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  1. I don’t know about you, but ironically, I find it to be much more peaceful when I don’t try to make any choices (i.e. let go of control).
  2. “You don't really know what you got 'til it's gone.”
  3. @The0Self Oh yeah, I've had mystical experiences on marijuana with higher amounts of THC. I just wanted to point out that not all marijuana has psychoactive effects that make you high or is addictive. Far too many people still believe that, and I don't blame them due to culture stereotyping it for decades.
  4. I think some people can get addicted to marijuana because they’re taking strains with crazy amounts of THC, with very little CBD. Not all marijuana [*gives you psychoactive effects that make you high] , though. Have you looked into CBD? They actually have marijuana strains that are CBD-dominant, with very little THC. https://www.leafly.com/strains/acdc https://examine.com/supplements/cbd/
  5. Your first belief is that there's such thing as an ego. Then, you added on top of that a thing called a spiritual ego (ego 2.0, lol?) Both must be (and will be) seriously questioned, eventually. Again, it's okay if you're not ready to seriously question your sense of self at this time (I'm also in this situation, hehe). After all, consciousness allows infinite forms of expression, so no need to be so hard on yourself! Yep, the ego loves getting itself into trouble
  6. AOC has 12.3M followers on Twitter, whereas MTG has 346.2K. A tremendous amount of user replies to MTG’s tweets are direct backlash against her, similar to how Trump’s was when he had an account.
  7. Anyone surprised to see that Ted Cruz was there?
  8. @traveler thank you! You hit the nail on the head.
  9. Thank you! I suspected this was the case. A lot of stories I believe in are holding me back. Jesus.
  10. So am I creating this bullshit story (that I also believe will happen) about going back to this “stuck” sense of reality and never being able to escape from it and return back to the world of form and other beings?
  11. So I’ve had this “aha” moment, but it came and went. Then I went back to ego, fear, attachment, etc. I’ve experienced both ends of the spectrum... one end being complete bliss and unity, but the other being complete fear and loss of control. Why is this? Why am I afraid of letting go?! Why am I afraid that I’ll lose all sense of control and feel stuck again?
  12. I am afraid of realizing this “nothingness”, and also feeling trapped in that nothingness. How can I overcome this fear?
  13. I agree. When you originally posted your Conscious Politics series, I ignored it and told myself that I’m not ready for it. The events of 2020, however, all changed my mindset quickly. So I started watching that series, followed progressive leaders on Twitter, and voted for the first time.
  14. Here’s a petition/letter form you can sign to tell members of Congress that you support impeachment and removal of Trump: https://act.ocasiocortez.com/letter/impeach-trump?source=em20210107-1830&t=1&akid=1830.1948343.G9GkcK