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  1. Psychedelics barely affected my experience of life, they only rattled my mind to a degree that caused me to pursue more Consciousness on day to day life. Of course, they granted me different perspectives which I learned a lot about mind and life and could integrate into regular life. There is an exception to this: Ayahuasca. Every time I drink Ayahuasca I experience deep ego death and awakening, extremely psychedelic visions and connection with spirit animals. This both opens my emotional system and grant deep insights to what hinders my life. Ayahuasca was really transforming for me on an emotional level.
  2. LSD is a really long trip, so have good preparation to stay in an environment that supports both the length of the trip and your feelings of safety and comfort. This is not only space wise, but also people wise. Don't trip around people you don't feel safe or comfortable with. Regarding nutrition, my suggestion is to have water and fruit available. Be sure that you enter the trip in a good state of mind - that you are comfortable with being open and that there aren't things on your mind that can interrupt you along the duration of the trip. Don't trip if you are tired - physically or emotionally. Music can affect the trip to a great extent. You can try different music and see what fits the vibe, it is very subjective. Silence is also an option to consider.
  3. Okay, sorry. Thought you meant it as if you were born emotionally dysfunctional. BTW, I had many mushroom trips in which I felt emotions and states that I repressed for long time: joy, sadness, pain, crying, flawless flow, fear, shame, love, openness, deep connection and more. Psychedelics are like Pandora's Box. You can't know what's inside until you open it.
  4. Yea, which is why I said everything is an invention.
  5. It is impossible to predict how mushrooms will affect a specific person. It really depends where your mind is at, what are your issues in life, what's going on in your sub-conscious. Yes, it is highly possible that they will open your emotional system and allow you to feel deep emotions and connection. But they can also affect many other aspects of experience - perception, intuition, self-esteem, body, and what not. Your assumption that you are incapable of being empathetic and unable to connect to others emotionally is just false. You may repressed those functions because of trauma or other type of conditioning (and having a cold and distant father probably effect you), but they still exist in you. Mushrooms can help you why this is so, and to facilitate and help in the process of healing your emotional system. No one can tell you whether to stay away from a substance or not. You have to be behind the wheel. Read trip reports about the substance and see what you feel. In my experience, Psilocybin mushrooms are amazing plant teacher. It is an amazing spirit which can teach you a lot if you use it carefully and wisely. It will show you in 4 hours what 100,000 hours of lectures/talks by spiritual teachers/gurus cannot. Most human teachers can only transmit concepts to you. Mushrooms will take over your mind and show you what's what.
  6. Those are just concepts in the mind. Why do you believe in their existence? Be aware of spiritual nonsense that is supposed to grant you false hope.
  7. It is subjective, some girls are actually into the "intrusiveness" sense of anal sex. If it is performed on consent, why would it feel like rape?
  8. Yea, this is actually self-deception 101 or spiritual bypassing. If someone is acting in a condescending way because he holds spiritual knowledge, it completely misses the point not only because the volume and quality of knowledge does not represent depth of Consciousness, but also because condensation as a way of relating to an other is based on ignorance and lack of Consciousness.
  9. I think it combines both the stimulating factor of the physical tissue which may produce pleasant and non-pleasant sensations, and the conceptual factor of "doing nasty stuff". So it is both the sex drive and the conceptual activity that is added to the process of fulfilling this drive. In my experience, some are into it and some are not. It usually depends on what is one's disposition toward the matter. Some girls get turned on, and some persist on completely abstaining from it. I like it because it is a nasty way to connect physically with an other. It really isn't different from other nasty ways of connecting physically, like ejaculating inside the mouth or on the face, spitting into the other's mouth, playing role games, BDSM, etc. All are about fulfilling the sex drive by creating arousal and stimulation in different ways that appeal to the psychology of the sex partners.
  10. Who cares if someone is spiritual or not? Being spiritual is just another form of personality. Knowledge of "spiritual matter" does not make any one better or more worthy than the other. Of course you should be accepted and loved for who you are. I also didn't recognize that members are regarded as worthy or not for how spiritually educated they are. It is actually rather easy to munch on spiritual knowledge.
  11. In the context of forming language using the mind, created and invented are the same.
  12. No, it doesn't. How could it exist? In order for something to exist, it must have some limitation or form. If Infinity had some form or limitation, it would be finite and not infinite.
  13. Why maybe? For sure. When you "discover" something, you are actually creating (inventing) a distinction of that thing. That distinction never existed in your experience until you created it. When it comes to the conceptual domain, where all forms of language reside, it is even more obvious that it is a distinction created by mind/intellect. Not exactly. Language is referring to something it is not, which is what I meant when I wrote that the symbols that constitute language are representation of something that the symbol itself isn't. For example, the symbol of infinity (∞) might point to infinity, but it will never describe or represent infinity fully, because a symbol is limited and Infinity has no limits or fixation. This can also apply to finite symbols, for example the number 2 doesn't fully represent every 2 units in existence. So, in a way we can say that language always creates misrepresentation. The only thing you are saying here is that math is a very precise language to represent reality. Languages may or may not be highly accurate, but they are still invented in the mind. So it is a game of creating the most accurate representation.
  14. It doesn't exist. It is invented by the human mind. Math is a language, and language exists only in mind. Do you see any 1, 2, +, = in your perception? No. Those are symbols that operate as language. They represent a thing that they are not.
  15. Nope, I am familiar with the story that he set out to find why there is suffering and what is ultimately true about life. Anyhow, this are just stories based on hearsay, so no one really knows the accuracy of them. I couldn't care less about them. Enlightenment can probably happen in any situation, and maybe if you frustrate your self enough by sitting possessively cross legged and killing them knees, there will be an awakening. The fact is, that people meditate for decades and do not awake. There are even people who forsake their life, shave their head and go sit in a monastery on a mountain for years without awakening. They only get the piece of mind for not being in a society and live as some specified self.
  16. Meditation is about creating or changing conditions of mind. For example, if SDS has been practiced for many hours, the mind is conditioned to sit relentlessly without reactivity to stimuli. If meditation is practiced as concentration on breath, the mind is conditioned to focus on breath. After awakening, it is obvious that meditation is not needed at all, unless there is some intention to condition the mind in some way or play with subtle energies. Actually, meditation can perpetuate the illusion that there is a self that needs to practice something in order to awaken or get enlightened. I see many "meditators" get totally observed by the practice, which has only become only another attachment and hindrance to awakening. For example, I have a friend who has done many vipassana retreats, always telling how amazing he felt at the end of it. This feeling never lasted though when he returned to socializing. Of course, awakening can occur on every activity. But if there is a personality that thinks it is going to awake by sitting cross legged and focusing on some object of mind, this is just another illusion of the mind. I really hope you don't fuck up your knees and back by obsessing with meditative practice.
  17. Preferably, yes.
  18. The practice of meditation does not lead to enlightenment. It may help with focus, concertation, or calming the mind and creating other states of mind, but it has nothing to do with enlightenment.
  19. It is about the degree/depth to which you are conscious of what is truth.
  20. Because you are not the ego, so stop pretending. Actually, you don't exist. What you regard as "you" or "I" is but a collection of thoughts and feelings. Even though the thinking process may point to someone that is having or doing thoughts and feelings, that is just a trick of mind. In actuality, the mind happens by itself, there is no one who is doing it. Do you really believe that who you are is abstract thinking and feeling? If so, than you are nothing but a function of the body, and than your entire purpose is indeed survival. But when inspected carefully, it is obvious that thoughts and feelings occur on their own, with no unique doer or specified thinker. There is no ownership of body or mind. Consciousness may manifest as body and mind, and may seem to believe that it is those "things", but that is precisely the illusion. If who and what you really are is not merely functions of survival and managing life, why would you like to keep living as if it is the case? Why keep trapping yourself in a dream that is not real, but make you believe that you are struggling and suffering to manage all aspects of life?
  21. Yes, I also feel aroused by DMT. I think that we have various aspects of mind that repress sexual energy. I sense it is biological-cultural and been around from the beginning of human civilization (this is only a theory). We use our sexual energy, usually, for the purpose of reproduction and stimulation of the senses. It is possible that we can get arousal just from the joy of existing. When we take a mind altering substance, it may shut off the repression of the sexual energy, and allow for arousal with no particular reason.
  22. What is there to know? It is felt. You may ingest or inhale a physical appearance, but the real transformation occurs on an energetic level. The altering of the mind causes significant shift in the subtle energy of the body. You can easily feel how chakras are influenced by this, as they become aggressively active. Even kundalini may be activated on a trip with deep awakening. So you get massive energy shift in a matter of minutes. This is taxing the energy system, and the cause for depletion of energy that is usually felt a day after the trip. If you are tripping regularly, you should really really take care of your sleep, nutrition and general use and preservation of energy. Yoga and Meditation, for example, support this because they preserve the vitality of the body and reduce the activity of mind. Why do you think people can do Ayahuasca ceremonies at night, and not go to sleep and continue to the next day almost with no rest? The energy is flowing like crazy, even though the physical body is totally exhausted. This is why it is also hard to fall sleep hours after the trip. The after glow is just the continuation of the movement of energy, and it is hard to sleep when you are so energized. So Psychedelics cause an experience of high energy, but afterwards there is depletion and heaviness because the system is not used to such extreme activity.
  23. It is possible to you are projecting. You should consider the possibility that he holds his work in high regard, and that he facilitates the best possibility for consciousness work. You can't really know whether his interest is money or making the world more conscious. On the contrary, I highly doubt that his motive is financial. If that was the case, why the fuck would he teach enlightenment? That is the most esoteric thing to do in life.