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  1. @Loving Radiance The ratings are non-consensual in Nosedive. and what purpose is it? toxic families/institutions certainly could make it an epic failure though. Stage yellow's global revolution would need a coherent set of values first and foremost, they can't rely on technology to fix and solve the INNER problems of the world (emotional and mental health, which are en vogue nowadays, thankfully.)
  2. Enlightenment is self realization. Pure and simple. @Leo calls it God, but it's really something that most philosophies talk about, which has something to do with our individuated state, some kind of ideal self that can turn shit into gold and thus affirm human existence, including our sufferings.
  3. But that would be the death of understanding, aka idiocy.
  4. A stage yellow world would have some kind of technology that allows you to have like an in-build rating system (a hologram) floating like a halo maybe from your body (for all people to see), where all of your associations, affiliations and relationships are listed, and as a rule you have an overall rating based on all of the individual ratings given to you by everyone you are in a relationship with / spend time with.
  5. I'm not your friend, or anything damn -- That mind-body problem might be one of the great mysteries of the universe, along with the free-will determinism one.
  6. Thats why shadow work is a prominent part of the new age community these days. They probably realized that its not all love and light like people did in the 60s.
  7. Would prefer to have the editor unnamed. Too much fame may affect his/her performance.
  8. Power Powerlessness = weakness = no boundaries / depression / annihilation Love Love feels good Values To be able to both have power and love we need values
  9. Man I was the 6th subscriber damn
  10. Fear is an outcome of perceived powerlessness
  11. @BipolarGrowth it's not about business in general, but the way he produces so much content. Compare this to someone like Robert greene's channel. Or chuck palahniuk (who doesn't even have a channel.) Sadhguru turned his mysticism into a business, and only time will tell if he actually provided anything meaningful or not.
  12. Don't tell me what to do without providing a concrete reason not to do so.
  13. @GirzoNope, Sadhguru is certainly a part of the New Age movement, along with guys like Eckhart Tolle and Mooji. That might be good, his influence over his own country at least, but as far as teachings go I haven't found a single valuable piece of wisdom from him. Westerners like his "esoteric teachings" but if it's so good then why does he keep pumping out the same content as if it's a business? Which might be what his work really is.
  14. @SQAAD eh. Sadhguru not my cup of tea either, worse than JBP if I'm being honest. The New Age in general, I'm not a big fan of.
  15. Happy birthday Leo enjoy your psychs hehe.
  16. When we are able to view something without a biased judgement. "sed intelligere" - in the words of baruch spinoza.
  17. @SS10 Yes, given that their cultural conditioning is stronger, and a conformist and collectivist culture (in which conservativism falls under) by nature tends to be more primitive (because it's not innovative). Collectivism and conformity: Individualist culture: Both have downsides, but to me being able to form your own opinion and break FREE from tribe mentality are such such a progress for our civilization.
  18. The only way to understand psychosis is to study it.
  19. Human behavior for dummies
  20. Life is all that there is Story of my life The storm aka life. Chaos, change, suffering. Consciousness and nothingness. Duality and nonduality, and so on and so forth.
  21. NPD is a personality disorder, literally. Then there's healthy narcissism and the more a*shole-ish type. But they're different from npd.