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  1. Lmfao. Really? Try dating in the modern era lololol I always look at my experiences with sales as a college kid. I paid my way through on purely commission base and crushing it with sales. Top of the country club on the regular. Do you understand the amount of rejections? How about dating? Flaking? Hooking up? Ghosting? People dropping off and suddenly returning with some excuse of being "busy" which is code for getting run over and chucked. Its a shit show but such is life. You must develop a spine and back bone. You will eventually get a shitty job and you will hate it. You will want to look for another. Combined with pandemic, the economy tanking, and consumer spending at a all time low, employers aren't hiring. If you don't have a STEM degree and marketable in need skills, its not a good time. Consider upgrading your skills. Learn to code. Learn how to market. Your new job is seeking employment. Tap into your network. Check LinkedIn. Be strategic about it not bombing resumes online.
  2. Agreed. ThrowING spirit into trading is a fancy way of saying some win and some will lose. ? Hermit lifestyle is the best. Good on any of you who found a formula to trade. I know of none who have individually made a career of it. Short term success before a horrible down turn.
  3. Use pandemic to help you decide for you. 1. Why be a accounting not CPA? It is a fraction of the money and the opportunity for promotion is lacking. The alternative of course could be night school to do your designation. You can alternatively shift more into entrepreneurship. 2. If business interests you, with your CPA, you can pivot into additional business roles. I was Dating one during pandemic. Pandemic should be a eye opening experience for a series of things: A) step up savings B) Purpose C) Course correct where needed Similar to you, purpose is my driving force and when hindsight vision is 20:20, its easy to backwards rationalize. The careers i seen pandemic proof were largely STEM. Health care, first responders, paramedics, firemen, cops, accountants, and the tech field. My advice is to stay in your lane with respect to your abilities, talents, and skill set. For business, start doing personal tax. Do your CPA and progress in your career or make it the side hustle till you acquire the strong client base. Good luck. Edit at 35, you gotta be an adult and strap on the big boy or big girl pants. A good start is to be financially stable. Likely, you can get your degree in night school or preferably online. The designation will be a slog but 10x your income over the next stage of your career til retirement. Career change if you hate it but, it won't be a easy time.
  4. What a Joke! GM was bailed out by Obama. GM then closes in America and keeps open China, Mexico, and other places. The small businesses were destroyed during covid. There's no bail out or rent fairy.
  5. I am on my purpose. Despite the ongoing social unrest, I have found a lot of value in the podcast. I highly recommend it. Tolle shows how to connect spirituality and purpose.
  6. No shit. Would you apply as a cop? Not a chance. 60k? Risk life and not seeing your family or kids? A gross divorce stat on police force. The Aubrey dude got killed but a police vid cam showed exactly how easily shit could pop off. The biggest thing i notice on the forums is a lot of close mindedness and parroting of spiritual jargon. For all of it, zero acknowledgement of the realities involved. I don't envy the cops jobs. I agree with Jocko and more training.
  7. Weak argument. He champions activist and kills a civilian and gets killed on the scenario. He went from victim card to acknowledgement of the difficulty of being a cop. I welcome you to try.
  8. There was a morbidly obese body positivity attention seeker crying into her ig or youtube saying, her boss won't let her wear a mask. SHE IS A LIAR! It got debunked. She was fired. Covid is real. It was a play to affect the economy and orange man bad rhetoric. It killed people but nowhere near the projections estimated. The closure of business was to affect the economy. A woman waa arrested for a few days for opening but riots cured covid? Serious not serious. Its all a political game. The W was had by mankind. We should celebrate. Of course, we must prepare for the real pandemic and bio weapon. Not race baiting.
  9. Its not a popular opinion especially here or anywhere but i wont be shocked if there's four more years. I am trying to avoid hearing about it but its everywhere. To combat this, I have allocated time to my purpose and spiritual rejuvenation. More time healing. More mind, body, spirit over orange man bad rhetoric. I enjoyed the press Secretary checkmate on Jim the other day. If Trump wins, there's more chaos. The masses will rampage and riot. If they win over the election, buddy goes back to being a billionaire. I don't see lose lose in the situation. I like @Leo Gura and Eckhart Tolle content but I am not seeing spiritual awakening. I am seeing chaos and I am craving solitude. ? Sadly, there's no winning. Its like Batman vs the Joker. Its a chaotic and insanity that is feeding oneself. Group collective ego is rapid. I cannot fix it bit i can start on myself and free myself to the best of my ability. I think more good will come from individual change on a global level.
  10. I have hooked up with girls before and there was this sexualization to shame. Granted, it was before the transition in my own path on mind, body, and spirit. Girls wanting me to finish on their face, wanting to be disgraced or humiliated. I wont go into details about the specifics. I just thought that some requests were "weird" at the time. There's dirty talk and then, there's something more malevolent. Actions too. i feel like the same for rape fantasy or fifty shades. Any sort of blending of sex and pain isn't healthy imho. I am not interested nor Turned on by any of this. I feel repulse and disgust. I am grossed out. With apps and the abundance of sex openly promoted, its normalized and cranked up to darker elements. As for armchair psychology, I think its all nonsense as is the APA calling out masculine behaviour as bad. I would agree that there's a lot of trauma and a response to shame being sexualized is probably something unresolved. The same can be said for disconnection from relationships. Indifference even.
  11. No unless you study STEM. anything that ends in studies is a useless degree. Engineering, Tech, accounting could be useful. Alternatively, you can just start your business.
  12. Pick a direction. Go. Later in life, it will dissolve as Deida says in way of the superior man. You restart the system from scratch. Pick a path and walk it. If you have too many destinations, you won't go anywhere.
  13. Being beta like that is a great way to insinuate the other person can cuckoldry and do all kinds of harmful stuff but you will be waiting there to "help fix the relationship." Go Meditate. Go make friends. Go get muscles. Learn a language.
  14. She likely had a past trauma. Its disassociation. Its not routine sexualize shame. Power vs force calibrate shame at 20. That's the lowest of the low. To sexualize shame is sad and awful. Its one of the things that pisses me off about the narrative like Sandberg telling girls to chase psychos. There's volcano lair-like bad guys out there and it won't end up going out well. Its just the norm to make poor decisions in our society, pandemic riot, trash shit because of my Feels. A buddy and I were talking. I said something about the connection being severed with respect to marriage or monogamous exclusivity. He called it trauma. He knows more about therapy and psychology. I think spiritual rejuvenation is so important. Its why I read things like ACIM, Path to God by Ram Dass and a variety of different sources. There's a lot of self study and work to be done.
  15. Agreed. You mention shame before. I don't know how to multi quote lol. The point you made on Shame and even the expectations of love returning is likely trauma. I was telling a buddy about unattached and dissociation to relationships coming or going. I don't recollect the exact conversation but he said its a form of trauma.
  16. Its so you don't nut in 3secs lololol. Practice the sutras in a relationship. Deida talks about purpose, life path, and direction over beta thirst. Limp or weak man of the modern day. No backbone or spine. Soy boy. Its a profound read and one every man should read especially in the fatherless society we have today. Similar to anything in life, its all about action taking and follow through.
  17. Romantic love is a cute narrative like the political lie "change!" sheep fall in line. It keeps order. It is a nice story but it is a falsehood.
  18. Simp is the opposite of pimp. Nothing about chasing women is pimp. Fine line between pursuing and pulling versus thirsty beta. Get a grip. Get muscles. Get money. Get a life. The biggest calling card of a simp is worshiping women. Focus on your spiritual path. Mind. Body, spirit. All the above takes priority over getting laid and i love to smash. You can only serve one master. If you are chasing women, you aren't on your purpose.
  19. Because vodka makes you a bad guy? I wish someone made a meme in a volcano with him patting a hairless car like some sort of volcano lair bad guy.
  20. One of my mates from childhood found God. Let's call him playboy. The guy started modeling in his teens. He lost his virginity at a ridiculous young age of 11 with a girl a bit older. He was paid to model. He dated models, pageant winners, fitness models. He would club promote events and bring out girls to up sell events as nobody likes a sword fight. We would go out to pickup girls in our teens and twenties. Young and dumb. Its true what they say about looks. EVERYTHING comes easier. Girls approach. Women just get grabby. He was always being worshiped. The more narcissistic he got, the more attention he got. Its life on easy more. I have always been on a spiritual path and whatnot. I knew deep down, he had a good heart but, its TOO MUCH. The attention, the orgies, hundreds and hundreds of stunners. Its never enough... Until it was. I remember being teens and we used fake IDs. I remember leaving a club and girls far older called him over to the car window. And I didn't understand until after. The woman was giving a BJ from the car window. I remember one summer he called me to meet up at a college dorm with girls. He picked me up in his sports car. We got to a girl's place after 9pm. Two girls, playboy and I. One was rude, one word answer, and weird so, we ignored her. The other girl was flirty and we partied. I had a few drinks. Next I am in her room fooling around. It ended up a devils triangle. Left after midnight. Playboy and I went clubbing at a college area. Lots of panhandling teens worse then many major cities. We stayed till after 2am. Left with another girl. Playboy tried to get another devil's triangle but she wasn't down. She liked him and wanted him. He dropped her off. We got food. Met more girls. I woke thinking wtf did I do? My self concept clashed with my actions the night before. Needless to say, my actions sparked my spiritual journey. I met a monk, a ACIM CHURCH group, I read Eckhart Tolls, Tao The Ching, and bhagavad gita among other text. I smoked DMT for the first time and broke through. I had heroic doses of mushrooms. Many deep sessions of meditation, prayer, and deep isolation. Years went by as playboy and I lived separate life. I got a call from playboy. I heard about how he changed. The process in which he undertook. Its a full 180 like never before. The description he gives, its similar to the story people give of a DMT breakthrough or Eckhart Tolled disassociation from ego identification. Playboy did that or his version of it. He described it feeling like dying and being born again. Its sober. He doesn't drink. No fap or porn. No sex. No drugs. He reads scripture. More important, he wants to get married before God and have an abundance of children. God bless! I couldn't be happier for him. It is funny now. I am fasting but, I definitely don't abstain from sex or psychedelics. It just so happens, we reconnected when our frequency and spirit changed. Its funny for me because he's now gone from a lifetime of debaucher to a spiritual one. Unfortunately, these dramatic changes come at a price. ATM, what sits with me is the emphasis on what he once deemed as trivial being the guiding force. He says he has no understanding of any of it but he is a sinner and God is calling him. I asked him how he abstains. He says, the novelty wore off. He says its his strength in spirit and that he's saving it for his wife for their many children. #bless!
  21. We live in a egotistical era. Are you actually pursuing girls when out or are you talking about your tinder experience?
  22. Maybe it's because there's a expectation that it comes back around. I love myself more than I ever have loved others. I don't believe in unconditional love, marriage or forever for that matter. Its a delusion, ego, and a cute hallmark card. Its a narrative Hollywood sells. People eat it up. The idea of no consequence, simp, and love conquers all. Its nonsense imho. There's prerequisites. Everything has a time limit. I enjoy the experience. I love myself enough to focus on mind, body, spirit. I feel aversion to the narrative sold in pur culture. A classic example is sandbergs advice to women about pursuing playboy and seek out your equal later. Ya, ok bud. The advice for men is piss poor too and nothing short of cuckoldry. There's boundaries, prereqs, expectations and a number of things that are incumbent on exclusivity. Again, i feel aversion to monogamy. If we were in the middle east, multiple wives would be normalised. There's no such experience of mine for unconditional love but Hollywood keeps selling it. People keep chasing it.
  23. I don't believe in that. @JessiChell
  24. There's lots of predatory stuff online. There's subs on reddit on how to Sperm jack or so i am told. There's positive pregnancy kits sold online. There's a lot of predatory individuals. Its why I find parroting spiritual mumbo jumbo about everything is love and other jargon i find distasteful. Alfred in dark Knight tells Bruce that some men want to watch the world burn. black celebrities cheering on riots from the white neighbourhood. Obama championing change + buys home in white community Rich white kids in antifa rioting. Personally, I prefer to meditate, read path to God by Ram Dass, conversations with God, ACIM, and a variety of other things. And yet, I still like to party, trip, and hookup. Imho chasing colors is just more ego. Similar to iq, it is across a spectrum so, in a variety of areas, you are higher in one area than another. I am probably orange in some respect to Dating and wanting to smash all the time. I am probably green from a holistic, nutritional aspect. I am unattached to all of the above but I duel with aversion. Attached to my being unattached.
  25. Trump for all his many faults blocked travel. He was called racist. WHO colluded and protected China. If it had been half as bad as projected, were all DEAD. If it was Smyth like Stephen King's The Stand, it would be over. Organizations that colluded must be held accountable. If China closed up parts while allow travel globally; consequences must follow. I am not paid to handle it. If I was, anybody with compromised immunity should have been isolated. The Chinese government must disclose and warn the world. Shutting down businesses or arresting a woman to survive wasn't a solution. On a positive note, WE'RE LUCKY as a human race for a second chance. Instead of celebrating this as a W, we have race baiting and public riots globally during pandemic. This has left me to believe that it was all political orange man bad. Let small and family businesses to reclaim power. We must be prepared for IF and when the real pandemic or bio weapon occurs. We may not be so lucky next time. The people should be celebrating a great victory. Instead, we have riots, people destroying their cities, murder, and race baiting.