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  1. You should read about the sacred secretion and kundalini. Semen transmutates the sexual energy thru the lymph up to the brain, with disciplined lifestyle and mediatation, and in the brain it becomes DMT, thats how saints achieved enlightenment, not cheating with psychedellics.
  2. We as a human unit decode the reality of the third dimension thru the 5 senses, and then the brain creates a "image" about how things are. Without brain there is not management of reality... so without brain there would be nothing to be consciouss of. Thats why God incarnates into beings with brain, to experience its creation in the material dimension. We as individuals kinda co-create this reality.. so it would be more accurate to call it the collective consciousness not just consciousness.
  3. srtongman and powerlifters, they train for strenght not fo looking good, and have even bigger egos than bodybuilders.
  4. I dont have any orange shadow, I just wanted to expose wrong claims to prevent people of injury. This person had a infantile reaction, with anger and violence this is stupid no matter what. I'm not pretending to feel superior, I just avoid conflicts, and this kind ogf guys interpret any disagreements with a attempt to his honour and other paranoids.
  5. Yes, Osho is one of the best spiritual mentors ever. Its sad that people like leo believed the gaslighting documentary by the establishment against him. Osho was bad, i saw it in netflix... ooga booga!
  6. You dont understand the situation. I exposed in social media that his system was wrong so newbies dont fall in his mistake. He became so anger that said if I countinued exposing his mistakes he'd go to my home to beat me.
  7. laziness is homeostasis, your body needs it
  8. PURE EGO. I've been personal trainer for 12 years. I've met lot of bodybuilders and they have a huge narcissistic ego. Once I had a discussion with a bb pro about his training system which was scientifically wrong and stupid, he instead of accepting the critique tokk that as a personal attack to his ego. Dont want to generalize but often they are dumb and just accept flattery, other than that are attacks. usually the muscle development is a compensation for psychological issues, feeling inferior, small...
  9. Keep being more conscious, but a lot more! And you will understand that these people who suffer need to experience this suffering to learn new lessons and evolve. In fact they choose this sufferings before coming to this world.
  10. The farmer gone green and stoped exploiting the cows. A enlightened farmed would know that theres nobody to exploit because its everything an illusion.
  11. The topics are gone too meta so quickly. It is needed a whole generation of people to become actualized. Then the meta topics would have sense. People works 9-5, you cannot pretend them to evolve so quick, and leo has been adapting the content to his own personal development, thats the mistake. A guy who works on himdelf all day long and does meditation retreats and psychedellics is light-years away from normies
  12. Do you think, it would have been possible to survive without the ego? Only with intelligence and intuition?
  13. Yo can never be alone unless you live in a isolation chamber. For example if you live alone inawoods yo are with nature, plants, animals... thats a way healthier environment than living in a sick society
  14. We all know That JP is referring to toxic feminism, not equality of rights. For example for entering in the police or fireworkers the physical tests are easier for women, this is wrong, because a criminal or a fire is not gonna say oh its is a woman, lets her put things easier... This kind of feminism tries to put things easier for women so they dont get offended or victimized. So they end up being snowflakes.
  15. You are envying the bliss of the ignornant. But you finding actualized.org is not casuality, it comes from hunger of knowledge that some of us have inside. Yeh, it sucks knowing too much, some of the thinks we discover are sad, but high awarenes and acces to knowledge is a privilege. We must somehow integrate it to our daily life. The main issue is to find the way.
  16. I think similar to you but I need a place to call home, as a introverted and zodiac cancer my shell, my temple is my little echosystem where I feel safe and can recharge my batteries, so being a wanderer is not a option. Im saving money to live in a cabin with the minimum, I wish I could be free like you but I feel bad and anxious outside my home.
  17. Anxiety is mainly genetic, I mean overdeveloped survival mechanism, high alertness and fly or fight response as a byproduct of living in dangerous environments. The problem is the past survival threats are now substituted by daily problems in our jobs, which makes anxiety and stress more constant, and thats unhealthy.
  18. No. Monogamy was natural when women need the support of a man when living in nature was dangerous, needed resources, food, security... when the love ended women remained with their man because they had life needs resolved. The problem is we live in a artificial unnatural society where women has all life solved just by working. So once the love ends they have no reason to remain with his man.
  19. The reaason why carnivore diet cant be forever is because people dont eat organs, just muscle meat. If you eat organs and muscle you find the right balance of nutrients.
  20. My supervisor works 12h a day, he has no life. I cannot understand why he does that. Suprisingy he often receives packages from amazon at work, he is addicted to buy gadgets and stupid things, this is his coping mechanism.
  21. I'm loving this 10 min clips because due my job I cannot have the luxury to spend 2 hours watching the other videos.
  22. being able to not be in actualized forum all day like you do
  23. Quit my job, do what I always wanted, try all foods and drugs, travel in my own way, seek enlightenment, pickup hot girls i never had the balls to... And take lsd when I feel my death is coming.
  24. Im mr cortisol and im telling what i've done. Rhodiola in the morning, ashwagandha in the evening. Magnesium bisclicinate before bed and after waking up. Phospatidylserine with a meal. these are the top supplements for lowering cortisol. I discovere I had high cortisol when trying intermitent fasting. This is not for us, because fasting increases cortisol, we need to take a bit of carbs every 3 hours. take care.