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  1. Here is an extract from Ram Das when he met Ramana Maharshi: ''He looked at me and extended his hand. So I put into his hand what’s called a “White Lightning.” This is an LSD pill and this one was from a special batch that had been made specially for me for traveling. And each pill was 305 micrograms, and very pure. Very good acid. Usually you start a man over 60, maybe with 50 to 75 micrograms, very gently, so you won’t upset him. 300 of pure acid is a very solid dose. He looks at the pill and extends his hand further. So I put a second pill— that’s 610 micrograms—then a third pill—that’s 915 micrograms—into his palm. That is sizeable for a first dose for anyone! “Ah-cha.” And he swallows them! I see them go down. There’s no doubt. And that little scientist in me says, “This is going to be very interesting!” All day long I’m there, and every now and then he twinkles at me and nothing—nothing happens! That was his answer to my question. Now you have the data I have.''
  2. Tara Springett - I haven't read her books yet but have seen her mentioned on this forum before Here's an interview
  3. No, but I only watched the first 1hr 30.
  4. My age group just got opened in my country and now I'm questioning if I should get it. I'm all for Vaccines but there does seem to be a difference in the process of how the Covid ones got the green light compared to other ones. At the one-hour mark, Dr. Malone says the FDA is overwhelmed by the amount of data and doesn't know what to make of it, before going on to say these vaccines are still in the experimental stage. It seems easier to just get the vaccine and ignore everything and anything vaccine-related, which is likely what il end up doing.
  5. A distinction needs to be made between Anti-Vaxers and Anti-Covid Vaxers As to why someone would consider not getting the Covid Vaccine there does appear to be many doubts regarding it.
  6. I tried to for a few weeks, it made me more productive in a focused sense but it also came with a nervous type of energy. Even tho I was taking a very small amount I could also feel that I had taken it. I would say it did nothing to raise my level of consciousness although I was not meditating at the time, I felt it was a hindrance to meditation. Then I moved to Mushrooms for a couple of weeks, the edgy nervous feeling was no longer there but it didn't help with my level of productivity or focus. I remember one day lying on the bed looking at the sky and just feeling a lot of gratitude for the things in my life. After maybe 2 or 3 weeks tho I stopped taking it. I just didn't feel the need for it. I was meditating more and it became a distraction, at this point tho there was moving away from improving mental health towards discovering my true nature.
  7. Ah-ha! We got one! Pitchforks at the ready men, now say he's not a cult again so we can poke holes in you!
  8. Being doing this every day for the past month, it's my go-to yoga routine. I no longer follow the video, once you know the poses it's easy to do yourself. That YouTuber has some great music and visualization videos you can do along with it.
  9. About a month ago while meditating I came to a space of peace, comfort, and bliss. The image of Mother Mary came to me. I realized the light/love shining from her was the love I was feeling at that moment, that it was the same love she had for Jesus and that my mother had for me. I saw that Love is timeless, Love is always Love. I like to remain open-minded on the miracles but I'm sure some of these stories have been exaggerated, such as the time Jesus stepped through a puddle and someone shouted 'OMG he walked on water! '
  10. If you mean reality being a dream, how is reality a dream? If you mean the illusion of the self then in my experience it doesn't happen with a bang, it's gradual. Your true nature is one of peace so there is nothing big to freak out about.
  11. Name 1 thing you have ever experienced that has happened outside of your reality? (actually think on it a few mins) Ok I cannot find anything that I have ever experienced that has happened outside of my reality If nothing you have ever experienced has happened outside of reality then how are you separate from it? Ok I see I'm not separate from it, but why do I think/feel there is a reality outside of me? Because you don't know your true self, you believe you are your thoughts in your head looking out at reality. Your true self is the awareness of those thoughts. How can something exist outside of your awareness? Everything that has or ever can happen, happens within your awareness. All Reality is happening within your awareness. The sun, the heat felt from the sun, the desire for ice cream, the thought 'I want icecream' is all happening within your awareness. There is no outside of it. You are it. It's all in you.
  12. Love comes light Light comes colour Colour comes form Form comes objects Objects come Reality I remain as the formless one I struggled with the duality of Physical Reality and the formlessness of consciousness. Now I see it's all forms! Colours are form , words are form , sky is form , thoughts are form, ideas/concepts are form, my body is form. When you let go of the form you hold it all becomes one. What a relief!
  13. For immediate pain relief, this works great
  14. Today the label became magnet. Right or wrong the label of magnet has put me at peace with it. Perfect, thank you
  15. After an online retreat, I opened up my 'third eye chakra'. I can consciously breathe into this space, expanding and intensifying. I feel I'm close to my first non-dual breakthrough, this opening has brought me to thought-free meditation. I'm between thoughts that this third eye sensation is a distraction vs an opening I should deepen into. I'm hoping someone reading will know if either of these is true? Thanks