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  1. Thanks for sharing!
  2. Solid Advice. Gonna run with it, thanks for sharing!
  3. Its a good resource but with everything check ideas with a few different sources, don't just inhale them I've learned lots of cool things on Wikipedia and I am sure at least 5% of it is inaccurate somehow but I have no idea what is. Sometimes learning is figuring out where you're wrong about something. So use wikipedia but know that inaccurate information is found almost everywhere. Take everything as "This is probably true... but maaaaaaybe it's not"
  4. So you're like some mythical fable creature that teaches ironic lessons to people through their own greed / selfishness? Like some kind of Willie Wonka type mofo Doesn't sound that evil. Especially if you're consciously trying to make sure they don't get hurt.
  5. Definitely create stuff. Do it for yourself. Say "I'm painting / writing / making jokes to get better at being creative. Focus on what you're trying to do. Get better at the process of creating. It kind of shields you from some common forms of discouragement like worrying if people will like it, not being satisfied with your work, being nervous at first and wanting it to be great right away. For example: I wanted to practice writing music and after resisting it for years I eventually just started writing. Were the songs great? Not really but I was so damn proud of the fact that I was brave enough to make them anyway. Later after practice and more creating they've gotten much better! I hope that makes sense. I got this advice from the photographer Peter McKinnon and his rule that "Done is better than perfect" Do your best but know when to stop working on a specific creation and continue learning the creative process itself.
  6. I noticed that as well listening to that video It was like okay check, yep, yep, sounds like this actualized, yep. I was highly suspect at first. I'm not going to change your view but here's my thoughts on this: One of the annoying things about trying to change people is that sometime you have to get under their skin. Most people are driven emotionally so you have to try to trigger them in people. I personally always had trouble with this growing up. I felt that everyone was entitled to feel how they did and I didn't want to interfere or "step on anyone's toes". Of course I manipulated like every child does but needless to say I definitely didn't get laid in high school But my personal way to wrassle with this is to go for a sort of equal parts them and me, ideally something that works out even better for both of us than if we were only worried about ourselves. So essentially if you're trying to help them accomplish their goals and trying to accomplish your own goals and meet in the middle somewhere, that's when it's fair game to play with other people's emotions. Like sending a birthday card. You're trying to "manipulate" happiness into someone's life. I feel like this is what Leo is trying to do. It's fucking difficult to change people so he's got to get a little dirty in order to shake you up a bit. In the end, it's just a YouTube channel and you can pull the plug at anytime. And sometimes people can get mislead, or get stuck watching all these videos over and over, and that sucks but I don't think that is Leo's intention. That being said they genuinely can be addicting, at least I find it so sometimes as well. But I try to remind myself that they are just a tool to get the results I want. If that tool isn't working I'm going to find one that does. If these videos aren't making anything change in real life, its time for less videos and time for more of something else. It's kind of up to you to recognize what's healthy or not for yourself. Even if you try something and only get a little success odds are you can derive some kind of wisdom for yourself. This isn't all necessarily true, I could be wrong but it's how I've come to see things.
  7. Tony Robbins baby!! For real though
  8. Hey man, I can't say I know exactly how you feel. But I can say I've felt very similar to what I see you describing. What your feeling isn't wrong but I wouldn't recommend staying there for too long. A few things that have helped me when I was depressed, watching T.V. seasons, playing tons of games, and feeling all around hopeless: 1) You need to try different things to get that feeling of fulfillment. Go for the healthy ones, if you want examples I can give some but Leo has some good ones If what you're doing isn't working, then you're probably doing the wrong stuff right? Make sure you're doing basic little things that will build an all around feeling of "good" in your body. Showers, time outside, all that annoying stuff moms typically nag their sons about. Not that you probably aren't, I just know it improves my mood greatly. Try to watch a little less porn. No for real, if you're jerkin' it all the time you're gonna feel pretty shitty, 9 times outta 10. 2) Realize that you are a biological animal. And like every animal you have a certain pre-set response to certain things. I.e. Achieving / growing / learning makes you feel happy, being chased by tiger's releases crazy chemicals into your body, when you accomplish something you thought was impossible like riding a bike you feel dopamine and other such things. Just random examples but the point is that you can can study what leads to deep fulfillment in most people then get a general idea of what to aim for yourself. 3) Hold onto the idea that you can get through, understand, and reach the next level after this. Could it be that this will lead somewhere interesting? What if it was a gift? This might give you a new unique way of thinking or combine into something positive later. 4) If all meaning is made up, any feelings of things being pointless are made up to. If you feel like something has very little or no meaning, that's made up. You're essentially placing that thing on the lowest end of the value spectrum. When you realize all meaning is made up you can basically gain superpowers in the sense that you "jail break" your mind. If all value can be made up, then you can look at a flippin' doorknob and decide this is the most beautiful thing in the world. Can't say they'll work for sure. They help me. Might get you thinking something interesting. Good luck!
  9. Hey man! That's a really great question. You're wondering how to get started safely and the best / most convenient / still effective way to do the exercise? I recently listened to the audiobook and this part stood out to me as well. I'd recommend starting the same as anything, with smaller steps. Say, 5 contractions, 2 or 3 times a day. Then every week bump it up a little bit by adding 5 more reps or move to 3 or 4 times a day. That's how I would personally do it. Same with meditation or yoga. Challenge yourself but in a way you can tolerate / keep up with.