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  1. I‘m trying it now. but i think you have to stick with it for weeks/months but i don’t know wether i believe it or not yet
  2. The classic is “who am I” but recently i’ve been doing more along the way of ”who needs validation” ”who tries to protect themselves” ”what is this constriction” ”who’s afraid of freedom” ”who tries to control this and why” and so on
  3. Yea i was also thinking maybe lactic acid some people have this thing call pem (post exertational malaise)
  4. hamas wants hummus and death and destruction
  5. Yea chess can’t get me out of suffering
  6. Do you think something like chess is bad for awakening because it’s mostly mind?
  7. because it’s from the ego and the ego is scared
  8. Well it’s not pretty and there will be « collateral damage » in a perfect world it wouldn’t happen but i don’t see an other way really sweden, france, netherlands etc have a lot of issues because of those immigrants
  9. Do you also believe it’s possible that. muslim suicide bombers will get however many virgins in heaven etc?
  10. But he also loses many « followers » with these claims almost everybody in the west gets over 84 no? At least in my country most people seem to do those bs claims are maybe « interesting « for india but seems silly in the west
  11. It means to surrender which is very hard to do for the ego and people with fear of losing control
  12. I got a modafinil prescription for add almost never use it though i’m also in western europe
  13. I can describe my past life in detail too. I was a failed art student, it made me angry so i grew a weird moustache.
  14. I call bs. He’s probably lying. everybody can invent past lives.
  15. Isn’t trump even much closer with israel with kushner, moving the embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem etc?
  16. Is 2024 the new 2000 or 2012 where nothing happens? i do hope that aliens come though and also bring the messiah/jesus and world peace
  17. Well you know at one time we were backwards in europe with terms of harsh punishments, womens rights capital punishments etc etc but then We moved up the spiral we made it happen whoopp whoop jail now often is for re integration instead of silly punishments but now you‘re saying we should have harder punishments again because of backwards immigrants and revert back on the spiral and become more violent and dumber again, which sucks
  18. Because they don’t trust putin in any way shape or form so it’s safer for them to be in nato under a nuclear umbrella in their opinion
  19. Praise jesus, saturnalia and get a tree it‘s soooo cozy
  20. So now we have to revert back in spiral dynamics in many european countries because of immigrants from certain countries, don’t you think that’s bad?