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  1. How do I know things exist?
    How do I know things exist?
    What you see is what exists.

  2. Practised brutal honesty with my first FWB/gf
    Practised brutal honesty with my first FWB/gf
    This is not acceptance.
    To accept a shadow aspect of you, it means that you genuinely become interested in it. There is a part of you that wants you to act like an asshole towards a girl that withholds pussy from you. This part of you wants control, it wants the steering wheel and it knows that you give in to emotions, so it rocks the boat. Now, to accept it, you ask yourself what needs does this part of you actually have and recognize that they are really fucking important. Then, you promise to yourself that you will strive to fulfill these needs, but you will not let this part of you control the whole of you. This part of you is not evil, it has no ill intent. It just wants its needs met, like a little baby that is crying. And this part is you, and your needs are really fucking important. You get that?
    Then you can ask yourself a lot of questions and try to honestly answer them. With a pen and a piece of paper. It is okay if you don't know the answers yet, but recognize that they are important. Spend some time with that part. You can give it a name if it makes you feel good. This is the key here: this inquiry is supposed to feel good. You want to take care of that part of you, like it were your baby. Be gentle with it. You are not doing a vivisection, you ought to recognize that this part of you is precious, that it communicates something that is very important to you. So important that it is willing to throw a fit because you are not listening to it properly. It may not want to talk to you at first, but if you spend some time with it each time it appears, then it will open up to you eventually.
    When it appeared, you gave up control and let a small part of you take the steering wheel. You are smarter than that small part and you will be able to fulfill its needs better than it otherwise would autonomously. Being an asshole will not get you the kind of pussy you need.
    Letting go does not mean that this small part is unimportant and that you will be immune to its influence. To sweep its needs under the rug is to reject it and we are not doing that. Letting go is seeing the emotions for what they are and waiting through the storm to act intelligently and with integrity. Integrity means the whole of you, as one being, with clarity. After you let go of emotions, you still remember the promise you made with yourself, right? 
    That is a good sign. Tears are good. This is a good place to start the inquiry. Remember: be gentle.
    Trust me, porn is not the issue here. It is an issue to some degree, but you haven't faced these issues yet.
    Stop guilting yourself for watching porn. Sex is really fucking important and you are trying to fulfill these needs in whatever ways you can.
    This part that keeps talking things that make you feel guilty needs a name. I named mine "trainer" because it tries to train you as if you were a circus animal. You are not an animal and you should silence that part whenever you can.
    Therapy will help you. I highly encourage it. These thoughts are how the trainer keeps you on the leash. Don't pay any attention to them.

  3. Bright Brilliant Beautiful
    Bright Brilliant Beautiful

  4. Got rejected by text
    Got rejected by text
    You're not gonna find love without fucking first.

  5. Question for parents & Anger about these talks not existing in my youth
    Question for parents & Anger about these talks not existing in my youth
    1) Feel into the hurt sourcing the anger. Keep feeling it.
    2) Don't have a child out of external or material obligation. Only if you really want one.

  6. Practised brutal honesty with my first FWB/gf
    Practised brutal honesty with my first FWB/gf
    You fucked up real bad here, boy.
    What are you thinking being brutally honest on a date? It reeks of neediness and low-value.
    The first month of dating should be all fun and games. No serious talk! No serious talk until you sleep with her at least half a dozen times.
    Stop using your dates as therapy.
    Because you set the BOYFRIEND FRAME. Now she will withhold pussy from you for days and weeks. If you were fun and playful she would have had sex with you and everything would have been great. But you had to go and act needy and serious with her.
    You have to treat sex like it means nothing. Like it's as common as chewing gum to you. When you make it a big deal, so will she.
    You'll be lucky if she ever sleeps with you at all. A quality girl would never call you back after that.
    Learn proper dating theory.
    And don't listen to her stupid self-biased advice.
    You fell into every newb trap in the dating book.
    WTF is this gay needy nonsense???
    No! No! No!
    Keep it light and playful.
    P.S. If you haven't had sex with her, she is certainly not your gf.

  7. My tolerance for Trump supporters is at an all-time low. Is this normal?
    My tolerance for Trump supporters is at an all-time low. Is this normal?
    Of course! Of course people who make a life purpose out of punching each other in the face love Trump. Big surprise.
    Of course
    Yes, of course!
    This isn't rocket science. Don't let them gaslight you into thinking you must meet them half way. You shouldn't meet devilry half way.
    No amount of excuse-making, rationalizing, or arguing will change the fact that devilry is devilry.

    @Lucas Kehr Dude, I've seen the Greer documentaries and conspiracy theories. Please.

  9. Share Your Vision Board Here!
    Share Your Vision Board Here!
    @Sage_Elias That was a rare one I found. Look up rainbow family gatherings couple and you might find it. I'll post my new vision board here now. It's much better for me, but I still think I may want to change a thing or two coming up! Btw you guys are all making really good ones. I am impressed by all of you!

  10. Is Red Pill Bullshit ?
    Is Red Pill Bullshit ?
    Of course
    And also, nothing says you have to love her in a blind and stupid way. You can love people without becoming their doormat.
    If you grow and mature as a man, you will be wise enough to preempt any kind of exploitation that some women might do to you. It is weak men who get exploited by women.

  11. Why should I go to college?
    Why should I go to college?
    There’s no universal remedy for everyone. Same with schools and colleges. If you don’t like the one you study in now, then try to find another school. Same with colleges. If you don’t want your college, you can change it. You don’t even have to quit it, make a transfer to another one. I’ve done that. I didn’t like my college and had to work with essayshark all the time, because teachers did nothing, but gave us lots of assignments. I waited till the end of the semester and then changed the place.

  12. How can you realize infinity and forget it?
    How can you realize infinity and forget it?
    God doesn't need to. Ego does so out of fear.
    At a higher level, God imagines "others" so that it can share its Love. Without an imaginary other there is no one to share Love with.

  13. Transpersonal Journal
    Transpersonal Journal
    The fluid ego removes fear! Notice that even animals at the prepersonal stage have fear in the form of the biological fight-or-flight response. And we humans have the same kind of fear plus the fear caused by our thinking. The Bible says that perfect love casts out fear. And Leo said that the devil is the ego. I think that's a brilliant observation. The ego is the belief in separation which is what the devil is.
    The devil is the belief in separation, a principle, not some being running around underground keeping sulfur burning. And our society is a "fallen" world precisely because it runs on the devil principle. And I find it useful to recognize society as a separate object, just as the personal ego is a separate object. And objects have no will of their own so there is no need to fear anything, people, society or nature.
    The crystallized ego has fear because it experiences itself as a separate object and outside people, events and power structures as separate things. And when society remains fallen, remains run by the devil principle (the Bible says that the devil is the prince of this world) then fear and conflicts continue. Even animals in nature are governed by the devil principle, but not always. For example J. Krishnamurti was practicing hatha yoga in nature when a wild chimpanzee came up to him and took Krishnamurti's hand in her hand. The usual wild chimp behavior would have been of fear or aggression!

  14. How can you realize infinity and forget it?
    How can you realize infinity and forget it?
    "Your experience Leo" << there's no such thing. You imagine this. It will not end because it never began.
    You are hallucinating me. I am hallucinating you. And if you fully realize this, nothing remains.
    You = Me
    It's a mindfuck so don't expect it to make logical sense.
    And don't you dare take this on as a belief.

  15. Experience of the Void is different??
    Experience of the Void is different??
    Love is the void.
    When you realize bad is an illusion, Good is all that remains.

  16. Experience of the Void is different??
    Experience of the Void is different??
    If the void was bad, it wouldn't be void.
    Anything "bad" is obviously an ego reaction and not inherent to reality.

  17. My disagreement with Leo Gura on the direction of self-actualization
    My disagreement with Leo Gura on the direction of self-actualization
    @OrpheusNovum You are REALLY lost in concepts.
    Everything you said above is a conceptual fantasy that your mind constructed. Time, space, physics, objectivity, depression, body, mind, inner, outer, other people, nihilism, solipsism, Aristotle, Nietzsche, ancient Greece -- are all mental fabrications.
    If you think is "nihilistic" or "solipsistic" you are really not understanding nonduality, spirituality, or consciousness yet.
    Neither focusing on the mind or the body is the real solution. What is necessary is to self-reflect and become more conscious. Consciousness is neither inner nor outer, neither mind or body. What you call "the body" is really just another aspect of your mind. And the entire domain of mind is unreal anyways.
    More practically-speaking, if you're new to this work (and it's obvious you are given what you wrote), nothing I say is against the body per se. If you are stuck in depression and you want to use a body-based approach for breaking out, like Hatha yoga, gym, cleaning up your diet, going out to nightclubs with your friends, starting a business, going mountain-climbing, etc. -- that can be a useful approach. But in the end it will not be a root solution to depression because depression is deeply rooted in your metaphysical disconnection from consciousness & being. No amount of body work will solve that. No amount of success will solve that. For that, you must deeply investigate the inner workings of your own mind and your entire identity.
    The deepest work you can do it is done in solitude sitting on a cushion. But this is advanced work. Most people are not yet ready to do that. They need a lot of external actions first. And that's okay. I have nothing against taking external action. I spent many years taking external actions. But nowadays I'm at the point in my own development where I mostly care about internal actions. Pretty much all of your external actions are driven by ego, and this is the root problem. You are not going to solve that problem through more external action. But this is not to say external actions are somehow bad. In practice most people need to take a lot of external action when getting started with personal development.
    Not only is objectivity not necessary, it is impossible! There is no such thing! You made it up.

  18. Emotional regulation journal
    Emotional regulation journal
    I contemplate things whenever someone has something to say - I have somewhat of a competitive streak to get to the bottom of things - the farther along I get on my journey, I'm beginning to trust my intuition more and more - and so I like to overcome it if I can... if it rings true.  I've decided to make a list of some of my triggers. No idea what to do with them yet, but at least they will be there in list form to come over at a later date.
    Animal and child abuse - This one really gets to me because I have a good imagination and I can feel it in my body when someone mentions the abuse, when people talk about harming living things, especially things that are vulnerable and can't stand up for themselves.  It really gets to me, like, I'm really angry right now. I'm doing housework and things that are heavy I can carry around much easier because I'm so furious and adrenalized.  It puts you in a weak position because you want to protect that thing and there's absolutely nothing you can do.  The moment you abuse something you spoil it, you ruin it... for life.  That human or creature will never be able to interact with the world in a comfortable way ever again.  And the fact is when it comes to that sort of stuff it's very easy to stop... you just make the decision never to do it again.  I used to have aggressive impulses in my childhood and early teens, and I simply made the decision not to do it anymore. It was really that simple.  I'm the sort of person that won't kill an insect if I find it in my home, I'll capture it and put it outside or if it is something that predates on other household bugs then I will leave it there.  In fact, because I'm such a competitive jerk... I think maybe I'll become a vegetarian. So take that! Pick up artistry/players, cheating, objectifying women - This really triggers me because there is no way for a woman to be truly feminine when men feel entitled to do these sorts of things.  femininity is a form of submission and if you put a woman in a position of having to fight then you set someone up for failure.  And then they complain that women are distrustful, underdeveloped, lack nurturing instincts, ect.  It's a pandemic - this is why so many women want nothing to do with men - the reason why people are not in stable relationships anymore because men are too weak.  Men are not able to view a woman as a human being only as an object that they can f*** that crosses off a list of objectifying expectations. And I don't think that pickup artistry helps this in any way.  I don't understand why this generation of men can't just learn to socialize with people in a normal manner, you don't need to learn mind games in order to talk to people.  Be up front and be yourself without needing to have an end goal in mind.  They tend to cheat a lot, too.  Most are abusive monsters when you take off all the onion layers.  I feel as though instead of having normal human emotions, that most men just have goal oriented drives that need to be satiated.  Masculine energy is devolving while feminine energy is evolving.  I had a premonition when I was able to intuit the two polarities between the masculine and the feminine a week or so ago, and what I felt is as though the feminine will not merge with masculine, as though there will be a collective leap away from it, and that this will happen on a large scale.  According to the Emerald Tablets, when two the polarities of nature are not in sync, that's what causes death, in the individual and I am assuming... in the masses as well - and so I have a feeling that something quite nefarious is going to happen to mankind and I feel that it is mostly perpetuated by men.  The collective karma that they have done to women over thousands of years has disrupted our species evolution.  I wonder why Eve was considered the first sinner.  And I question if it isn't somewhat well deserved. And at times, I feel like the literal embodiment of the devil insofar that if I were to die and I had to merge with masculine energy I would probably move away from it and create my own world, which is what Satan did.  Of course I'm still just a dumb, ignorant, silly, pedantic, stupid little human, so it's possible that if I had a better understanding after this life time, that these feelings would seem quite arbitrary and pointless.  And who's to say we weren't gifted with that opportunity already? Hard to know considering I don't remember ever having died before. I'm digressing a bit here... masculine energy seems to be so rigid and strict, while feminine energy seems to come to the same conclusions, but just like a spiral it starts from one point and just takes its time, circularly, until an idea is fully fleshed out.  Just like nature, which no one seems to really truly respect.  I think that women are the superior sex and that's why men try to control them.  We have the power of creation in multiple different ways.  Nature is feminine, and the society that we have created for ourselves is very masculine, and so when humanity moves back to the Earth - connects to nature's link, it's internet - it will be women who lead the way because most men really can't connect to nature, except for maybe a few, but for the most part it's a feminine thing. Spiritual bypassing - I know it's not really any of my business, but when I see someone bypassing and claiming to be farther along than they are, it bothers me because to really get to a certain place it takes a lot of work, sometimes a lot of suffering.  It's the equivalent of putting a name tag on your chest that says 'Hi, I'm a heart surgeon!' and walking into hospital in the middle of an open heart surgery, and attempting to take over, and thinking that that is a okay thing to do and that other people should play along.  If I have to do a bunch of work and introspect, and look like a dysregulated c*** then everyone else should too.  This seems to be one area where monkey see monkey do is not applicable.  I think I would have less issues with it if I didn't have to go through the fear of death, still overcoming sickness, and losing a lot in order to have an Awakening experience - and don't get me wrong it isn't a 'I've suffered more type of thing' - it's more like I feel like I'm connected to the spirit of the earth and y'all are f****** killing me and I f****** resent it. Racism/ableism/group think - I don't understand the point of racism and ableism towards people.  You have to wait until someone does a f****** action before you can decide.  If I was a black woman I would be f****** pissed at the way white people treated me.  If I was Asian I would be f****** pissed at being objectified for my race.  If I was Hispanic I would want people to know that I was in this country legally.  Racism hits a soft spot for me because as someone who is on the autism spectrum I understand ableism pretty well and it comes from the same root place.  I wouldn't say that I'm completely color blind but race is generally not the very first thing that I notice, unless someone has a photo of themselves in an online profile.  You don't really have a whole lot to go off of.  As for groupthink, I detest it.  I don't know how many times I have been swayed off of my path by listening to someone who didn't know what the f*** they were talking about, only the later to find out that my intuition could have led me to the proper conclusion all along.  It's like people can't see that group think is very primitive and animalistic, I'm sure it has its place I don't know what that would be yet.  It's like if one person says a thing then another human being has the instinctual need to interject the exact same opinion, and it just goes on and on and on and on.  It's repetitive and I get bored after a while.  You know, I'm animalistic I wear f****** dog ears sometimes for christ sake, and yet I still find that stuff to be an obnoxious waste of my time.  But people seem to love that s*** they lap it up like soft serve ice cream coming out of an elephant's butthole. Okay, contemplation time, after I get done with my other studies.
    Notes: when I get home
    Notes: when I get home
    Note: You can use your desire to always be right, by doing what you can to always be right.
    All the things you have to learn to love to remain in that unified field.  It's hard dammit.
    That's what's killing me.
    Broken heart ? Literally, not some shloppy metaphor.
    Ugh... Ok you're right Roy, Mu and Gest, I conceed. ? But so am I.
    I guess while I'm being upfront, this is why I hate this guy:
    ? I'm sorry.  You are probably a good person, still not sure, but either way, I am tired of caring about what other folks are doing.
    No hard feelings.
    Ok, who else?
    Leo, I am sorry for getting pissed at your pick up artist ways.  I respect you in every other way and I'll learn not to judge it someday.
    Zig, I'm sorry for flipping out, I was wasted.  I don't remember what I said.  Brown out.  I don't drink much anymore, except when visiting family sometimes.  It is quite rare as I am a ragey binge drinker and like to avoid that.
    Who else?
    I'm sorry Emerald for getting triggered due to thinking you were judging me a few years back.
    I'm sorry to spider woman, you're awesome and I have a girl crush on you.
    Who else?
    Martin, I am sorry I got on your case when 'remember' was pestering you.  You are sweet and you give good advice.
    And to any pick up artist I have pestered.... I.... Sort of... kind of... maybe someday... will give two fucks.

  19. Why didn't Jesus write his actual teachings down?
    Why didn't Jesus write his actual teachings down?
    We already have that. There are 100s of people akin to Jesus alive and teaching today.
    Sadhguru is one obvious example of a modern day Jesus type. And there are hundreds of others. It's just that everyone takes such people for granted. The only reason you put Jesus on a pedestal is because of a relentless 2000 year old marketing campaign. Jesus got $50 trillion dollars worth of free marketing. Good luck competing with that.

  20. RANDOM THOUGHTS: These are things I think about
    RANDOM THOUGHTS: These are things I think about
    "GLOW UP":  So I'm learning about certain beauty/ grooming skills as a grown-ass adult, not related to what's in this video. I've learned some useful info from this woman's channel, but she seems to have the answer (actual beauty wizard) to everything and it makes me feel like such a scrub sometimes! Like no matter how much effort I put into self-care, I find it impossible to imagine being this level of high maintenance.
    I have been meaning to try full body clay masks though, in addition to my usual beauty stuff. I guess I'm more high maintenance as I'm getting older, but it's like... if you don't put in the effort and take care of yourself, you can't suddenly fix your skin so easily, if at all.
    Also, her marble bathtub makes me feel such a peasant.

    FUN FACT: Don't let your clay mask dry and crack on your skin; it's probably the main thing that is drying out your skin and possibly causing irritation, although I am aware some people really like that temporary skin tightening effect.
    The clay she uses it great thought; it's just bentonite clay (this is calcium bentonite which is a more popular choice for external usage, while sodium bentonite is generally preferred for internal consumption, to my understanding). A popular thing to do is to apparently mix it with apple cider vinegar but I find that far too burning and harsh on my skin. I've found that it's great for cleaning out your pores, for pimples, and just generally your face feels super clean and fresh after. I've found also that it seems to help with my genetic dark circles which I am crap at covering with makeup anyways.
    I usually mix it with something which is not water (e.g. nut milk or something else) because the texture is much smoother and more satisfying to put on, but it's also far easier and faster to mix together as well.

    J appreciates this stuff too, but flips out when I put it too close to his eyes. Also, he said that the name is pretty racist, and since when are Aztecs Indians? Well, it just shows how low effort the original people doing trading expeditions were, haha. You people are all Indian (as in, from the Indian subcontinent)... because that's what we want you to be. (???)

  21. Question for Leo
    Question for Leo
    @Caitwin Not a fan. There are much better philosophies to read.
    Try Nagarjuna or Plotinus instead.
    Remember, there is A LOT of dualistic delusion within Western philosophy, so be careful not to waste your time wading through bullshit. Go straight for the highest nondual teachings.
    You can easily spend 20 years reading Western philosophy and still not get any closer to Truth. With that said, there is the occasional gem and I still encourage everyone to think through philosophical questions for themselves. Philosophy is not meant to be read or believed, it must be DONE! -- as in: contemplate everything for yourself.
    The power of philosophy lies more in the questions than in the answers. If you are not contemplating for yourself, you are not actually doing any philosophy.

  22. Plato's Republic vs More's Utopia
    Plato's Republic vs More's Utopia
    Platos republic would be a totalitarian dystopia, with little regard for the individual, political self-determination and free expression. Each of us would from an early age have to squeese into one of platos 3 made up "types of people" and spend our life fufilling the role "appropriate" for our assignes caste. Political power would be concentrated in one absolute bloc, the ruling caste. The majority of us, put into one of the two non-ruling casts, would have no means of influencing this echo chamber of aloof rulers. 
    Massive propaganda efforts would make us submit to our "natural place" in society, convincing us that what the ruling caste decrees as idea for the city per definition has to be ideal for each of us as individuals. There would be no room for dissidents. 
    I havnt read More, so I have no comment about his idea. 

  23. why not just becoming a monk ?
    why not just becoming a monk ?
    This is a very simplistic and reductionistic perspective.
    You transcend the mind and body, but the mind and body is still a huge part of your human incarnation.
    Not taking care of your body and mind, being addicted, being broke -- these things will strengthen ego and make you miserable.
    At your current stage -- which I can tell isn't very high -- I would worry less about transcendence and more about mastering basic survival, so you are a fully-functioning and mature ego.
    Then you can shift focus to transcendence. You will simply not be capable of transcending if your ego is underdeveloped.

  24. The Allure Of Identity
    The Allure Of Identity
    Yes, no different than if you were a man in a conservative small town, and started saying you're a woman.
    People would look at you like you are insane. Because hardly anyone understands that these categories are mentally and socially constructed.

  25. Transpersonal Journal
    Transpersonal Journal
    Another insight I got is what nonduality teacher Roger Castillo recommended which is to do whatever we feel like in each moment. This can be put in the context of personal developmental stages!
    At the personal stage there is the belief in being a separate doer. Roger says that there isn't any separate doer. And that's consistent with the transpersonal stage. And to do whatever we feel like can from the personal perspective easily be interpreted as impulsive and reckless action. That's a pre-trans fallacy. Because conflict is a result of the belief in being a separate entity. And in the transpersonal stage that belief is transcended so to do what one feels like then becomes harmonious action.
    AND, another very interesting observation is that doing what we feel like doing that is NOT choice, unless there is confusion. When there is confusion the mind starts to think and compare several options, so the direct action is lost, the flow is lost, the feelings are distrusted and we become trapped in the personal stage.
    And it's necessary at the personal stage to think and compare different choices, because otherwise it's a regression into the impulsive ego stage which is an even lower stage of development. That's the pre-conceptual stage. The trans-conceptual stage is doing what we feel like without confusion and without conflict.