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  1. Yea, there are not really necessary tool, but they are indeed powerful in showing how deluded the false self is, and how the different aspects of mind operates. They empower greatly the possibility of Enlightenment and Transformation. They can pierce through the most negative or false belief you have regarding your self, life and existence, and show you how the depth of your misalignment with Truth, as well as the enormous energy you invest in keeping your self in a contracted state and adversarial disposition regarding the other. I would dare to say that without Psychedelics, it is almost impossible to be motivated toward a deep Transformation of self and mind. Modern culture and language has created a very limited mind patterns which creates a glass ceiling that is fortified by other programmed and self-deluded minds. Psychedelics break this ceiling and motivates you to change the self-mind you created that is the only thing that gives life to this self imposed limitations.
  2. A person cannot reach Enlightenment, because it is not a matter of relativity or mind. Yes, of course religious practice can set the stage for Enlightenment, if it keeps you honest and open. You think meditation, contemplation, yoga and psychedelics are not the "religion" of spiritual people? If not, think again. The method or the process is relative, and only serve as means for "producing" Consciousness of the Absolute. The means are not the end. Some practice or set of beliefs can open Consciousness from being anchored to mind and perception for one, and not for the other. Because we have different minds and selves, there is no ultimate practice. This is why experimenting with different practices is so crucial. So the road really doesn't matter, as long as it fits the mind in question and empowers the possibility of becoming directly conscious of our True Nature. I am not informed regarding Judaism, but isn't it believed that Moses had direct consciousness of God? Such a belief may set the stage for other to become conscious, just as (probably) every person in this forum has learned about Enlightenment from an other. So Enlightenment is only belief or hearsay anyway, unless you had the good fortune of surrendering the self without hearing about this possibility from an other. I will also suggest that if the Enlightenment is deep, than it is probable that the self will drop most if not all of the beliefs or practices, because they will become futile. The nature of Enlightenment is radical in the sense that practice isn't really needed, it is more like placebo pill - you are literally doing something that prepares you to get that there is really nothing to do or think about. This why I doubt of your impression from the guy. It is also possible that he has studied different "ways", so to speak, and has a sharp intellect/mind. If you throw some charisma into the the mix, this is a done deal. But who knows, right? You will just have to find for your self. That's my take on the matter, hope it contributed in your contemplations.
  3. The Chakra Body of knowledge is another model/map for enlightenment and transformation, so just don't get to cling to it. It is distinctions of mind, albeit useful ones for some "seekers". Eventually, it will be more direct to grasp directly how you are doing self-imposed limitations with the mind, which is what ultimately causing "blocks" in the chakras, so to speak. Any chakra-based practice - Yoga, Chanting, Meditation or what not - is just another method or process designed to lead you to directly touching your limitations, because you lost touch with this ongoing activity you took on. At some point I invite you to entertain the possibility that you can directly "open your chakras" without any practice: you'll just need to drop your self and that is no easy thing to do.
  4. Maybe you should ask your self why is it hard [for you] to stay sober while working in a nightclub. Did you even try to stay "sober"?
  5. Call what? I highly doubt that an individual can go from Yellow to Turqoise without several Enlightenments. This stage represent values that the mind won't hold without some embodying of enlightenment. Maybe it doesn't have to be balls-deep Enlightenment, but I can't see how a mind can expand beyond self, family, country, species, without "it".
  6. It sounds like you are asking what are the symptoms of Enlightenment?
  7. Why not go study with a yogi? this will save shit loads of time.
  8. It means that you this sensation, anything else would be speculation. Did you became conscious of anything with the sensation? That should be your "test". If new Consciousness arise simultaneously with the sensation maybe you can postulate that the two are connected, that some how what you became conscious of lead to a release or flow of energy in that place.
  9. Identification with "seeking" or "spiritual pursuit". Having a "spiritual" false self. This is actually quite common, because those who pursue Consciousness will probably read many spiritual texts and engage in spiritual practices such as yoga and meditation. This means that they rearranged who they are for this pursuit, and adopted a more spiritually inclined perspective of life and world. Even the distinctions they make in their experience will tilt toward spiritual understanding and analysis.
  10. What type of meditation are you practicing? Of course, it is reasonable to feel trippy after practicing meditation/contemplation/mindfulness/self-inquiry. This is because the practice effects the mind and how you solidify perceptions with it. The practice may cause "loosening" of illusory ways of looking that the mind concocted over time because of programming, past experience, thinking and what not.
  11. Who is the I that got "it"?
  12. I love Adya. But if one has no experience with Psychedelics he cannot assert opinion regarding them. He was even asked specifically if he used them, but averted from answering. Psychedelics are powerful for spiritual seekers because it helps to overcome the beliefs the one has regarding reality and that stop them from abiding in awakening. It empowers deeply the excavation of both existential and limiting beliefs that hinder our Consciousness and development as a person. This is not to say that regular practice such as meditation or contemplation is not required, on the contrary. Psychedelics just show you how much you need to adhere to your practice, because more surrender or transformation is needed. And of course, if one is spiritually oriented, than Psychedelic experience will make him more prone to Enlightenment. But it is also impossible to deny the possibility of dangers to the human vehicle or the psyche of a person. Not enough research is available regarding this matters.
  13. You are assuming that Enlightenment dissolve the mind and all past traumas at an instant, or you are basing it on your experience? Even after repeated Enlightenments, in the relative you remain a human organism with a conceptual self, and probably some life story that gives context to your present experience. Enlightenment is not transformation, although it empowers transforming for sure. But deeply rooted core beliefs or self views does not evaporate like snapping fingers. It usually takes serious work to get rid of core assumptions that flavor and color experience with tastes and shades of negativity and hindrance.
  14. I think the September 2016 video you refer to is regarding 5-MeO-DMT. But not disclosing the new substance is weird, although I find it hard to suspect that this is due to manipulation on his behalf. Probably it is more of a research principle, that he does not want to disclose his viewers to a substance, before he is sure that it can contribute to the work (and in a safe manner).
  15. I agree, but it is easier said than done. Most of our traumatic reactivity has become so automatic that changing it by choosing a new neurologic pathway when the reactivity arises requires serious attention and work. There are many methods for healing, every one should find what he resonate with the most. And what you are referring to is also a method for healing, only by overriding an automatic response with a new one. This might not work for some, because they will be "under the spell" of the automatic response, unable to override it because the reactivity is too overwhelming. They might find more healing in other method such as processing past traumas, shadow work, or what not.
  16. You reminded me of a very profound Psilocybin trip I had, in which all the distinctions between objects became "blurred", as if there was no real beginning or ending to some object, but only blurring into "space" or to some other object. It is the mind that solidifies objects and create "sharp" distinctions which in turn create the illusion of separation.
  17. No, Enlightenment is not a state. But Enlightenment (and repeated Enlightenments for sure) can create changes in the self-mind and dissolve some of the sense of self, which will probably lead to less thinking and more flow.
  18. He is highly intelligent, but something about his energies doesn't feel right. It does feel like an ego thing, that he is holding a lot of hurt, abger, fear, jealousy and other negative emotions, that fuel his desire to be someone and exhibit dominance over others. And all this cigar and fancy stuff is corny and low IMO. I suspect that those who resonate with him has some appeal for this luxury life style while being spiritual gimmick. Like an Osho thing - "I enjoy both spiritual and material aspects of life" - as if there is any difference. The difference might be that Osho used this gimmick to merge east and west and to socially experiment on creating different society (which proved a total failure because he didn't know how to handle the administration). With facilitators like Spira, Adya, Ralston, and maybe more, Benitho is unnecessary.
  19. Not very informative or exciting IMO. He speaks too much, too loud, and diverts to side stories that I can't give less about. I suspect that his enormous success comes from sweet talking and feel good techniques. I don't question his intelligence or success, but I highly doubt that he is an highly conscious individual. He is a self-help "guru" for the mob, not for those who are serious to transcend all ignorance.
  20. You have 24,330 posts in this forum, you claim to have "felt" God many times, and yet you believe that God is here to teach "us" love and unity and preach to believe in God and in his infinite grace. I don't mean to harm you, but don't you see how ignorant that sound? I'd say that if you really had realized God, you wouldn't need any beliefs regarding this matter. Belief is a conceptual activity. When you ask members to believe in God, you are asking them to put some conceptual activity as a replacement for Truth. That is no different from any religion. I would suggest you stop with all this conceptual nonsense and mental masturbation, and start getting serious.
  21. He is just too much invested in intellectualizing. It's Consciousness locked inside a prison fortified with information, articulation, theories, paradigms and what not. I suspect that if he will consume LSD or Psilocybin even at a regular dose, it can do wonders to him. It will open him to a new domain of experiences that his hunger for intellectual completion will latch onto and he will expand his research into Psychedelics and Consciousness. I sense that he could be of great contributor to the Consciousness/Psychedelic revolution, if he could only set himself loose outside the barriers of his own mind. This won't be easy because first of all it seems he has too much resistance to dipping his toes outside of intellect and into the unknown, and he will have to admit that he was ignorant for so long and too biased towards the science of Psychology and dogmatic about it.
  22. Because humans (as well as other life forms) can cultivate and generate activities that are totally misaligned with Truth. You can create distinctions that serve Truth and you can create distinctions that distance you from the Truth. The drive to survive and ignorance lead to cultivation of distinctions that distort reality. You can ask the same question even regarding minor forms of violence. It usually takes incredible amount of self inquiry before you dispel your most fundamental ignorance.
  23. You can contemplate what emotions are. Their are rooted in the principle of survival. As a any life form, the human organism generates activities to keep surviving in some form. Because we are more complex organisms, we have more complex functions of survivals, like emotions. Did you ever got into an interaction with a less complex organism than you, that generated some activity to deter you from getting into their territory or hurt them in any way? Maybe you encountered a cat the hissed at you, or a spider that fled to the corner of the room, or a fly that escaped your hands when you tried to smash it. Every organism generate response to a stimulus when the stimuli is perceived and interpreted to have some effect on its survival. Human are no different in principle, but are more complex in their response to the stimuli. A spider will probably won't try to take vengeance on you because you cleared out its web. A mosquito will not be angry at you for trying to end his life. A scorpion will not fall in love for another scorpion. A dog will not be shy of exposing his/her genitals in front of other sentient beings. But it is probable that everyone of them will try to stay away from you if you are harming them, or try to deter you in some way, or attack you if needed. The point is to get that human emotion is built on the same principle the cause every organism to produce some response to a stimuli that constitutes threat to their form. Try and see any of your emotions in that context. Then try to observe your emotional response in any given situation from a standpoint that is not identified with the activity of the emotion. You can also contemplate why you produced that emotion in response for the given circumstances, and whether or not this response served you or disempowered you in some way. You can also ask yourself when you started generating this emotions, why, an so on. And you are misleading your self if you think that you are the epitome of Love, while 'others' are not. Other may generate activities or manipulations that are not aligned with their True Nature, but that is not to say that they any different in their essence from you.