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  1. There's Butt hurt and bad genetics. I assume incel is that group. Its Darwinian in effect when you consider it. As for denial I wouldn't pay no mind. A girl was on a tangent about Unsure of which to feel bad for when killed; a cop or criminal. This is the sort of thing that you come across on a forum about spirituality. Try dating apps. It gets better. Serious. Not serious. I still don't get the point of the thread. People can be stupid. Male or female. Sheeple.
  2. I don't blame you. Live it up. I love bachelor life. No attempt at shame or anything of the sort will alter my interests in young and hot. Boring AF isn't a good time. In his defence, the advice men get is cuckoldry at best. Women get shit advice too. And Oprah. I agree with you in that, there's a growing amount of groups selling guys on nonsense. Still, a bit judgey no? Immature? Maybe. I think cuckoldry is insanity but normalised. I am with @Aquarius with respect to monogamy. I don't believe in unconditional love which is modern day cuckoldry. For instance, you date and someone makes a "mistake." The modern era narrative is to pretend it didn't happen and accept cuckoldry. I would rather bachelor life and run wild. I still don't know what the point of the thread?
  3. I am particular on sources i get info from. Survival is big. The preference in women for height is just that. I think its worth noting the physical attributes that lend to survival. It isn't the full picture. Not in clown world. Its a inversion. I posted about fasting and the effects on my sleep. Its superb. I suspect its insulin regulation. I always struggled with sleep ever since puberty. Girls always got pissed when I left after the no pants dance. Years later, I learned a lot about sleep. The two hemispheres of the brain shut off in your own bed better than a stranger. Its notable when in a hotel or jet lag. In a strange environment, one hemisphere switches off. The other remains on. THREAT DETECTION. Its a fail safe for security. When tribal and in foreign lands. This is evolutionary psychology. It is dated and much doesn't serve us. Still, women prefer a male who can protect even if not consciously but unconsciously. Much of attraction and seduction is random like genetics. The things deemed attractive lend to better survival probability. I know a fella who is a midget or darf. Whatever pc term is. I don't talk jargon. The guy hasn't dated in decades. Darwin is one cold bitch. I am not sure the point of the thread. I have hung out with a bunch of playboys over the years. The behaviour is what gets a fella laid. The combo of good genetics too doesn't hurt. I still don't understand the reason for the content and thread? I posted a vid on activist shooting civilian in a mock cop scenario and pointed out that he changed his mind. He acknowledged that the cop job was harder than he thought. It counters the victim card and sheeple "cops bad" narrative. What do you mean by the thread and what do you want to accomplish? None of my experience leads me to believe in monogamy nor exclusivity. Unconditional love is a con job by Hollywood and hallmark. Its a great sell. Still sells.
  4. I don't know much about the spirals. I know from a short term perspective, opposites attract (at the very least). The majority of girls i meet differ significantly from political, spiritual, and any other way you will look at it. It doesn't stop two people from having fun. If i discriminate on iq, politics or the color of something may or may not exist seems silly. Why let anything get in the way of a good time?
  5. Were you aware of it before you said that? As in, you knew that about yourself before? I had several out of the ordinary requests from girls. At that time, I was less present and not on the same journey as I am now. In retrospect, I wouldn't partake in activity that stems from something that plays in with shame or embarrassment and humiliation. The requests are so out of the ordinary. Fine line between a good time and damaging i suppose.
  6. Create a new social media from scratch and detox. Unless someone is toxic, i don't much care. I saw guys and girls who have drama, i unfollow. On girl i met years ago in the club district became a escort. I removed her. Around a election cycle its annoying as all hell. Lots of orange man bad followed by race baiting or identity politics. Even more annoying after he won. I remove annoying people and toxic but I don't associate with them in the first place so not a issue. I heed caution. You are shifting the responsibility and ownership on other people for your progress. My progress is solely on me. No excuses. Own it.
  7. If you had a working formula, you would get hired anywhere but you would be fired ASAP and then they steal your formula. Its dig eats dog world. Its super volatile like btc and crypto. From the data and info I read, nobody beats the S&P 500 on a long enough time line. There's no get rich quick scheme or everyone would do it. Good luck bro. I am always trying to diversify my portfolio. Dems keep raising tax and love trashing your hard earned work. If you lose, you lose. If you win big, they tax the shit out of you.
  8. Lol. Become a cop. I'll bump this. The argument for better policing is ideal but LOTS of communities especially democratic states need to be better.
  9. Voting for free shit is not helping. There's a lot of hard working immigrants who came legally and are law abiding citizens. The argument isn't black or white. It's relative to the individual not group. You can take good and bad people from everywhere. You wouldn't let random people enter your home. You would screen out crazy or violent. The country should be no different. The problem is that, you have people in government who cannot afford RENT using children and immigrants as shields for votes. Its gross. I remember fake pics about gas being fired off at the boarder. The reality being, if you endangered children by bringing them, you would be arrested for child abuse. These sorts of problems and topics are best avoided in a era where you can be fired having a wrong opinion. I have friends who are first generation Chinese, Italian, and others who are hard working. I have seen others who look for freebies and whatnot. You can see that in our own citizens here who want free shit and handouts.
  10. I don't disagree but NOTE, the narrative is police bad not less crime in the community. I think everyone can do better. If i was a cop (i am. Not and i wouldn't be), i am going home to My family. I will do part to avoid a point of discharging my weapon BUT, again, if it comes down to me getting shot or shooting, there's no hesitation. I don't care if people burn down the city. It's irrelevant to the scenario and those people should be jailed. Stun gun used on cops and two cops assaulted before bud is shot dead. The narrative is victim card. When we have seen his criminal record. The narrative is ridiculous painting him as a Saint when he is a criminal.
  11. I 100% agree. The video i posted ITT and another shows activist on the victim card do a 180 after stepping out into the cops world in a scenario. 33.333333% success rate in an arrest + 67.7777% failure rate where he shoots a civilian or gets killed. Its very telling. It doesn't mean retraining is not important. It means, sheep should apply, and show everyone how its done instead of the victim card SJW rhetoric.
  12. I am a meat heat. On a 6day split combine with intermittent fasting. The results are aesthetic. The gym is closed so, i am doing more functional training. I have gymnastic rings and I do calisthenics. Thread starter, like anything, its all about reps. I think every single thing is a process and about repetitions. A gf or fwb is a good start.
  13. You are over analysing. Go date. Get laid. Have fun. Let things go. Contrary to the nonsense that Hollywood sells, these things are not forever, and its monetary scheme. Why does anybody of any color need to be the same? Same isn't polarising. Its depolarizing. Its anti seductive. Predictably isn't seduction nor is routine or Dr Phil plan sexy times. Like wut? Your biggest problem is that you are trying to rationalise a process that isn't rational. You divide on a imaginary color. Culture? Religion? Race? How about Iq? Socioeconomic status? Does education count? How many pieces of paper they got from a government institution? The following is what the culture tells the girls when guys tend to date younger which spells disaster. Quit over thinking it. Go take action. Experience > rationale.
  14. Don't buy into anything fully. I read the mating mind by Geoffrey Miller, the blank slate by Steven Pinker among other books. The insights from these are fascinating but they are mostly theory. Attraction and seduction are topics that nobody will actually indulge with in the pc times we live in. Anything that once did is removed on YouTube or scrubbed from the net. The biggest disconnect is tv and Hollywood. I am always looking to upgrade my software and understanding. The culture is telling when you look into the way of things. Knowing is only half the battle. You are bombarded by culture and societal norms. Whatever is happening in society no matter how stupid, people follow the herd. What is your point about the books? There's a lot of people who sell nonsense online. They are predators.
  15. You heard the old saying, "opposites attract?" think about two batteries. The same negative negative doesn't work. The same thing for positive positive. Let things go. Pursue. See what is out there. If you want anything, you must go for it. If anything is off putting about the spiritual community, its sloth in the form of "i'll manifest it." not, i will go talk to the cute girl over there. It will fall out of the sky and land on my LAP. No, go get it. Whatever it is. If you want a job, more money, you must pursue. Don't complicate it. One of the biggest kicks in the junk I have noticed is getting what I want. It could be a date, a job, a career or something i desired only to find significant disappointment. The girl is not a good fit for me. Wants babies yesterday. Wants to have kids but doesn't want to be a mom. Wants to get married but doesn't want to be a wife. The awesome job is just a job. I'm forced to contemplate some more and enjoy the experience. Not chase outcomes.
  16. Agreed. I would love to see those hating on cops try to their life on the job. Jocko is correct in more training. I think anybody who says yo remove choke holds is just not very smart. I think bjj basics is a good thing. The activist i linked was critical of cops till he shot some civilian and got shot on training scenario's. It happens so fast. Yes, cops need to be trained better bit s lot of states and community need reform. Seriously.
  17. Agreed. There is a different pattern of voting with respect to net tax payer and property owner. As a property owner, you look around to people want free shit and voting accordingly. The unfortunate fact is that there's a disproportionate crime rate in Liberal states. Not shocking. I don't care how people decide to live their life. I am grateful riots aren't breaking out near me. I am not thrilled its happening period but the discussion isn't 1. Better police training 2. Less crime in communities. The argument is police bad. Orange man bad. Say, a pandemic happens and you want stronger boarders, progressives want to play the racist card not, maybe people want to keep safe. It occurred in the thread. Activist reconsiders his opinion. Its not common among progressives nor on the thread. Its herd mentality.
  18. Rev activist critical of police protests a shooting. Under the scenario, he shoots unarmed man. Says after, "you must comply with police." He gets killed on one scenario. He makes a single arrest. 33.333333% success rate. 67.77777777% dead or shoots unarmed civilian. I would love if more activists would be brought in to do these scenarios. I love the reality check after the scenario. Yes, old video but its highly important. I fully agree with Jocko on training, bjj, and more time drilling scenarios. I pray things get better. ?
  19. That not the argument. Thank you for the virtue signaling. The activist did like you. Virtue signal. When in scenario shoots civilian or is shot dead. 33.333333 % arrest rate. I bet you would do far worse. Everyone has a opinion. No action but run to the government for free shit and the removal of more freedoms.
  20. Its a defense mechanism to like shame and sexualize it. Go back to where it started and avoid psychos that started the process. Enjoying shame isn't self acceptance. It means something negative you are internalise as positive. Even more alarming is to sexualize it. Tell that to Epstein and friends. There's definitely a wrong.
  21. We have someone who is that incompetent preaching for free shit. She has no place on office when not even capable of balancing her budget. Cannot afford to rent a apartment and makes a lot noise about children drinking from toilets. The height of stupidity. Shocking.
  22. I can do this with cnn and progressive news network. CNN announced trump had won after China did. The difference being, a rev activist changed his mind. You went on a rant about your green spiral. Still, very close minded. You are more than welcome to join the police force with other activists and show everyone how to do it. But, you and i know that won't happen. Its what's so off putting by it all. Rather complain about the problem then actually do something about it and be the change.
  23. The forum is progressive lol i never noticed. There's a lot of sheeple. Close minded and parroting about a color spiral and how spiritual they are yet, blindly follow whatever the mainstream media preaches. Imagine, thinking for oneself? The amount of virtual signaling online or bae on tinder app needing to promote blm which had no clue what it is a few weeks ago. Change is part of life. Conservatism is dated. Still, throwing out the baby with the bath water is insanity. Movies are abomination today with progressive identity politics shoved down your throat. I use to love movies. I cannot bother anymore because of how bad it is. The lack of story telling is lazy. The difference with Edison is that he FAILED. He did something. 10,000 ways not to create the lightbulb. Activists run to govern for free shit, ig clout, and their victim card badge. MLK made change and lost his life in the process. There's a level of smugness that is repulsive. It's similar in the vegan community. I don't think anybody denied the Floyd death being wrong or even demand better police training. None of the activists are willing to take the job as a cop. Nobody here is willing to risk their life but everyone has a opinion. Activism lol.
  24. I own a home. Does it count? My cousin and I are going to buy property in the future. We're minimalists. Bachelors. No car payments. We can live off next to nothing. Unfortunately, with pandemic, it's held going forward anytime soon. The fact, there is no mortgage fairy meaning, the interests of the banks come and you cannot evict tenants but are held accountable. Instead of several before fifty, a single rental property and a surplus of cash reserve is ideal.