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  1. 19 hours ago, Fran11 said:

    This happened in my country (Argentina). I want to get opinions from people who are not from here because they'll be less biased. And to make a meta point about Green excesses.

    According to S. Green folks this is police brutality and repression.

    Looking at the video all I see is people insulting police and trying to break a police cord that was just standing with shields protecting the legislative building. What should the police have done? Let them break in?

    What do you guys think?

    Do Green people tend to have these unrealistic and childish interpretations about the use of force all over the world?

    They are always naively against the use of police force in order to prevent Red barbarism.

    Sometimes it seems they don't even understand that goverment is not possible without the monopoly of force.

    I think many seemingly Green people are really at the Comformist Stage, although superficially they may seem more advanced. Because they just absorbe some advanced ideas from culture but their understanding is very simplistic and they get dogmatic.

    There's far too much victim support here where everyone is trying to out victim one another. It's pathetic. You have political parties kneeling to what any logical person would deem as terrorism. You have businesses simping to the same insanity when its purely a profit perspective and not moral virtue. The areas of crime are far worse without police, defunded or worse, walking off the job.

    There needs to be order. Burning down target and stealing tv's is not a good solution. The biggest problem is that, you can not actually discuss the facts without a moron screaming racism or trying to race bait or have you fired.

    I went out with a girl. Hard next. You know the type. Feminist, activist, victim card, and run to the state. Large government. A shooting is always racism regardless of assaulting a cop or use of a stun gun. "wants to teach our kids about racism one day."

    I never saw her again. You have this FINITE LIFE. use it wisely. Common sense is not that common.

  2. On 2020-09-21 at 1:28 PM, creator20 said:

    I have looked deeply into the incel community because their worldview fascinates me in a way. When I first got into reading about it, as a woman it was kind of irking to read all the posts about how women should be subject to rape or torture & how they are a sub-human species but once I started reading some of the more moderate viewpoints relating to their constant rejections & low self esteem, I actually started to empathize a bit with some of the incels. It made me wonder if some people really are damned because of their physical appearance when it comes to attracting a partner or if it's just a lack of effort to improve one's appearance. I know a lot of incels hold themselves back with their own victim mentality, negative self image, & radical views on women & society, but in the case where someone is (by Western societal standards) physically unappealing due to some facial flaw or bodily abnormality, what would be a good solution for this? Do you think it's the case that some people will just never be able to find a partner due to the flaws in their appearance or do you think that there always someone for everyone? Just want to broaden my perspective on this. 

    If you had said people psycho analysed, I bet they would be on the spectrum of crazy or something. It's not the norm to think nor speak that way. I do think a lack of attention can drive people crazy.

    I can link data and sources. These topics tend to get heated in general but the data is pretty fascinating. It gives a glimpse into human psyche and behaviour

    If specific behaviour is random or not repetitive, it is not relevant. If you look at divorce stats and gender, you have hard facts. Info about behaviour you may not want to know about. Several experiments have been done with men and women on apps. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to find which one is better off on apps.

    I don't see any way around incels. You have fellas who are getting all the attention and guys who get none. I don't see a way back.

    Debauchery seems to be the norm in the culture. Netflix promoting cuties, WAP, and a number of different hedonistic things. The alternative being what Dr. Peterson enforced monogamy which he went onto explain isn't holding women at gunpoint to be with unattractive men. Rather a culture that promotes monogamy, fathers in the household, nuclear family. The alternative stats stand out for poverty, crime, fatherless household, abortions and a number of issues.

    I wager those men are in fatherless homes.

  3. 12 minutes ago, Chumbimba said:

    What do you guys think about the red pill, MGTOW shit?  I feel there is a tad bit of truth but something in my intuition isn't sitting right with the content. Like I feel the people in the community are a bunch of women haters trying to be Alpha but aren't authentic at all. Maybe I'm just deluded and jealous but just wanted to know your guys opinions. 


    There is a huge divide between the top form man who is getting all the action versus the rest who do not get any play. Haters going to hate.

    Let's play devils advocate. As a bachelor, high value male, got options, and things going on. When I see bezo get divorced for BILLIONS OF DOLLARS, I got think why would any man play that game? Dre on a divorce and ex wants 2 million PER MONTH? When you look at the distribution of male resources and child custody, I double down on bachelor life. The alternative seems like a negative free roll. The stats are appalling. More so by gender and again college educated interestingly enough.

    I got picked up at the beach by cute young girl. age 18. Cost? free.

  4. 7 hours ago, Leo Gura said:

    If you talk to 2000 girls, at least a few of them will turn really bad. The girl could be having a terrible day or she just gets spooked. She could be drunk. Her husband or boyfriend could get very defensive. etc.

    It's pretty rare, but if you go out long enough, you will encounter even the most rare scenarios.

    Over the years, i have learned to give zero fucks. On that sort of volume, i would expect to have epic adventures.


    7 hours ago, Lyubov said:

    I don't think there is anything that feels more demoralizing than having a girl leave you at the club for another guy xD yall haven't felt rejection until this so fuck outta here with "it's scary to say hi to the girl at the cafe or park"

    Find hotter and younger. It's a zero sum game man. The counter-balance is that while there's a taller, better looking, more aesthetic, richer dude; there's always fitter, younger, hotter. The key for me is desire. I am talking ripping each others clothes off and breaking shit smashing hah. 

    Again, zero fucks given. Smash or next. Demoralising is lame. I want that furniture breaking WWF like pounding.  "Break shit" - Chris Rock

    If she fucks off, so be it. Onto the next one. Pro tip, when things peak with a girl, leave with her. Time to go. You snooze you lose. 

  5. On 04/07/2020 at 6:00 PM, Lyubov said:

    they is red pill. 

    Lol they is? 


    5 hours ago, Hank Galaxy Brain said:

    AHahahahahahaahahahaha never stop bringing this up. This makes me laugh to no ends. Not even sure exactly why it's just absolutely fucking hilarious. Jordan Peterson's hot daughter + Andrew "Cobra" Tate who teaches young me to get PhD's: Pimpin Hoes Degrees hahahaa it's like an SNL skit or something.


    I think she never got a chance to get wild with her health issues. She thought that she could test the waters and well, she is not the best spokesman for Peterson and his message. Moreover, she is what's wrong with his message. Why the fuck am i going to be responsible in general or for a wife and children when she cucked her husband? This is wedding vows 2020. 

    I agree with Peterson on the consequences of polygamy. The problem is that, its dated and the fix is in. The con job is just that. 

    What man with options are willing to risk the farm for what? Cobra Tate has a harem and i marry when he's done? 

    No dice. 

    9 hours ago, Sockrattes said:

    1. Cum hoc, ergo propter hoc. Sociological inequality doesn't necessarily mean inequality on the dating market. If this was true, Tyler wouldn't impregnate Stacy on a daily basis. People want to have Sex and relationships with "their best options".

    2. 1. Nothing. It's actually a good thing. Marriage is just a fancy term for a sales contract. People have to accept, that all people are individuals with desires and that they will act accordingly. The whole concept of a lifelong unconditional partnership was a lie to begin with.

    2. 2. Socialism.

    2. 3. Making them more attractive. Social dynamics lessons in schools maybe. Girls want cool guys. Guys want cool/hot girls. It's simple as that. When you realise, that you are attractive to at least some girls, life is easier. When you realise, that you have more than just one option, you naturally want all of them. Because desires are endless.

    3. *grabs crystal ball* Marriage will die. People will fuck around and the economic and political system will adjust to that. Being a single-mum is not a problem, since the government will make sure, that every child has his basic necessities met. Men are not obliged to pay child-support anymore. After a few years in Babylon, when everyone already participated in weekly orgies, everyone is bored as fuck. Everyone will realise, that sex/desires is the root-cause of all suffering, and then they transcend and merge with God.

    I am reading Path to God by Ram Dass. It is a good read. I am far from being on the path. I am downloading the content and integrating it (slowly). I am trying. 

    I don't agree with you about finding God but you have tons of women 30 or 40 that found Jesus as single moms. I have no interest nor desire for anything of the sort nor marrying a woman who got banished from playboys harem. 

    I agree with you on the marriage and contract. You pay to enter and leave. Money is not the most important thing in life but it is important. Anybody saying otherwise is a fool. To enter a contract given that promiscuity, cuckoldry, the harem, and the divorce fallout, its a shit deal. The stats on divorce based on gender, on college educated, child support, and custody are prime examples why not to indulge. The trail of money is key. I can walk away as a bachelor. The fallout is unavoidable on western society and I have to be skeptical. 

    5 hours ago, Hank Galaxy Brain said:


    Most of the time I'm progressive with these. But here, the social conservatives actually have an immensely important point, that no one ever talks about: polygamy destabilizes society, while monogamy promotes egalitarianism.

    I couldn't agree more. We see fatherless homes and high crime rates. Its no coincidence. Furthermore, if you look at the data on promiscuity and high kill count, divorce is a guarantee. 

    One of my mates got told by a girl who bragged about fucking a high status male. Dating in 2020. She literally bragged about it. My mate fooled around but he described himself feeling disgusted and her repulsive. This is again a biological response. Imagine a man telling a woman he bangs escorts, "want to get married?" 

    I agree with Peterson and destabilised society. I don't have a answer. I just know that I am not Mario and I won't be saving any "princess." 

  6. 9 hours ago, tsuki said:

    @Onemanwolfpac While I see that being a one man wolf pack is a way to avoid the gender wars, it is a solution only in subjective sense.

    I believe that the connection with the other gender is worth taking the risk and I hope that one day, if the opportunity presents itself, you will not be afraid to take the shot. I never had a home as a child, so the only one I will ever have is the one I will build.

    Bless you.

    @tsuki mate, i took my shot today. I take my shot post workout or anytime I get the urge. I am a tall, handsome bachelor, and I am not afraid to put myself out there or take it out. The username says it all. I am going to live a great life and to the best of my ability. I wont marry nor play pretend monogamy as it suits society and a biological urge to replicate. I have zero interest in bringing in children into a world where people are looting and rioting and women. I can do a BASIC background check on any computer and debunk that white dress real fast. Its short of cuckoldry in the modern age. It's not a play. Not anymore. 

    I love Jordan Peterson and his content. I think he means well and is attempting to turn this ship around and away from debauchery. I believe he is sincere. I think he is missing the forest for the trees. Responsibility for a wife and family when at any given time, i can be a financial mule. I can be divorced into oblivion or not getting sex. I can marry a fit woman who decides she loves food more than me and gets fat. The stats are god awful.

    The commentary i see in daily life be it social media or irl, none of it adds to confidentiality in a dated document. I see no reason to bring the state into my relationship given that the state has failed on so many levels. I take ownership of my relationship. Not the state nor do i sign up for removing my rights and place of head of the household. Its not up for debate. I wont do it. The fix is in. I am out. 

    I have more fun on the pursuit as a bachelor instead of the state of modern marriages. 

    Bless you too bro. Good luck on your journey. ?

  7. 3 hours ago, StarStruck said:

    He had almost 1 million subs but nobody was watching his videos because he is so long-winded and weird. Downward spiral started 5 years ago. Almost 3 years ago he went alt right and borderline racist(because he thought that was a smart career move) and that created a bigger downward spiral.

    From time to time, I would peak at his channel, and from what I could see, is that his videos were never about philosophy. He used philosophy as a cloak to dish out his political videos. He got only 10-30k views although he had approx 1 million subs.

    He created some digital products like some documentaries and that was a major flop. Nobody bought it and he made a loss on the projects. His lousy books are not good, nobody was buying them, they got bad reviews, so he gave them away for free. He can't monetize books that he already gave away.

    Nobody watches your vids. You have zero subs and you failed to articulate a argument. You failed in your first sentence in dramatic fashion. 

    Celebrating cancel culture is a cowardly way to go through life. Its a common theme among people who have never accomplished anything nor added value. 

    Leo is not celebrating this recognising the life's work he's put in himself and at any given time, it can be undone. Only a loser would celebrate that.

    Welcome to my block list. 


  8. 5 hours ago, Leo Gura said:



    5 hours ago, Leo Gura said:

    I find him sincere.

    I don't see why you must call him a failed philosopher or insincere. You simply have a different worldview than his.

    His show was about as successful as you could expect it to be and it seems like he earned his success through hard work on his show. Why begrudge him for that?

    Thank you. 

    I would love thread starter to call into FDR and have a intellectual conversation on "failed." he would look stupid. 

  9. 19 hours ago, kag101 said:

    I'm very skeptical about intermittent fasting.

    "Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence."

    Lmfao did you ask for a pic lololol 

    19 hours ago, Username said:

    There is a lot of evidence. Just don't be lazy.


    I cannot speak for everyone but I'm living proof. I highly recommend it. I don't feel like I'm a ton lighter. Just less body fat. More abs, definition, and striations. The feathers...! 

  10. On 03/07/2020 at 4:02 PM, Peter-Andre said:

    Lately I've been thinking about getting in better physical shape, so I've thought about joining the gym, but there are a couple of things holding me back. Firstly, it costs quite a bit of money. Not a whole lot, sure, but still a considerable amount for a poor university student like myself.

    The main reasons I'm considering the gym are the following:

    • It will help me get in better physical shape.
    • It will improve my mental health.
    • It will make me more productive because I'll have more energy throughout the day.

    I'm totally open to joining the gym if the benefits are so great that they will significantly improve the quality of my life, but can't I instead just work out from home and combine that with running outside? What significant benefits are there to working out at the gym that I couldn't get by working out from home?

    Also, just for the record: I probably won't be joining the gym for a few months anyways because of Covid-19, I was considering to do it when things go back to normal.

    Gym tons of babes. Tons of equipment. You can go to the home gym route but you need room. If you live in any large city, you likely won't have room. 

    Since covid, i bought gymnastic rings. I have a pull up bar and dip station. I have a few dumbbells and kettlebells. I am set till reopened gyms. 

  11. On 04/07/2020 at 10:44 AM, Michael569 said:

    Not 23 and me but I did another genetic testing. There are few problems with the overreliance of genomic testing. 

    Firstly, this does not account for your entire genome, we don't know what majority of our genes do nor have we identified all the single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNP). We are just playing roulette with the few we know. A lot of this stuff has been left behind by academic research a decade ago because it is not reliable and it is not complete. You may have a genetic snip, say C677T on MTHFR gene which would predispose you for increased blood pressure because your homocysteine may build up faster if your B12 and folate are low. But if your lifestyle is normal and you are not eating like a crazy person this will never become an issue. Now could this become an issue if you are a terrible vegan eating junk food? Yes, absolutely but mostly people will never notice any difference. 

    2. What I am seeing is that genetic tests are being used as a crutch to have an excuse for poor dietary choices and lifestyle such as "genetic obesity or genetic diabetes". 

    So relying on gene pool to be a sole predetermined factor for our lives are kinda like insisting that 5 year olds have a vision and purpose for their life. 

    That being said if you know you are a carrier of a bad gene for example APOE4 mutation and that your risk of ALzheimer's is increased 11-fold because of that you can do a lot to make sure it never happens but people end up with Alzheimer's even without this due to poor lifestyle choices so it is only a part of the story. 

    1. I am sure, in the future, the tests will be better. I would have known sooner, my body responds to fasting and volume training. I am curious about what I can do to level up. 

    Not to e boast but, I look like goku coming out of the hyperbolic time chamber. I went full super sayain mode. Feels good man. 

    2. I agree but people are lazy slobs. 6pack abs secrets. How to ABC FAST. 

    The fitness industry sickens me. Its not fit nor healthy. I enjoyed the doc bigger faster stronger. All bros are or were on gear and none looked good. I met several ifbb pro body builders. Many youtube fitness channels. The amount of drugs is insane. 


    I am really switched on about a ascetic holistic lifestyle of fitness and health. The reality is that its a lot of work. Look good. Feel good. Its not hurt my Dating and sex life during pandemic. That's for sure. 

    I guess, I would like to know my strength and weakness. I think I can level up with the info. 

  12. On 04/07/2020 at 1:37 AM, louhad said:

    Why did america fall so hard to corporatism and is just now beginning to blossom green seriously relative to other developed nations? Like what economic or social reasons specifically?


    Money, greed, power. The last election and fbi involvement. The abundance of corruption. Election cycle and a global pandemic plus blm returns from irrelevance in a election cycle. Shocking. Months ago, the generation z had no idea what a blm. 

  13. 1 hour ago, Carl-Richard said:

    Be careful not to conflate the mob with the people in power. Most progressives in power aren't anti-government.

    I saw the mayor complaining about the mob showing up and her poor children. Lol peaceful mob is peaceful until it shows up. 


    17 minutes ago, Jacob Morres said:

    USSR was red/blue.

    Modern day nordic countries are green (this is the socialism that people are asking/referring to) 

    It may be helpful to recognize and learn the distinctions between between the development of people and government of these two countries 

    Green would never want 60 million dead. Green would want world peace✌ ☮ 

    Your ideology is stuck in blue, this is an objective fact not judgement

    Did you ever read the gulag archipelago? Vol1-3? There was nothing green about it. 

  14. 7 hours ago, JosephKnecht said:

    That is true. But Trump can go on the White House balcony and yell out whatever he wants. Or he could say it in private with world leaders. Who can stop him from doing that? Nobody.

    Before the last election, Trump told everyone that he will grab you by the pussy. 

    Everyone believed that the pussy were female genitals, but actually it was the whole democratic system. 

    You picked him, now you have to enjoy while he fingers you with his small hands.  (figuratively speaking) LOL 

    Weak argument. Solid virtue signalling. Modern day pharisees. 

    It was locker room talk. You never said anything in your life that wouldn't make you look bad? 

    Ya ok bud. The hypocrisy. 

  15. 20 hours ago, tenta said:

    This was the counter balance to these communities.

    No. It didn't fix inequality. It didn't stop riots or looting. The game is to call hate speech, racist or misogyny when incapable of an argument. Its with Cancel and Karen culture. The left is eating itself. Jimmy Kimmel cancelled lol. 

    Telling people how and what to think got 4yrs of making America great again. Doubling down will get another 4yrs. I sometimes think that the left wants something to complain about. I wont be shocked. 

  16. 14 hours ago, wwhy said:

    I think the statistics show that 13% of the population is living in such dire straits, that their society (of which they are part and parcel of) does not put much value in their lives.

    Have you looked into who the biggest victims of those murders are :

    What do you think of these statistics?


    6 hours ago, wwhy said:

    There is no need to apologize for your point of view.

    If someones whole premise is "this are the statistics, you cannot argue against them", that need to be challenged in of itself. That's my point.

    That is not a argument. Closing your eyes doesn't mean that the stats don't exist. You see a similar response when looking at democratic states and the crime rate. 


    7 hours ago, Enlightenment said:

    Not a good attitude to have if you care about the truth

    That's why she's on my block list. You cannot reason with people like that. They are unreasonable. The delusional aspect is the color spiral shtick but close minded. The lies people will tell themselves. Furthermore, with a ego like that, the scapegoat is hate speech, racist or misogyny parroting. Its lazy and disingenuous. 

    For all the click bait on orange man bad yet, blm leader commentary gets radio silence from the left. Shocker. I am. Not surprised. 

    Save your breathe. The riots and looting as well as poverty loop continues because its a cycle. Until people unplug and stop running to the government for more money and fathers are in the homes, it won't change. 

  17. 1 hour ago, Roy said:

    I'm not sure exactly. I'd like to add one last point that polygamy is not sustainable for our species but monogamy is. It's obvious math.

    There's a floating goal post in monogamy. It is telling when we look at say, our grandfather marrying at 18 and the Prince marrying someone nearing 40. A divorcee and a history that included dating a porn star. The difference is night and day. The hole is in Peterson arguing against equality of outcome but for it in dating. The reality is that, there's going to be inequality from a financial and Dating perspective. Some men will have outrageous amounts of money and a harem of women. Say, Cobra Tate millionaire and playboy while Mikyala Peterson ditches her husband to fly out to Romania and cuck. 

    When seeing harems, you are faced with a reality that you didn't know existed. You can rage or have hissy fits. You can break statues, riot or loot or you can step up. You can acquire more money. Get a stem degree. Learn to code. Build a tech start up. You can date women. Lots of women. 

    The idea of marrying Cobra Tates fall-out is not appealing. There's a significant difference between my grandfathers time and the modern era of promiscuity and body positivity. None of the following is making marriage appealing. More like appalling. The current situation lends to bachelor lifestyle. 

  18. 1 hour ago, tsuki said:

    Either the threat is not severe enough, or the political scene is not mature enough to have a conversation about sexuality.
    I suspect the both are the case.

    Traditional marriages are dissolving because the way in which we raise children is different. We understand first hand the raising is different from training and that enforcing rules by punishment does more harm than good. However, we don't know the alternative yet and we're very confused about how to express our not-so-desirable emotions, so of course all kinds of relationships suffer. Marriage is particularly difficult because of generational trauma. While it is good that women start to stand up for themselves, men can't see their own involvement in the problem because:

    1. they usually think that they are invincible by shutting their emotions off
    2. were raised by mothers angry at their husbands with no outlet for that emotion other than a defenseless boy.

    The first step for healing is to acknowledge the existence of a deep wound that has been perpetuated for generations.
    The second step is to approach the other gender with empathy instead of insults, anger and shaming. 

    Well, a disproportionate amount of divorce by gender is extremely off putting. Furthermore, the disproportionate amount of child support and alimony is beyond disgusting. Some of my mates work in law enforcement, police, corrections, and other stuff. The amount of men in jail because of 1. Failed to pay the government 2. Child support. It does not matter if the job was lost or downsizing. In many cases, this is unacceptable when the income changed but the courts do not adjust payments. It needs to change or i walk away any such possibility. 

    Shaming is a common technique used to manipulate. I am bullet proof when it comes my way in manipulative fashion. My man card is not dependent on whether I spend absurd amounts of money on a wedding. 

    Another off putting aspect is the amount of overweight people who let themselves go. As a bachelor, its unacceptable, a deal breaker, unattractive physically as well as sexually, and its unhealthy. 

    Again, the problem is that women can and do (a lot of the time) run to the state. The state can by force pillage male resources and remove him from the home. Take away the children, visitation rights on Weekends, cut resources? No dice. 

    Its game over. I read Art of the Deal in high school. A powerful tool is walking away from the negotiation table. Outside having children, I don't see the point of marriage nor exclusive relationship. Furthermore, with the abundance of promiscuity and the risks involved in settling down, the juice simply isn't worth the squeeze. 

    With basic knowledge of a computer, you can screen out a lot of women real fast on past indiscretions and debunk a white dress real fast. 

  19. 1 hour ago, Recursoinominado said:

    @electroBeam This is actually not that hard to do when you are in the right state, because you need massive positive assumption and calibration. 

    When you are "in state" (could call it flow), women just sense this shit oozing out of you, 

    "Flow state" is huge. I watched GSPs trainer on JRE podcast talking about flow  state but in respect to fitness and training. You can have it chatting up girls, sex, coding, lifting, running or whatever. The key (or so i found) is reps in whatever activity you want to excel in. The problem is that, most guys don't chat women. They rely on OLD because actually going up irl requires balls. Furthermore, as a girl on the sub just stated, many are seeking attention or followers on ig. 

  20. 10 hours ago, Lyubov said:

    they is red pill. don't kid yourself. this is a common narrative among the joradn peterson red pill crowd. I'd say this narrative is as popular online as it is because of them. 

    You have no clue what you are saying. 


    10 hours ago, Hank Galaxy Brain said:

    I believe red pill refers to him as jordan petercuck. Nuance, they're very different. Peterson supports becoming high status and pursuing monogamy, while red pill is jaded and believes it hopeless--with lots of misogyny.

    In the video, he's stating, again, anthropologist consensus. Nothing "made up," by redpillers.

    To me, its hand in hand with feminist ideology. Misandry or misogyny. Insanity. The difference being, one's indoctrinated on our education system and culture. APA deemed masculinity toxic. That entire field is appalling. I do like Peterson. 

    And yet, Peterson contradicts himself on the argument of equality of outcome in dating. I am against it be it free market or dating. No being her over a barrel to get a particular outcome. Furthermore, Petersons daughter left her husband and flew out to see millionaire playboy Cobra Tate before crawling back to her husband. If there ever is a better example of what married life is and what risk is involved? 

    Peterson is correct above about the stability of the society. I agree with responsibility but I am not indulging with marriage given the status quo and abysmal fall out if things go wrong. Her husband stood by her side during her health issues. Her response is cuckoldry for a millionaire playboy with a harem of women. 

    Netflix and chill is free. With basic knowledge of a computer, you can screen down on who you are Dating or seeing. There's no hiding past indiscretions. As a net tax payer and property owner, why complicate my life with all the responsibility and zero reward? Wanting breakfast or a coffee is too much in the modern era. The amount of Christian men using Internet porn why? It's just not worth it. Not now. Not anymore. 

    If you work around women, listen how they talk about men, their bf or husbands. None of it sounds appealing.