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  1. You are imagining there was ever a “body” to begin with. If this is too advanced for you to grasp, I suggest taking a break and working on your personal life.
  2. You’re imagining there’s such thing as “death” and “afterlife”. Only you can realize this.
  3. I would recommend against using ketamine outside of a medical setting, as it can be highly addictive if not used properly. The ketamine treatment centers give a strict and controlled dose. Patients usually only need 4-6 treatment sessions, in which future doses are reduced so that patients are weaned off of it strategically. They even have ketamine assisted psychotherapy; one center that I called does 2-hour psychotherapy while you’re on the ketamine experience.
  4. “During the ketamine infusion treatment, I was none of those things. I was just a being. A being that was a part of a world where we are all just beings and all connected through some indescribable force. And if we are all connected, then there is no difference between me and you and you and anyone else. This understanding of that connection was so powerful that the physical part of me felt emotional at all the turmoil people experience because it isn’t just their turmoil – it is all of ours. It is ours…together, as one.” https://medcircle.com/articles/ketamine-infusion-treatment-experience/
  5. Read the description in the YouTube video. Very nice.
  6. I saw a few of his videos. This one is my favorite:
  7. Just like how a proficient musician doesn’t ask themselves “how do I play this instrument” as they’re performing. It’s very natural.
  8. Why do anything at all? Why breathe, why wake up, why drink water, etc, etc. You assume everything’s a delusion. Contemplate that. You assume no real insights can be had. Contemplate that also.
  9. You need to take the plunge and see directly for yourself. No one else can do it for you.
  10. No way, we had a similar score lol