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  1. ~it‘s just aliveness~
  2. Cringe. Do you still have to put something down in order to elevate something else? the paintings are nice. Was just at the Botero museum. Pretty amazing.
  3. Maybe they don’t specifically like americans or people who don’t speak italian but to call italans non white is weird imo anywhoo seems you did good with the miami girls, you should be happy about that
  4. If all else fails, feel thankfulness for this this and that
  5. There is nothing there is no healing there is no hiding there is no saving there is no winning there is nothing to achieve there is nowhere to go there is nothing to protect there is nothing to do there is nobody to defeat there nobody to be angry at there is nobody to be attached to there is no image to uphold
  6. It‘s quite ok but it‘s differet for everyone
  7. I look at womens clothing sometimes and often think they have for example nicer patterns and colour combos on them than mens shirts
  8. people keep asking where is Leo? Leo is in Rio, eating cheetos, skeet’n theese hoes, het got the cheat codes, mushroom kilos, the one like neo
  9. Oh read that post later, glad you‘re feeling better 🙏
  10. sorry to hear that 🙏 i also have some of these ocd thoughts sometimes. i think it‘s similar as with tourette syndrome, these people don‘t want to offend anyone but then they blurt the worst things out. it‘s similar to „don‘t think of a pink elephant“
  11. Going from « friends » or hanging out to sexual, i find it so hard. And if a girl says something sexual to me out of the blue, i just kind od tense up and blush not really sure what to say (not trying to show it if course)
  12. I don’t think coffee is bad maybe vaping would be better than cigarettes it’s whatever anyway if you think you shouldn’t do it and it’s killing you then it probably is with the placebo effect
  13. Oh yea here the good stuff is 5 bucks but it looks like the universe wants me to be humble and not a cocky player, oh well guess i’ll accept it
  14. Had a (my first) kundalini session yesterday. Can’t say too much about it yet though, it was pretty exhausting with the breathing and all.
  15. Why do you have three accounts? well they put this topic into the special ed section thanks to some twigs so i can’t talk about consciousness and practices here anymore. I’ll try the « technique » for another week, if it still works then i’ll tell you in private
  16. Congratulate me you twigs and rascals Sometimes i have these phases of being a lot more conscious, usually it fades after some time. i wonder if the stars aligned or if it was because of a practice. let’s hope it stays although let’s not get attached.
  17. I’m in colombia at the moment
  18. yess thanks for your ideas 🙏 yea not always lately a girl that i just met a while ago just straight up told me she wants to have sex. I kind of tensed up and blushed. Even though thought it was so cool
  19. Does she ever say how to get rid of those parasites or does that cost extra?
  20. Sure i mean those are justt stories but that’s how i got into spirituality. If i would have come from a stable-ish two parent household god knows if i ever got into it. Also if we can let go of the ego those stories fade and then at some point probably the constricting energies and triggers in the bodies also fade.
  21. Growing up non-religious i never prayed. Is it worth doing? Is it something else than meditation? And who would i pray to?
  22. The root? not really sure coming from a broken-ish home and being a sensitive kid also if i look at my parents they both have some mental issues as far as i can see do you know the root of yours?
  23. No my ego still has a strong pull and theres (toxic) shame, anxiety, overthinking etc