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  1. Cool, I actually remember watching a video on youtube where some dude reported on his DMT trip, that he broke through to this same white light with the same feelings. Edit: found it, lol (23:00):
  2. Yea well, all psychedelics put you into the senses. IMO, working out when tripping is a waste of precious tripping time.
  3. Lose all beliefs, and don't adopt new ones. When truth is "seen", "other" characters are just you pretending (unconsciously) not to be you. But don't take it as a belief, only as a sharing that comes from apparent "other" member in the forum.
  4. The drive to sleep with many partners is usually a form of unconsciousness by ego, yes. But it is not all pervasive. There are some who like to connect to others by sex. Other than that, it mostly an urge to either receive approval for their worthiness or feel good about themselves.
  5. Joe Rogan.. here is an example for someone who is repressing his feminine side. With all due respect to him being open regarding psychedelics, he has a lot of work to do, specifically check why he developed such a macho/masculine character.
  6. There are many possibilities that can arise in Ayahuasca ceremony, some are far beyond than meeting entities. Just be open and come with good intentions.
  7. What are conscious of that you weren't conscious of prior the trip?
  8. No, it doesn't. You are over conceptualizing the matter. Consciousness has no quality or limitation. Which means it is infinite, nothing and everything at same time. The mind (which includes the intellect) is only a limited manifestation of Consciousness. Meaning and purpose are relative notions, you create them to the benefit of survival and self-agenda. To Consciousness, the all universe can crumble and it wouldn't matter. It doesn't depend on any manifestation of form, whether physical form or mental form. Your experience of life is not separated from Consciousness. It is precisely how Consciousness manifests just by being "itself". Your life doesn't exist on its own accord. It is just how Consciousness manifests as relative phenomena. And yes, your life is completely meaningless. But meaningless life doesn't have a negative charge, because meaningless is also devoid of negative or positive meaning whatsoever. See this as the freedom to choose what meaning you assign to your life. So yes, even though biological life and human existence is astonishing and brilliant, it is simply how Infinity looks like "from the inside".
  9. The unconscious is a distinction that refers to an aspect of mind the isn't cognized, but affects your reality. In other words, there are parts to your psyche that you are not aware of. Consciousness is everything (including appearances/perception) and nothing. So it is the "phenomena that is witnessed" and not the phenomena at same time.
  10. You are not making sense, because you haven't awoke. You think that from Absolute Consciousness you would care about some finite self? When you are conscious you are infinite, there is just no point in creating a better experience for a speck of a dream in an infinite dream. Don't humanize Consciousness. There is no self agenda to Consciousness because Consciousness has no self.
  11. Anger can also arise as a reaction to getting hurt. Can you refer to the source of the scale you posted?
  12. Perceiving body or body parts does not assume the existence of an owner of this perceptions. You'd be surprised to the extent which the self is not needed. Why clones? Infinity would do just fine, you could stop there.
  13. So, if you grasped that the self is a perception that can change, how could it be who you are? What you experience as "passed time" when you wake up from sleep are the changes in your sensations prior to falling asleep.
  14. Why do you assume that someone is needed to have a thought?
  15. What do you feel before you go on munching concepts?
  16. Contrary to your false nickname, there is no one here.
  17. There is not even you. "In the seen, there is only the seen, in the heard, there is only the heard, in the sensed, there is only the sensed, in the cognized, there is only the cognized. Thus you should see that indeed there is no thing here; this, Bahiya, is how you should train yourself. Since, Bahiya, there is for you in the seen, only the seen, in the heard, only the heard, in the sensed, only the sensed, in the cognized, only the cognized, and you see that there is no thing here, you will therefore see that indeed there is no thing there. As you see that there is no thing there, you will see that you are therefore located neither in the world of this, nor in the world of that, nor in any place betwixt the two. This alone is the end of suffering."
  18. Yes, when you consume plants there are many other properties or molecules which are different between each plant. There is more in the plants other than DMT and MAOI alkaloids.
  19. Spot on. Empty looney tune character appearance.
  20. Mimosa hostilis and harmine are no Ayahuasca. Those are different plants than Chacruna (Psychotria viridis) and Ayahuasca (Banisteriopsis caapi).
  21. Just watching in the videos how the energy is manifesting through the body effects my energy body. This dude hold some really powerful transmission capability.
  22. First of all, there is no separation. So don't assume there is. Second, there are distinctions in Consciousness, so what you are actually asking is how distinctions are created? Well, for that you have to awaken to what is the nature of distinction. Of course, I could tell you that the nature of distinction (whether its created by the conceptual mind or the senses) is Nothing, but that doesn't help does it? You have to inquire on your own. Btw, if you look for a self in you or in an other, can you find it? What is the perception/appearance of a self?
  23. There is no space. Do you perceive any space? No, what you perceive is the distance between objects. Or it would be more precise to say, that you project distance onto other objects, so you can maintain the illusion of a subjective separate self. So distance is also an illusion. There is no space, there is no distance, there is no separation.
  24. From your story, it is clear you haven't awakened. Awakening is a lot simpler and deeper than all your stories. Ayahuasca will take you on a ride, but there is no guarantee you will awaken on it.