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  1. -Wim hoff method -intermitentfasting + detox juices
  2. 1-Flying saucers. 2-first meeting with aliens. 3- a big big orgy with aliens.
  3. Deep Contemplation or investigation + direct experience verification. Other wise you not gonna trust your self with the answers.
  4. Also in my teenage years when i smoke weed i feel connected to earth and nature. I dont feel like seperate self doing any effort. I feel my body energy like smoke. If I'm walking uphill for example i feel like the hill taking me up.
  5. For me as kid i knew that we are not the masks we wear. And that we are gods, And the source. And when we die everything die with us. Later told about after life. I was indoctrinated since i was 9 but i knew it was all bullshit And not tuned with the joy of being alive.
  6. you need to get independent through your plan, and bite the bullet on your family situation. you might be scared if your plan fail you will end up with nothing. so i think you need a solid plan. and if your plan is not solid enough and you're forced to keep living with your family and their plans start to effect your plan. then adjust your plan till you override their plans.
  7. Create new one with Love, And if you afraid that you might sometimes in the future relapse to your old one. Worry not. LOVE will always lead you to your loved self.
  8. Breath Counsciously through out the day as much as you can. Try to breath more with your belly. Be with your breath. As breath will connect you with being. In all situations you are being. The mind will try to lock you with its narratives. Let it. Focus on the now as it is. Go with the body. Have the prespetive of the air in and out of your body witnessing your emotions at that moment. Accept all emotions you witness from your body. Learn from it. Till you show up in flow mode in what you used to consider uncomfortable situation.
  9. i have been meditating since three years now. Not constant but periodically on and off. Lately it has been no effort N i just meditate as much as i can. But i notice that the periods when meditate i get dreams every night from the depth of my subcounsious and it feels like lessons to things about me. Things I'm not aware of that need attention. things I'm overlooking. How I'm feeling about things. Things i should fix. And many more lessons... And the periods i spent not meditating i don't get any, Blank slate. To be honest maybe one or two here and there but rarely. So I'm wondering if anyone shares this pattern of meditation and dreams?
  10. My personal take on this is that god won't be less than a god. So the mighty god is untouchable. But he get him self in some deep deep ends that he forgets that he's a god. So incase you one of the gods who is intrested in his godness. Worry not. God already left many guides to point to itself. Like leo. I do take long walk while i trip on Leo. Fuck why god created Leo?
  11. @Space Thanks and i appreciate your answer.. I guess I'm conceptualizing on what is not my direct experience now and i can't prove whether it's true or not. well there is consciousness, and there's what you conscious of. you can't know one without the other. they are separate and together at the same time. consciousness don't change, what you are conscious of always changing. i don't know if consciousness inside or outside my body, but at this moment this body is the center of existence. and the body detect what you are conscious of. two months ago i had an issue with my middle ear which is in my body, and i spent two months listening to or "conscious of "a ringing my ears that body generate. no one can hear it. also the same problem cause vertigo and my whole reality start spinning and i'm conscious of all that and i can't do nothing and that what happened to my individual consciousness. -not my direct experience as others report: you have people spend months and years in coma and when they wake up they report that they were conscious of them selves, their bodies, their hearings... but unable to wake up, to open their eyes to see, to walk - so from my point of view his conscious is trapped inside a dysfunctional body that allow him to be half conscious of what he suppose to be conscious of , and that happen to his individual consciousness. -some people have accident on their heads and get a brain injuries and they become genius on math or start seeing in geometry or become dysfunction to make sense of anything , and that what happen to their individual consciousness : expanded for better or contract for worse relative to normal human being. - i have read some reports on people with "Temporal lobe epilepsy" have Profound spiritual experiences. and many more obvious example show you that 'the vehicle or the vessel' seems to affect everything and detect what happen to your consciousness. can i do that while my body is intoxicated with junk?
  12. What happen to consciousness if one's body disappeared in a second or less? I have seen many reports on near death experiences and there is obvious similarity with psychedelic experiences. Dmt and all that... But all these experiences require a vehicle, a vessel " which is the human body" in certain chemical state (indigenous or not)to function these experiences. And also require for the subject body to exist in human reality for at least 5 minute to 15 minutes for consciousness to spend eternity in la la land and comeback convinced to whatever they've experienced. So. We need a " body + chemicals" . But Let suppose one's body blew up into millions pieces. Or any other similar accidents like that. What happen to your consciousness then? Do you skip all those experiences and go straight to the source? Can you remember any of who you were since all your memory storage destroyed? Do you have any control over your consciousness afterwards? And does your previous incarnation affect whatever 's next? i assume that what ever answers you guys have is still within your mental faculties and not your direct experiences. otherwise you wouldn't be here. Still as I'm still in a human form and i assume you all are. I appreciate any insight you have. Ps. I haven't tried psychedelic my self.
  14. I think by nature there's a level when you hit it you want everyone to be on your level too and see what you see and feel what you feel. You feel like you found what everyone is looking for and just if they only knew with just simple tweaks they are with you on your level. And everybody is happy. The next level to it, is when you understand the levels. And you open new domain of understanding. When reach the yellow stage on the spiral...
  15. Meditation is the most counterintuitive thing ever. If you think it's important thing to do, it's not. If you think it's not important than it is.
  16. Hi guys I want to share with you my method of meditation. I've been meditating for three years now. Not consistently but since then I've tried many methods and techniques and all great. But this one I developed for the last three months i really like and i wanted to share with. I don't know maybe others are doing it or maybe it's a teaching i don't know. I combined many things together and now I'm meditating like this. So Here it comes. i meditate laying on my back, super relaxed, i completely let go. And i do two meditation sessions. Both laying down. Unless I'm tired and i feel like i might sleep then i sit in the lotus position. Specially in the second sess. Each session about 20, 25 minutes. I mostly use headphones with some meditation music. Meditation music could be distracting so i stick with less distracting ones. In my first session i do meditation with labeling. Because i know my mind takes time to calm from the monkey mind. So i give it time to calm. I Focus on the breath, The mind drift of course And everytime I don't encourage the drift. But when i come back to the breath i label that train of thought. Or see it. Or just be aware of it. Until the phone beeps for the second session. In my second session whatever happen i stay on the breath. On the now. On been. Pure bless for me. No labeling, nothing. Yes i still chatter now and then but I'm way over that. So basically just been. I feel like this partition made it very easy for me to make this jump. Also to meditate more often. I meditate about 20 days a month. For me now i do it for enjoyment but this method helped Many times when my head don't like me to meditate or I'm so stuck with something so defined with... Whatever it is the first session really helped to break the ice and when i move to second one i be like; Mind, I've seen everything. i gave you your chance. And now I'm out of service, See you later pal. Something like that! Also i should mention the most important thing in this recipe; breathwork. I do breathwork three times, when i start, between sessions and when i finish. About 30 breaths when i start. 50 or 70 in between. and 70 or more when i finish. Breath work like the Wimhoff method. But sometimes in the middle i do about 10 to 15 breaths with full exhale. Then i hold of course after all breathwork. Anyways that's all about it. i hope you guys find it helpful. I find it very helpful and enjoyable for me, couple times i started having unstoppable all body orgasm. I don't how that happen. I wish it could happen again But i try to not to cling to it. But still waiting. maybe I'm clingy. Hhh or maybe there was other factors involved Anyways that's about it so to sum up. ( Two session, labeling and no labeling, relax, breathwork, meditation music). Also your thoughts appreciated. Thank you.