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  1. Hello fellow actualizers, I am wondering if you can help me out here. I am having this occur more frequently in meditation where I feel like I am becoming more aware of the fact reality is indeed mystical, and that I don't know what the fuck is going on with anything, which scares me. At first, I thought this about specific parts of life, like why did this person say this or that, but now I am starting to see this in everything, in how nothing actually makes rational sense . At first, I didn't see reality as that mystical, but now I am feeling otherwise, although I haven't had any breakthroughs or samadhis, this is beginning to be intuited more. When I contemplate this, I start to cry heavily as I say to myself, 'how is everything being' , 'how is this existing', and reality itself is almost traumatising me as I lose the ability to comprehend it. Is this response ok and am I moving in the right direction ? Should I just keep meditating as usual just focusing on breath etc or should I contemplate more on just this?
  2. A lot of guys who listened to RSD end up going to Todd though after he broke up from the company since a pretty big chunk of their teachings aren't even relevant or only loosely so. Just going on about high vibration energy or being present to the moment is cool but if you think that these things have some magic power compared to a very effective outer game strategy then its kinda dumb. You hear stories about guys who try rsd and it makes them act even more weird so though I do think Todd isn't the most emotionally deep teacher, he doesn't waste time on things that sound nice but dont actually amount to much in the real world.
  3. hey guys, i was on youtube randomly and I watched this video by sam Harris on why we should meditate. Whats funny is that he starts to sound a lot like Leo, saying that being is fundamentally mysterious the more you look at it, and that if you look at your hand etc it becomes less and less obvious as to what is is. Watch from around 2.30 . Do you think he is secretly not as materialist as he says or is this just meant to be a feel good video to get people to subscribe to his app?
  4. lol. No offence but I don't know why anyone here would take them seriously on THESE matters. They could say anything and it would be accepted. But pimping is like that haha
  5. @Inliytened1 lol yeah, i forgot. He has to be responsible for his students and lead them on the right path Every time he introduces a guest he always has to talk about all of their credentials like their phd and college degrees so that his listeners will even open their ears and listen to them speak Then again, itäs a paid subscription program that's meant for rationalists. He tends to judges how valuable the conversation is by how much that person validates or repeats what he already believes, yet calls himself non dogmatic. Alas, the torchbearers go on to proclaim the virtues of open discussion and free discourse. It angers me included because nowadays any intellectual can basically just start do a few retreats and write a few books and people will listen to basically anything they say and go along with them as the voice of reason. Just pure marketing brand name bullshit. But I guess that's just current society at this moment. No one really cares about truth in the end. It's a more systematic problem in society but doesn't really affect us I suppose. People listen to instagram models for answers to their problems too
  6. @Dino D logic, science and thinking are only possible through experience lol, which are just human constructs. experience doesn't need science to be real, truth doesn't need facts or logic to be truth. No one can observe an external world, only their direct experience which they can make stories about as much as they like. 'External world' is just a concept, direct experience isn't. People invented the concept of an external world for pragmatic purposes. Other people, logic , reason etc are just fabrications of your own mind that you use to convince yourself that they are not fabrications of your own mind lol and that they are somehow given which is ludicrous. If there was no mind , none of these things would exist, but you seem very insistent that they are. You will never get anywhere trying to defend these man made concepts. You are trying to convince yourself more than anyone else or you wouldn't keep repeating the same rationalist ideas ad nauseam. You aren't actually listening to anyone, you are just trying to spread your mind virus which you identify with, otherwise you wouldn't keep answering with another 100 answers every time someone tries to show you something new. Actually spend a few days contemplating what someone has said rather than feeling the need to respond impulsively so that you can feel that you're right, which is all people like you care about doing. You aren't comfortable with entertaining anything other than what you know, so you double down on the same arguments that any person off the street would come up with if they hear anything which goes against their rationalist dogmas they learnt at school. The point of this forum is to help people move beyond this thinking and not cling to it like a scared child, which is how you are acting, otherwise you are in the wrong place
  7. @SpYITB lol, stop trying to act smart by trying to rationally compare peoples views and try and pick the one which most suits how you think now. Go and wake up. You are just procrastinating and being a spectator rather than taking any action it seems. You are like people who watch sports and make comments on which team is the best. Take it seriously rather than mental masturbation. No one will take you seriously.
  8. Sorry but most pickup artists are completely incompetent. @TheSource They pose zero threat to anyone other than themselves, willing to put themselves in stupid situations that could potentially hurt them physically and mentally just to get some female attention, like getting beat up by someones boyfriend. The small number of 'pickup artists' that do get successful usually start their own thing, and get a following from a bunch of unsuccessful guys, or they leave entirely because they don't want to be around them any longer. It's just funny to me when society or you discusses the threat of them as if they are dangerous, when in reality they a bunch of socially awkward guys who were left to fend for themselves. To say that they are somehow an existential threat to you is kind of hilarious. Pickup is becoming more rare as more society becomes more insular and 'progressive' if that's how you want to interpret it, so I guess you should be happy that more men useless with women and harmless to anyone or anything
  9. This conversation is an absolute waste of time. Take the psychedelic and afterwards decide for yourself, instead of posting a bunch of videos from this or that 'guru' in order to prove to yourself the validity of what you think to be true. Some of you are trying to humiliate Leo by taunting him for explanations when he says something that isn't approved of by Papjimoojibabajitajihaji or whoever person you deify. It doesn't matter what Leo thinks, it seems like you are trying to single him out because he thinks different to people like Mooji etc, which is pretty low of you and unnecessary. See for yourself what the effect is, rather than making people like him conform to what someone has said because they have a big audience around them and you position them as an authority. Be your own authority. No one's forcing you to believe that psychedelics can elevate your consciousness, so when someone tells you that, you don't have to attack them when they are giving their honest view on it. I am not ass kissing anyone, but it's just plain rude to start poking someone for explanation, and then get annoyed when they don't suck up to you.
  10. @Shunyata can't take you seriously guy
  11. @Inliytened1 Yes, I thought of that before! But I am far from knowing they are me haha. Funny because my mum actually introduced me to all this though vedanta.
  12. @Shunyata It wasn't my intention to be an annoying attention seeker. If that is what you think please refrain from commenting further thank you very much.
  13. Hey Kafei. Nice to see you on here. If you want to get more views on a thread like this I recommend that you write a short summary of the theory of which people can get a basic idea of what he is saying, then put the links below. E.g. this is the theory.... these are the basic ideas etc. Links are ok, but the site looks kind of overwhelming, but its up to you! I'd write a new post from scratch and redo it. I have been on the site and doubt many people will have the energy to read it all and try and come to a conclusion. Should be able to do it in a few paragraphs or less depending on what you think, Owl
  14. @The_Alchemist Wow, I'm actually surprised you haven't been removed from the forum with your word vomit posts. There's nothing 'strong' about having millions of dollars that you don't need and feeling the need for people and fancy cars around you in order to boost your self worth. Leo's videos are priceless. I am stunned at the stupidity and complete irrelevance of some of these posts!! You are stuck in stage orange with a very subjective idea of development. It is funny to me how humans feel the need to defend random people on the internet from people they don't even know