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  1. This one hasn't got any lyrics but I'm pretty sure it's about enlightenment. okay i'll leave now.
  2. All jokes aside, the original OP's post is an example of why it is important to have made solid introspective strides with philosophy and metaphysics before embarking on psychedelics. I'm talking about the Cartesian evil demon, idealism, materialism, Christ Consciousness and so forth. The guy seems to have been a little bit shocked as to what was "discovered". But why? Understanding that you are an eternal-being is one of the most fundamental things that you can know, and that comes by way of the knowledge that un-consciousness cannot manifest in the first-person. You don't need psychedelics to understand this. Therefore there cannot be a moment when you are not having an experience. All that can change is the nature of that experience. That isn't and shouldn't be a dystopian concept. It sounds funny but within Eternity there simply isn't time to be bored, lonely or crazy. Even being bored, lonely or crazy eventually becomes boring, and lonely (not to mention crazy). These are just negative experiences that you've lost control of. If you are intent on experiencing the divine, one must have solid seated foundations within their own sovereignty. Divinity without sovereignty equals insanity. Besides, one could even comment that boredom is just a negative way of talking about desire. An optimist may desire to eat, while a pessimist has simply become bored of not-eating. Nonetheless, this is all academic relative to the perspective of the omnipotent God. To suggest that the omnipotent God suffers from boredom, loneliness or craziness would imply that the omnipotent God is in bondage to a higher force: Boredom, loneliness and craziness. This is an oxymoron and completely impossible. If such a thing were true, it would not be an omnipotent God. There is literally nothing to fear.
  3. I was thinking about the tangible sensations that we associate with consciousness-in-the-now, relative to the wish-washy etiolated sensations of memory and future perceptions. A clear distinction exists between the loudness of the now, compared with the soft hues of not-present thought. In music, dynamics pertains to the parts of a piece of music that is played softly, compared with the parts that are played loudly. It is the distance between the softest parts and the loudest parts that give the experience a certain vibrancy, used in combination with pitch and rhythm. In essence, the composer draws attention to the loud parts by carefully orchestrating the soft parts. If such dynamics didn't exist, it would be one contiguous amplitude without any sense of vibrant punctuation. So I noticed that the illusionary nature of time, also seems to have been deliberately punctuated by its own system of dynamics, where the hardcore tangibility of consciousness-in-the-now is observed relative to the wish-washy nature of memory thoughts and future perceptions. It seems that this system of thought-dynamics gives rise to the very nature of time itself. Without the duality of wish-washy thoughts compared with tangible thoughts, the illusion of the timeline collapses into a single chaotic circus of tangibility. To be clear, this isn't a re-iteration of the understanding that time is an illusion predicated on memory, but rather a more subtle observation that it is the wish-washyness of memory (and future perceptions) that grants the dynamic punctuation of tangibility, and therefore gives rise to the dimension of time itself.
  4. Broadly speaking, all experience can be boiled down to stuff that is positive, stuff that is negative, and stuff that is neutral. So at least you have a 66.666% chance of having a satisfactory experience. Those are pretty decent odds man.
  5. The above image is 1280 pixels wide and 720 pixels high and made from a 16-bit palette that has the potential to display 16 million colors. One way to think about this image, is the image itself, but another way to think about this image is in terms of a very specialised abacus displaying a particular number. As an abacus, we can think of each pixel representing a single digit within a finite range that spans from 0 all the way through to its most maximum displayable number within the conditions. As the abacus is 1280 pixels wide and 720 pixels high, the total number of digits belonging to the abacus is 921,600. The arrangement of these 921,600 digits into a 1280x720 matrix is both for the purposes of aesthetics and practicality, for to display such a large number of digits as a linear horizontal would be too impractical. Nonetheless the mechanics of the abacus function just like any other abacus, with only superficial considerations. For our purposes, we shall consider the pixel at the bottom-right of the image to be the units column. If this was a base 10 (decimalised) abacus, then the the pixel to the immediate left of the units column would be the 10s column, with the 100s column to the left of that, and so forth. At the point at which we run out of pixels on that particular row, we simply move up to the row above starting once again from the pixels on the far-right of that new row. This is repeated all the way up, until we reach the pixel at the very top-left of the image that denotes the end of our finite span. If this was a base 10 abacus, then you can imagine a 921,600 digit number with each digit represented by the number 9 that in itself would represent the highest possible number displayable. However, given that we're using colored pixels rather than unique numerical symbols, our abacus is actually a base 16 million abacus rather than a base 10 abacus. What that means, is that starting from beginning the units column cycles through 16 million unique colors that can be attributed to the pixel, before moving onto the pixel to the immediate left and repeating. We can imagine that the number 0 is represented by a perfectly black pixel, and the number 16 million is represented by a perfectly white pixel. When the abacus is displaying 0, the 1280x720 image is a perfectly black rectangle, and when the abacus is displaying the highest number possible then it is represented by a perfectly white rectangle. Now all we have to do is "count" from 0 all the way up to the highest number possible and "watch" the results. Within the finite resolution of 1280x720 using base 16-million, we will inevitably experience every image that could ever possibly exist. All of your family photos, every frame from every movie, every page from every book, every single moment from your life from all possible angles, would be displayed as the abacus cycled through every permutation all the way up to the highest number possible. It would literally display everything. If you can imagine an image, then it would be there. if you can go out into the world with a digital camera that was set to a resolution of 1280x720 with 16-bit color system, any possible photo you could take would ultimately be displayed as we count all the way up. It would literally display everything. Every single moment of your entire life, but this time where you're wearing a blue hat and Harrison Ford and the Queen of England is standing in the background. If you can imagine it, it's there. And if you understand that, then imagine what is possible when the finite restrictions are lifted and the abacus becomes infinite. And that's reality.
  6. From a literal perspective, Rupert Spira has some great words on this:- Existence No object, from the point of view of consciousness, ever comes into existence. Existence means ‘to come into being’, or ‘to stand out from’, from the two Latin words, ex, meaning ‘out of’, and sistere, meaning ‘to stand'. The idea is that when something comes into existence it stands out from the background of infinite consciousness. As a result, we believe in our culture that objects have existence, and that when an object vanishes, its existence vanishes. No! Objects do not have existence; existence has objects, from time to time. In fact, there is no real ‘existence’, no real standing out from the background of infinite consciousness. Infinite consciousness is not the background of experience, though it is often found there first. It is the sole reality of all experience." - Rupert Spira
  7. Because it has no opposite. One cannot experience a lack of experience. Therefore all that remains is experience. If awareness exists once, then it exists eternally.
  8. Life is a game of limitation. If that were not the case, you'd be back home in a state of limitlessness. As long as you want to continue playing, the limitations need to be respected. Therefore some beliefs shape reality. Others do not.
  9. Lol. I'm not pursuing enlightenment. I already have everything I could possibly need. Of the 43 years I have existed my only interest is to teach people that they are eternal beings by way of the understanding that absolute un-consciousness is impossible. That's all I'm interested in. The impossibility of death leads to the need for an eternal strategy. And the only eternal strategy that makes sense is to assume every single finite-mind is 1st-person consciousness currently not present. The place at which compassion and wisdom is one. Anyway, good luck with whatever it is you're looking for. And don't forget to stock up on sun-screen.
  10. Pssh. Basic and lazy. In no way survives the Cartesian evil demon and is precisely the kind of dangerous metaphysics that leads to suffering in the first place. (Such as people jumping off buildings because they think they can fly.) Eternity is a big place and there's no escape from it. If you believe the suffering of those in Hiroshima and Nagasaki is non-existent then that is your belief system, but it's not an absolute. I can demonstrate to you as an absolute, that you are an Eternal being. But you cannot demonstrate as an absolute that you won't experience the suffering of those in Hiroshima and Nagasaki from the exact perspective of the finite-minds of those affected.
  11. So it's gone beyond 30 minutes. I'm going to go ahead and proclaim you didn't manifest aforementioned gâteau, else you would have uploaded it. To reaffirm the OP's enquiry:- Morality is not an issue when God is playing the role of God. Morality is an issue when God goes on vacation from being God. Ignorance has already occurred once, and thus it can occur many many times again. Tomorrow you could have your memory wiped, and any spiritual accomplishments you may have made in this state of non-omniscience would be instantly deleted, and you'd be back at square one. Which is precisely what Angel Mode is: When you have the opportunity to do so, recognising God not only at its highest, but also while God is fast asleep as the homeless guy down the street.