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  1. yep... its not a just taking it baby steps its gonna be awkward going into work tm after what i did today lol
  2. true true theses experiences are paradoxical to when i was facetiming my friend it felt like ive already done this before a million times already just going through an infinite loophole..i mean i think it was worth going through this experiance..cause when i cooled down i wasn't as afraid and i didnt care if i died right now..i and even a human being i am whole,infinite,nothing etc..right now like leo said you have to ground yourself after an experiance or ill start acting like a connor murphy as a new prophet of some kind LOL
  3. wow very interesting!! i defenently had that "no free will' sensation while tripping balls on an edible...its scary at first but then you let go and become infinite!!!
  4. so this happened today!! so i decided to take delta 8 edibles not thinking it would hit me hard..cause ive taken does of 40mg and today i took 50mg..not thinking about it twice..i take it before work on a empty stomach...BAD IDEA..this shit hits me within 15 minutes of working..and i started tweaking and being super heart rate was beating so fast if you felt my chest you would of thinked my heart was gonna explode any manager obvousley told me to home or chill at my car..and it got even more intense!! 1 minute felt like 20 minutes!! i started talking to everyone on my phone list telling them to pick me up or help me cause im super high and i cant drive i called my dad and had my siblings pick me up..of course they where pissed asf for me a dumbass for taking that shit..but the best part of the trip was when my sister was driving me back and i finally surendered to the experaince in the car..and let me tell you..99% of the trip was straight fear but this 1% experiance i won't forget..i closed my eyes and let go.and blasted off into another fucking dimension..i was seeing infinite fractcals and shapes and forgot i was human all together..i think i was in that experaince for like 10 minutes but felt like decades!! i remember just being whole and being infinite with these visions and fractuals and geometric patterns all that shit i did not feel fear or happiness something beyond both of those things..when we got home my sister snapped me out of it and i forgot i was a human being or wtf did i come back down here as a human......fuck being a human id rather be in a infinite vortex forever..i was sad to come out the experiance and back into this thing we call life..i was ohhhhh now i get why leo wants us to meditate!! and reach enlightment!!! to become absoulte with life and be beyond this human body..once i cooled off im like man ima get my life straight and really start eating a clean when i go back into those altered states its wayyyy smoother and relaxed. lesson learned dont take edibles on a empty stomach before work..youll become infinte block of everything!!
  5. hey man its all a going through the exact same shit as you..but what i learned in life gotta suck it up and work through all the adversity..i work 2 jobs and work about everyday i got big goals and im not gonna waste it any second playing a victim regardless of what im feeling..whatver breaks you MAKES YOU STRONGER KEEP fighting
  6. @Preety_India ok i calmed down..but holy shit this was one of the scariest experience's of my life!!
  7. @Preety_India THANKS SO MUCH!!
  8. holy shit i decided to see a hypnoherapist cause i have pain in my lower quadrant..ive seen my personal doctor and did nothing about it..long story short pretty opened he gave me a mp3 to listen to for the next 5 days..i thought cool why not? then i listen to it and when i did...god i wish i never did..felt like my brain was twisted and rewired in the worst way possible!! felt really fucked up like i wanted to have a seizure..all twisted up and confused but i was thinking that maybe this sunday i did get drunk..maybe it could of had an impact?or was it my third eye or kundalini that kinda synergized with it and twisted it up..not sure but everything feels..WORSE..feel like my depersonalization has deepen..fuck..and idk what to do he said they will do a EEG brains scan this friday but fuck i am scared ass shit i feel way worse guys and im freaking out please HELP!!
  9. ohhh god...
  10. im a guy in my early 20's looking for an accountability partner to hold our feet to the fire!! i highly prefer a male and not a female..i ran into many problems with a i prefer another young gentleman like me leave me a message
  11. illinois, USA
  12. @Gianna thanks! (:
  13. hey everyone!! so i been feeling a deeper awareness more than ever..for the past 6 years i been addicted to porn always masterbating and addicted but recently quit 6 months i have never been this long of a streak being dopamine free from it but since i have been feeling this detachment from my mind not here..or im not the one in control..or everytime i speak its not me speaking..soemtimes my body stops me and i just don't think of anything..look at a object for what it is...its kinda amazing and scary at the same time..although i do work 2 jobs and jog 2 miles everyday still feels weird..forgot to mention i have a highly active third eye and what should i do?im thinking of experimenting with CBD to come down the stress and same with mushrooms that help with anxiety i guess im kinda used to this but its only getting worse? like my awareness of my body is getting deeper and im not even meditating or contemplating this is just popping up to my mind..and thoughts would be appreciated
  14. hey everyone i always wondered if anyone on here wanted to become roomates and combined the actualization journey together.... not sure if its ever been talked about but im 20 years old living with my family and i do plan on moving out soon..but it can be difficult to describe experiances with people that have zero clue what's going on with me id love some feedback take care!
  15. thumbs up for you bro!