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  1. @Artsu the mentioned empath also struggels with taking action and he has shown me why. he feels how his body is emerged with the rest of the environment like air or everything he touches, feels like half way completelely dissolved in the universe. in such a state i struggled to find interest for anything else but my own existence of just perceiving as well.
  2. @Artsu he knows he is an empath and is doing it intentionally
  3. Dr. Greger was one of the early birds to warn us about nCov epidemic. He's researched infectious diseases and is a promoter of the whole foods plant based diet on his website: According to him a new bird flu virus might cause a new pandemic and it will be 100 times deadlier than nCov ( covid 19 ), predicting a 40% death rate. It's interesting to see how ethical values are entangled with our own fate, i think it's a good mechanism our universe has. Regardless, it really is about time to stop all the animal consumption nonsense globally. This might be a gold warning.
  4. @wwhy i feel for you, but thank god we humans aren't lions though.
  5. @JessiChell Thank you. I wish you all the best!
  6. @JessiChell I wasn't planning on arguing. Originally this post was about Leo not being vegan. I was trying to find out why and maybe could help with that, but some seem to get triggered.
  7. Does that mean you're vegan? @Display_Name You have very strong delusional ideas of what people are and do.
  8. @Display_Name because i have ego?
  9. @WelcometoReality yes, it reduces the inflammation, but doesn't remove the fungus.
  10. @WaveInTheOcean this really speaks to my heart.
  11. @Leo Gura Was that directed at me? Regardless, why not? What do you have to lose?
  12. @Leo Gura all sorts of nuts? So that means there exists a period during a year where you can skip animal products and use avocados instead. I am very interested, what does your typical diet look like? What are your main calorie sources? What type of animals do you eat?