, God is everything and evolving as itself into itself.
  3. When they say they've experienced everything, what they mean is they've, in a sense, found the source of everything, not that they've experienced everything in this way. This is the process of unfolding of the one into manifestation, but when you find its source, what it is made of you, then you know that it is all coming from you.
  4. I listened to a man who said, in some altered state, he finds himself in an underwater realm as an underwater, whatever, being and he spent months and months there, and there he had his family and business and friends and stuff and so forth, and that realm had its own history and culture and evolution and so forth and it was as real as this reality in every sense in that sense. He completely forgot the he was a human being and became that new being and got the memories and history and so forth of that new, whatever, being. But it was just a, like, 15 or 20 minutes of experience in our reality. So what I wanna, in awe, ask is you mean this reality of ours is not more real than that really?
  5. Yeah i agree, there only is the vibrational frequency we got going on now and what, in this moment, is a mirror to it, in a sense.
  6. And the idea that, manifestedly speaking, each person and thing and whatever it is having infinite parallel versions, in that sense, for everyone and everything and their histories and so forth are imaginary anyways.
  7. So you mean that I'm infinite creativity and knowledge that is creating this entire universe, everyone and everything, and its "14 billion year of history", and so forth, literally, in this very moment and it really is a hallucination, that it really is not more real than a hallucination trip i might experience?
  8. So, that, i guess, is the real meaning of shifting from a parallel timeline to a parallel timeline, all of which having a different history and memory and version, and so forth, like in every moment, like billions of times per second, in that sense.
  9. Yeah it's just another game with its own rules and logic and so forth.
  10. Physical pain also, of course, is an illusion. Did you know that before the discovery of anaesthesia, they used hypnosis in surgeries?
  11. I realize that reality is very dreamlike, it is very mindlike, however how can it be "literally" mind, a dream? I'm looking around and it is all so solid and detailed and objects have mass and so forth, and there is like an infinite variety of things and people and so forth. Space and time and history and so forth looks so real. There are arts and sciences and objects and so forth which requires an infinite creativity? How can my mind be creating all of this in just one second, like just in this very moment?
  12. I think meditating helps me in imagining a better world.
  13. Yeah, you realize that it also is a thought.
  14. Gotta deal with it that I'm frickin infinite creativity yeah yeah.
  15. So it is not even that i "did" imagine Albert Einstein, but literally imagining and creating "him" right now, if I'm imagining it all right now ?
  16. I'm imagining my body, mind and memories into being right now along with everything and everyone else and their bodies, minds and memories into being as the one formless consciousness.
  17. If I'm imagining reality into being, then how am I able to do it with the specifics? For instance, when I'm walking on the street, I'm seeing people and faces and buildings and so forth which I don't know. Or the details of stuff and so forth on the street. I definitely am not imagining them into being consciously, then is it something like my subconscious filling in the details and give emptiness form and details and tactility and so forth? What i mean is how am i imagining, say, something written on a paper that looks like coming from nothing, i was not thinking like "ok, on a random paper i see in the street, this and this will be written, in this and this font" and so forth, and it looks pretty random and independent of me.
  18. Am i just the creativity, the ability, of manifesting infinite realities, in that sense, in just one second?
  19. Alright, I'm imagining reality into being just like I'm doing it in my dream reality, meaning it is all, or most of it, coming from my subconscious, alright. Then, however, if I'm creating the socalled history of the universe and people and so on in the moment, then where does my ability to do that come from? That's just coming from me, simply, because i just am the "thing" from which everything and everyone is made?
  20. Dude you need to stop thinking logically and understand that logic is an illusion. No answer ever will satisfy you fully because all answers are coming from mind.
  21. First you may work on realizing that everything in your life, in every moment, is a mirror of your mind. And you can test that and prove it to yourself, in that sense. And then, more and more, you'll understand that every answer, every idea, everything, that is coming to you, is coming to you as your creation, as your imagination. Then you'll understand everything.
  22. The difference between them is whatever you make it. There is no real reality, remember, you're in a dream right now, so there is no real lsd or dmt or mdma. And I'm telling this as someone who tried all of these, not in some sort of an "oh they are bad" sense. I've seen people have very very very different experiences, one having nothing at all to do with the other, by taking the socalled "same" substances, and the reason for that, i think, is because there are no substances There only is the story you're telling about those substances and they will give you an experience that is, in a sense, vibrationally matching your expectations about them. And I'm not trying to say "don't use them" etc, not at all. You can use them as much as you want, because, perhaps, they are, in a sense, your permission slips to allow you to tune to those higher states of consciousness.